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    Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun

    The quest for the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun is expected to be time-gated and is even potentially entangled into the Festival of the Lost, just relatively though. Don’t pass up the opportunity to grab this weapon. It is a prized piece that is only becoming heard of.

    Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun

    Be one of the first players to possess such a mighty arm. There is a demanding quest that is to be completed first, but you can assign it to one of our team members gladly. Destiny Carries and LFG provides some of the most prestige playthroughs in Destiny 2, why not for some of the best-rated weapons in the game?

    Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun Specifications

    The Xenophage is perked with Pyrotoxin Rounds, allowing it to fire high-powered explosive ammunition. This Machine Gun also has the Rangefinder trait, handy. This allows for the aim to increase the effective range and zoom magnification. After all this, there is still an increase of projectile velocity to account for. You can’t go wrong with this weapon.

    Xenophage comes equipped with Full Bore, a legendary barrel- optimized for distance and the increasing of range. High-Caliber Rounds with this legendary magazine as well. You can expect shots from this weapon to knock enemies back further than average. It comes with a Composite Stock as well. Composite Stock is a legendary piece that has a versatile purpose, improving both the stability and handling speed.

    This Exotic Machine Gun deals Solar damage and uses Heavy Ammo. You can expect some significant damage coming from this piece, so get it while you can. Your Guardian isn’t complete without this powerhouse.

    Impact 100%
    Range 71%
    Stability 39%
    Handling 37%
    Reload Speed 38%
    Aim Assistance
    Magazine 33%
    Recoil 85%

    While you’re at it, aim for the “A Better Specimen” weapon ornament. The ornament will change the appearance and is fun for the weapons gameplay.

    Our Promise

    We are a team of Destiny 2 expert gamers who provide professional playthrough services to accounts in numerous frames and fashions. We promise to utilize this time on your profile solely to service your Guardian’s experience and placement in the verse of Destiny 2. Our team can access your account directly through the Recovery option in the dropbox, or some in cases we can offer our team related services. This is when you, as a player, would join with our team to accomplish a task versus us taking charge of the entire mission.

    Our Strategy

    Team members from Destiny Carries and LFG are skilled in numerous sorts for the intense, demanding expectations from Destiny 2 and its affiliated. For the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun questline, we would only send the best of the best to partake in this expedition. You are going to run through several trials and tribulations with this quest, and the experts are best to handle it. 

    Your Guardian is tasked with lighting several lecterns throughout the first part of this quest. The second and third parts of this quest require you to play detective with some fragments and runes. It is almost too much fun for something that is said to be so daunting. 

    The Path Uncovered step is where this challenge becomes just that, a challenge. You are required to defeat 20 Nightmares from the chest. There will be a final boss, as always, though this time, it takes a turn out of the norm. You will be assigned Dread, corresponding to Arc, Solar, Neutral, or Void elements. Your Guardian will return to Eris Morn to receive the weapon.

    Where to go from here?

    Once you’ve decided you would like our boosting services for this weapon added to your profile, select Recovery from the drop-down box. This will allow us access to your account. We will notify you as we are logging on and off.

    Regardless of the new Cross-Save option, you are going to need still to verify your most played console format; Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. This will ensure that our rewards and measurable playtime are transferred correctly. The character type also is essential as it allows us to strategize our methods on your profile beforehand. The shifting of rewards is just as well a reason.

    We recommend a higher level for this playthrough as it is in the Shadowkeep expansion. Best of wishes and hope to see you out there with your new Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun.

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