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Mindbender's Ambition And Spare Rations

Mindbender's Ambition Spare Rations Bundle

Mindbender's Ambition: Legendary Energy Shotgun

God Roll is Slideshot and Quickdraw.

Spare Rations & Mindbender‘s Ambition Bundle. The Mindbender’s Ambition Is a Legendary Energy Shotgun that can take out enemies with just one hit as far as 10 meters. With a hard-hitting recoil, this weapon has extreme perks that players are looking for in a shootgun. Usually compared to the Precision Framed shotguns because of this precise accuracy they maintain. The Mindbender is so lovely in the limelight because they can obtain the Opening Shot on a curated roll. This perk extends the range of sight even more so, creating a monster of a machine. Mindbender also comes with Rampage as a perk, creating a temporary increase in damage after kills made with the legendary shootgun. Kills will cause the damage to stack up to three times in the right scenario.

The stat that takes the fame for this weapon is its impact, sitting at a whopping 80. Following that, the reload speed is awe-inspiring at 45 points. Though the range limited with 36 points, the perks that are attached to this Shotgun won’t let you down. With the Mindbender in your inventory, you have a good chance at a one-shot kills. The handling and stability are about the same as the range, average for its class.

There are a few hidden stats that you should recognize with this weapon. The Aim Assistance is a big booster, with 39 points. Then the Recoil direction at 69, Weapon size at 40, and Zoom at 12; it should note that there is much power behind this piece. Dealing with Solar damage, this is a weapon that uses special ammo. It was introduced in Season 4 but is transferable to any season after that

How do I get the Mindbender's Ambition?

Firstly, you purchase it through Destiny Carries and LFG, but then there follow the processes in the game in which must be followed to receive this weapon. The Mindbender Ambition found in a Nightfall Strike Exclusive drop from the Hollowed Lair Strike, and it’s relatively easy to farm. Once you have overcome Fanatic at the end of the Hollowed Lair Strike, wait for the reward chest to open. Look for a Legendary Engram (purple) that originates from the said chest. Repeat this process to farm for this curated Mindbenders Shootgun.

If you have not and still want this weapon, reach out to us at Destiny Carries and LFG for a sense of direction for the Mindbender’s Ambition

Perks of the Mindbender's Ambition

There are five significant perks with Curated rolls. The major one being Opening Shot, as discussed already, followed by the mentioned Rampage. The rest are listed below;

Aggressive Frame: This creates a hard-hitting, high recoil weapon. The rate of fire after a kill increases with this perk.

Rifled Barrel: The change in barrel increases range slightly, though significantly decreases handling speed.

Steady Rounds: This increases the magazine’s optimization, which in turn creates better recoil control. There is a slight increase in stability but a decrease in range.

Each of these perks allows this Shotgun to morph into a customized piece for any Guardian seeking a substantial impact, and range focused Shotgun. On random rolls, you can still achieve these perks, with even more options.

There is a high chance you will mod this piece up, so make sure to check out the Masterwork, a Legendary mod. It will maximize the stats of this weapon, as well as generate orbs on multi-kills.

Spare Rations: Legendary Kinetic Hand Cannon

This Hand Cannon has much attention coming its’ way. There are five significant perks attached to this weapon that make it worth the while. It’s Lightweight Frame being a reliable add-on, creating handling we all wish for when we are on the go. If you are battling on the move, grab a Spare Rations as it also is equipped with Hammer-Forged Rifling. This perk is a Legendary Barrel that increases range. If all those aren’t enough motivation, keep in mind that the magazine can grow from 13 to 23 just with the Appended Mag perk.

Spare Rations is popular due to its preferable stats. There are solid 79 points for impact, followed by 73 for handling. With the perks that attach themselves to this piece, there is no stopping it in action, firing at 150 rounds per minute. Reload speed also catches eyes for the even 60 that it holds. Speaking of shots, the Spare Rations Hand Cannon possible rolled with Explosive Payload, which creates projectiles that create an area-of-effect detonation upon impact. What player doesn’t want that option at the tip of their fingers?

Don't Miss Out!

You can purchase these two weapons in a bundle today through Destiny Carries and LFG, but you need to ensure you are farming to do so. Don’t let the rug get pulled from underneath you. If there are any questions you might have before or after purchase, we are a click away. There is a lot to work for with weapons in Destiny 2, so remember that community matters. That is what we are here to help out.

 If you are deciding to go with this duo of weapons, please select your platform, character style, and then proceed to check out. From there you can receive this unlocking straight to your account. Thank you for choose Destiny Carries and LFG.

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