What Is High Stat Armor and How To Obtain It

Published: January 22, 2022

Are you looking to know about High Stat Armor and how to get it? If so, follow this guide to get the high-stat armor with stat distributions in an incredible passion.

In Destiny 2, Season of the Lost and the Splicer came with many weapons, perks, and high stat armors. As each gun in the game has its roles, armor also has specific capabilities. Armor is easy to obtain despite its great importance and takes your game to the next level.

Any Destiny 2 lover who wants to enjoy it to its fullest should have the right weapons and armor combination. Armor with good stats and high stat totals are necessary because they can provide significant benefits.

High Stat Armor: What Is It?
High stat armor is an armor piece with many capabilities, which drops with 60 or more stat totals. Most armor in Destiny 2 drops with random stats except class items. A single armor piece holds six stats, including Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, And Strength.

If you want to increase the stat totals to 100, you must pick a good armor piece. So, excellent armor, weapons, and mods can enhance your experience with Destiny 2. Now, let’s discuss the armor stats distribution and pools.

Distribution of Armor Stat
The armor stat totals get distributed among the six stats in equal. Once you get an armor piece after a drop, the games divide it into two pools of three stats in each pool. Below is the distribution of armor stats into the pools:

  • First Pool: Mobility, Recovery, Resilience
  • Second Pool: Discipline, Strength, Intellect

This all means that if your armor has 60 stat totals, each pool will get 30 points. So, stat with a higher default value will increase to a greater extent and vice versa. Keep in mind that every piece of legendary armor will receive two points in minimum.

How To Get High Stat Armor In Destiny 2
In Destiny 2, there are several sources to obtain high stat armor from. However, not every armor piece has high stats, and hence, we’ll list high-stat armor. If we specify our stats in points, most of them will be above 60. Below are three sources in which you can get armor with good stats.

Prophecy Dungeon
You can easily farm Prophecy Dungeon and drop what you have got during the ongoing week. This farm will help you get high stat armor in Destiny 2. You can obtain the armor with pretty good stat totals only when you farm Kell Echo.

To form Kell Echo, you must have another partner during the game. For this purpose, you should perform the following steps:

  • Reach Kell Echo and invite a friend to play with you as an alternate character.
  • Eliminate your partner before starting the encounter.
  • After that, your friend rejoins on main, and you continue the encounter as usual.
  • The second player switches to their alt and begins playing Prophecy.
  • Then, the first player again joins, and the second player switches characters.
  • In the end, beat the encounter and repeat the same steps with the same energy.

Umbral Engrams
Season of the Splicer also allows you to earn armor by focusing on three Engrams during your weekly game. You’ll need to use Umbral Engrams to focus Tier III Umbral Engrams in this season. You get the ability to focus only one Tier III armor piece at a time and three per week.

However, one cannot farm a particular piece of armor, and thus, you’ll get a random armor with specific stats. If players miss out on high stat armor for a week, they cannot try again for it. Take advantage of the high stat armor for endgame activities chasing power caps.

Master Vault of Glass
In Destiny 2, the most difficult level is the Master Vault of Glass. For those who want to get a top-notch armor piece, this would be a good approach. When a drop occurs, the armor piece is undoubtedly in good stat totals. So, you get help for any other activity onwards in the game.

You can also get perfect armor pieces if you use Ghost Shell Armorer mods. You should farm Spoils of Conquest instead of Master VoG. When you own 240 Spoils, try the Master VoG mode. With these Spoils, you can buy 12 armor pieces, all with good stat totals.