The Mountaintop Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapon

Published: April 21, 2019The Mountaintop Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapon

Destiny 2: How to Get The Mountaintop Grenade Launcher

The Mountaintop Grenade Launcher Pinnacle Weapon was introduced in Season 5 and is considered one of the best Grenade Launchers. Two seasons ago, Destiny 2 introduced a pinnacle weapon for Crucible called Redrix’s Claymore that became one of the most sought after weapons in the game. And then something new and better was introduced in last season. Luna’s Howl (or its stronger brother, Not Forgotten) was introduced and has become a favorite among PvP fans. But while those two pinnacle Crucible weapons fell into popular and sought after archetypes, this season’s weapon is a little different.

For Destiny 2 Season 5, Bungie has introduced The Mountaintop grenade launcher as the Crucible pinnacle weapon. A kinetic grenade launcher, The Mountaintop deviates from the mold by offering a projectile that fires in a straight line, almost like a missile. And as players have seen from Bungie’s preview of the pinnacle Season 5 weapons, The Mountaintop can do serious damage in the right hands. Here’s how to get it.

Step 1: Reach Brave Rank in Competitive

The first step in The Mountaintop quest is to hit Brave rank in the competitive playlist. This requires 200 points worth of Glory and should serve as an introduction to the playlist. If players can get to 200 points quickly then they are off on the right foot.

Step 2: Get Grenade Launcher Kills and Medals

From here, the quest step becomes more complex and it doesn’t require sticking to the competitive playlist. Players need to get 750 points worth of Grenade Launcher’s final blows, 200 points worth of double plays, and 100 points worth of Calculated Trajectory medals (three grenade launcher kills in a single life). For each of these quest steps, the point values are greater if the feat is completed in the competitive playlist. However, with stiffer competition and less players, it may be faster to go into Quickplay.

Grenade launcher kills (750 Points)

  • [Competitive] 1 kill = 10 points
  • [Non-comp] 1 kill = 3 points

Grenade launcher double plays (200 Points)

  • [Competitive] Double play = 5 points, each kill after double play = 2 points
  • [Non-comp] Double play = 2 point, each kill after double play = 1 point

Calculated Trajectory medals

  • [Competitive] Medal = 4 points
  • [Non-comp] Medal = 1 point

Step 3: Reach Fabled Rank in Competitive

The final step in The Mountaintop quest is the reach Fabled rank in the Competitive playlist. This step should be familiar to most Destiny 2 players, as it is the true barrier to obtaining the Crucible pinnacle weapons. It will take some time, but players will need to reach 2100 Glory to hit Fabled rank.

Once that is done, players can return to Lord Shaxx and claim The Mountaintop grenade launcher. Seeing it in action, The Mountaintop looks to be quite strong but not impossible to counter. Players can still survive direct hits and the limited ammo available to grenade launchers creates a trade-off. Still, plenty will pursue the weapon regardless.D

Primary Stats

  • Rounds Per Minute 90
  • Blast Radius52-55Velocity 73-91
  • Stability 22-40
  • Magazine 1
  • Reload Speed 67
  • Handling 68-72
  • Blast Radius 52-55
  • Velocity73-91Stability 22-40
  • Magazine1Reload Speed 67
  • Handling 68-72

Hidden Stats

  • Zoom 13
  • Inventory Size 61
  • Aim Assistance 75
  • Recoil Direction

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