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Not Forgotten Legendary Pinnacle Hand Cannon

Not Forgotten Hand Cannon Carries

Not Forgotten Legendary Hand Cannon Carries. Destiny Carrie LFG boosters will help you obtain the Best Pinnacle Hand Cannon it Destiny 2 at cheap price. When it comes to the pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2, in particular, the Not Forgotten is the undisputed best of the pinnacle hand cannons.

 Why do you ask? Not only an increased range but almost two times more distance, it has a better high-quality mag (magazine). Don’t forget the Magnificent Howl perk Rapidly landing two precision shots increases the next shot’s damage and range for a short duration.

If your intention is to get noticed and have other people respect you. This Pinnacle Hand Cannon is a must-have. 

Not forgotten is your ideal next weapon if hand cannon is your forte. You must have already grinded for hours going after Luna’s Howl. It just happens to be the next step.

Want an upgrade to the Luna’s howl? The obvious choice is Destiny 2 Pinnacle Hand Cannon called Not Forgotten!

You have spent hours grinding for Luna’s Howl, and you know how good it is in all areas of the game both PVP and PVE. Take the next step and read on. Because today is the day, we carry you through the quest for the best Legendary Hand Cannon in the game the Not Forgotten. 

Luna’s howl was only the beginning. What follows is a two-step quest handed down by who else, Lord Shaxx. Thus, it begins the arduous process of obtaining the mythical Not Forgotten Pinnacle Hand Cannon.  

Five hundred successful kills with Luna’s howl are the first step towards the Not Forgotten. Do not be exasperated just yet, because the pain is only beginning. Better get started on that kill list.

Now the kills are complete. The next work your way towards resetting your Glory Rank past Legend. In other words, Glory Rank of 5500 points no less. Simple? Not! Do not fret because the successful completion of this task would grant you the legendary hand cannon: Not Forgotten.

Destiny 2 not forgotten is not for the faint-hearted

Not Forgotten; Without a doubt, this quest will test the limits of all those who play in the Crucible Glory playlist. Brilliants and patient play-through, coupled with the technical expertise of Luna’s Howl, is a must for the quest. Whether it is worth, all this hassle depends on the individual playing. 

When it comes to weapons, any weapons expert would know the value of hard, cold statistics. Range, a magazine they are all hugely relevant here. Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten are primarily neck and neck.

Or they might have been if The Not Forgotten did not have the accurized rounds and the extended barrel. The range improved almost two times along with the mag for better reloading speeds.  

For those with an affinity for hand cannons, the Not Forgotten is undoubtedly a must-have weapon. The more significant range results in increased accuracy and damage from afar. As if it was not powerful enough already, all these elevate the pinnacle hand cannon even more.

Steps to complete The Not Forgotten

Hope – need to kill 300 enemies in the playlist using Luna’s Howl (quest can only start once Luna’s Howl is acquired.)

Reach the rank of legend or glory

Destiny Carries LFG provides the service to obtain the complete Not Forgotten weapon, get the kills with Luna’s Howl, or get the required points to achieve legend rank. This glory boosting service offered since the points earned in the first step may vary for each individual.

Is it worth all this hassle?

That question is answered by each individual separately. Seeing as it shares a lot of its perks (Magnificent Howl, Zen moment) with Luna’s Howl. It seems like excessive work to get Not Forgotten.

Destiny Carries LFG Expert can get the Legendary Pinnacle Hand Cannon for your very quickly. As mentioned already, the much-improved range (almost double of Luna’s howl) and magazine (owing to the extended barrel and accurized rounds) results in range masterwork. 

Generally, shots from a distance result in reduced damage but with the higher range and increased accuracy, Not Forgotten is a definite upgrade over Luna’s Howl.

Despite cynical opinions, the Not Forgotten is a weapon earned by the most skilled players. That is where Destiny Carries LFG can get you this fantastic weapon quick and hassle free.

Not Forgotten Stats

  • Impact of 79
  • Range 46
  • Handling 41
  • Reload Speed 58
  • Aim Assist 79
  • Recoil Direction 95
  • Weapon Size 60
  • Zoom 14

Not Fogotten Legendary Pinnacle Hand Cannon Perks

Precision Frame

Percision Frame

More Predictably Recoil pattern. Vertical. High Accuracy and Fires Quickly.

Extended Barrel

Extended Barrel

Barrel extension. • Increases range • Decreases handling speed • Moderately controls recoil

Accurized Rounds

Accurized Rounds

Increases range | Weapon can fire longer distances. 

Zen Moment

Zen Moment

Damage with this weapon increases its stability.

Magnificent Howl

Magnificent Howl

Two precision shots rapidly landing increases next shot’s damage,  range for a short period.

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