The Best Pulse Rifles in Destiny 2 Season of Worthy

Published: April 28, 2020

The Destiny 2 Season of Worthy has drawn in over 100,000 monthly users and Guardian Games is only keeping that number up.

Many players have nicknamed the most recent Destiny 2 season as “Season of the Auto Rifles” due to the massive buffs and changes that Bungie made to the weapon class at the Launch of the Season of the Worthy. However, just because Auto Rifles are getting all the attention, that doesn’t mean you should sleep on the other weapon classes.

In fact, we have the scoop on one of the most underrated, yet powerful, weapon classes in the game.

Before you start your grind, read on to learn what the best Pulse Rifles are in Destiny 2 Season of Worthy meta, where to get them, and how.

Pulse Rifles 101

Understanding where Pulse Rifles fit within the Destiny 2 meta is an important factor in determining where and when to use them, and which ones to use.

The Pulse Rifle class in Destiny 2 Season of Worthy sits as a sort of bridge between the Auto Rifle and Scout Rifle classes: they hit harder than Auto Rifles, but fire slower. They also fire faster than Scout Rifles, but don’t dish out as much damage per shot. Knowing this can help you to determine when using the Pulse Rifle class is the best for whichever activity you want to grind.

Another important aspect of using any Pulse Rifle is the tactics that you need to utilize while running Pulse Rifles. One of the most important things to keep in mind while using a Pulse Rifle is that they are most effective at mid-range, so running builds centering around that is recommended.

For example, if your kinetic weapon is a Pulse Rifle, it is ideal to run a close-range weapon (shotgun, SMG, sidearm, etc.) in your energy slot to maximize your usefulness when those pesky thralls or hunters get a little too close for comfort.

However, not all Pulse Rifles are created equal. Some of our favorite Pulse Rifles can dominate in Player vs Enemy (PvE) activities while others absolutely decimate players in The Crucible. Knowing which of the top tier Pulse Rifles to bring to which activities can be the difference in accomplishing your goal, or returning to orbit in defeat.

PvP vs. PvE

As many Destiny 2 Season of Worthy players know, the content which you are trying to complete will determine what loadout is best for you. In this section, we are going to break down the difference is between the PvE and PvP metas, and how Pulse Rifle users should adapt to them.

Starting with PvE, Destiny 2 Season of Worthy is all about fighting hoards of enemies in waves. Keeping this in mind, Pulse Rifle users should be on the lookout for rifles with a high rate of fire and high magazine sizes. Finding weapons with these traits will allow you to keep the pressure on the enemies of the city, and you’ll find yourself dispatching waves of enemies with ease.

Now focusing on PvP, Destiny 2 Season of Worthy has had a lot of emphasis on Auto Rifles, so keeping them at distance is your utmost priority. With this in mind, Pulse Rifle users should be on the lookout for rifles with high impact damage per second, and great weapon handling and stability.

In any activity, Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles reward accuracy, so make sure to keep the recoil in check and aim for the head.

Understanding Pulse Rifle God-Rolls

As with all weapon classes in Destiny 2 Season of Worthy, legendary Pulse Rifles can be acquired with unique sets of perks that allow you to make to most of the weapon of your choice. Affectionately titled “God Rolls” by the Destiny 2 community, finding these perks is essential to take you to the top of your game. Here we will list a set of perks that you won’t want to miss while running the Pulse Rifle class.

Adaptive Frame: This is a near essential perk for all Destiny 2 Season of Worthy Pulse Rifles. This perk is excellent because it increases the handling and stability stats, allowing you to land those headshots with ease.

Kill Clip: This perk is great for keeping your damage output high. This perk grants your Pulse Rifle more damage on your next clip if you reload after a kill, allowing you to keep raining down powerful lead on your enemies.

Rampage: This perk is for you trigger-happy fiends out there. Kills with your Pulse Rifle with this perk grants you increased damage. What makes this perk even better is that this bonus damage can stack up to three times.

A note on Kill Clip vs. Rampage: These two perks are so powerful that it has the Destiny 2 Season of Worthy community divided, leaving many to wonder which is actually the better perk. Our advice is to use whichever perk suits your play style and which secondary perks mesh best with these perks.

For example, a great perk to combine with Kill Clip is Outlaw, which greatly increases your reload speed, while a great perk to combine with Rampage is High Impact Reserves, which grants even more damage with the lower half of the magazine.

Understanding God Roll perks and how they supplement each other will give you a massive edge against your competition when using Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles. Having this extra knowledge will allow you to find the best possible Pulse Rifles for all of your city protecting duties.

How to Determine the Best Destiny 2 Season of Worthy Pulse Rifles

Determining which Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles are best for you is an important step in cementing your power. There are several different aspects of determining this.


This is the first aspect you should look at when determining which Destiny 2 Season of Worthy Pulse Rifle to use is the effectiveness of the weapon. Looking at whether the weapon you are grinding for will actually be useful in the activities that you want to do is essential in determining if a weapon is worth that grind.

As previously stated, some weapons are more useful in PvE than PvP and vice-versa, so make sure that any Pulse Rifle you plan on using is going to be effective in the content that you want to take on the most.


The second thing to consider when determining the best Destiny 2 Pulse Rifle to use is the weapons difficulty. This difficulty is determined in two different ways: how difficult the weapon is to use, and how difficult the weapon is to find.

While all Pulse Rifles are similar, some are objectively harder to use than others. For example, a Pulse Rifle that lacks the adept frame perk will be much harder to control than a Pulse Rifle that has that perk, making landing those all-important head-sots more difficult.

In order to use a weapon, you must first find that weapon and some of Destiny 2 Season of Worthy’s best Pulse Rifles can be extremely hard to find. A good example of this is the exotic Pulse Rifle Outbreak Perfected. This pulse gun is one of the best in the entire game, yet it requires you to complete an incredibly difficult and lengthy quest to acquire it.

If you are having difficulty acquiring some of the best Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles, Destiny Carries LFG provides all of the help you need in order to acquire almost any exotic weapon.

Fun Factor

For many, the most important factor in determining the best Destiny 2 Season of Worthy Pulse Rifle for them is how fun the weapon is to use. This mostly comes down to personal preference; however, many of the exotic Pulse Rifles, like Bad Juju, come with intrinsic perks that give you a sense of power and adrenaline when they activate, making them a blast to play with.

The Top Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles

While all of Destiny 2 Season of Worthy’s Pulse Rifles are created equal, some are still better than others. This guide will help you find the best possible Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles for all the many different activities you can do in Destiny 2 Season of Worthy. We will separate our guide into two categories: our top 5 PvE Pulse Rifles and our Top 5 PvP Pulse Rifles.

Top 5 PvE Pulse Rifles

These Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles are the best for taking out the enemies of the traveler, whether it is raids, patrols, or even the Nightfall Strike, these Pulse Rifles will get the job done.

5. Go Figure

This legendary pulse gun is an all-around workhouse that is incredibly easy to obtain. Released with the Forsaken expansion, this Pulse Rifle has a unique four-round burst and an exceptionally high rate of fire. You can find this weapon by completing world patrols and bounties in the Dreaming City.


4. Claws of the Wolf

This legendary Destiny 2 Season of Worthy Pulse Rifle is great because it fits into your energy weapon slots. Enemy Minotaurs can kiss those void shields goodbye with this weapon’s exceptionally high rate of fire at 540 rounds per minute. This weapon can be earned from Lord Saladin for competing in the Iron Banner.

Blast Furnace

3. Blast Furnace

This legendary Black Armory Pulse Rifle is a fan favorite for a reason. It has some of the best range of any of the Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles and, with its incredible perk selection, is certainly worth obtaining. You can earn this weapon by completing Black Armory Forge weapon frames.


2. Bad Juju

This exotic weapon is a returning fan favorite from Destiny 1. Its return in Destiny 2 Season of Worthy is well worth it, as it comes with the intrinsic trait String of Curses, which automatically reloads the weapon upon each kill. This weapon can also be fired at full auto, so it is great for taking out mobs of enemies.

1. Outbreak Perfected

Prime has become Perfected and this weapon lives up to its name. This exotic Destiny 2 Season of Worthy Pulse Rifle is immensely powerful with great damage, insane rate of fire, and incredible handling. However, what makes this weapon our number one is its intrinsic perk called The Corruption Spreads, which creates SIVA nanites to damage enemies on precision kills.


Top 5 PvP Pulse Rifles

These Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles are fantastic when taking on your guardian brethren. Whether you are competing in high-level competitions like Trials of Osiris, or you just want to crush your enemies in The Crucible, these Pulse Rifles are ones that are guaranteed to get you to the top.

5. Vigilance Wing

This exotic Destiny 2 Season of Worthy Pulse Rifle has an ancient Egyptian flair to it. With a great 5-round burst and the ability to heal you when a teammate dies, this gun will make you one of the most reliable members of your team. This weapon can be earned from pinnacle rewards or exotic engrams.

4. Bad Juju

As previously mentioned, this exotic pulse gun has a great intrinsic perk that reloads your weapon on kills. This is especially effective in PvP, as landing hits allows you to never stop firing, never giving your enemy a break.


3. Redrix’s Broadsword

The only thing that holds this weapon back is its slow rate of fire. However, with the perk Desperado, this weapon’s rate of fire and damage is increased, making it one of the highest damage pulse guns in Destiny 2 Season of Worthy. It can be earned from completing quests from Lord Shaxx.

2. Outbreak Perfected

This exotic weapon has such good base stats that it is just as great in PvP as PvE. On top of this, it creates SIVA nanites upon precision kills, which can damage other enemies. It can be earned by finding and completing the Fallen Transponder questline.

1. Bygones

This legendary Pulse Rifle is hands-down one of the best Pulse Rifles in Destiny 2 Season of Worthy. It has incredible base stats that can be approved with the kill clip and with full auto perks, this weapon can put the hammer down on any enemy guardian that stands in your way. It can be earned through Gambit.

Using Your New Pulse Rifle Knowledge

Now that you have a grasp of how Destiny 2 Season of Worthy Pulse Rifles work, you can use them to destroy your enemies and increase your power. As always, the team at Destiny Carries LFG is here to help you with all your grinding needs, so if you are struggling with finding some of these great Pulse Rifles or want to reach the pinnacle of your potential power, contact us today.