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Vex Offensive

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Vex Offensive in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Season of the undying. Don’t miss out on one of the most talked-about activities for the Shadowkeep release. There are five major components to this part of the expansion, so if you are unsure which route to take, check out what each package offered through Destiny Carries and LFG pertains to. This challenge is crucial to the storyline with this Season, so don’t let it slide through with mediocre attention. Secure its success by leaving it to the professionals

Vex Offensive ShadowkeepVex Offensive part of Shadowkeep Season of the undying

Moon invasions, new 6 man activity, weapons, bounties, and a new seal to unlock! Be rewarded with powerful items from the Vex Invasions and the weekly challenges from Ikora and the Vex Offensive activity.

Unlock the Vex Offensive

Unlock the Vex Offensive

Our Experts will complete the quests from Ikora to unlock the Vex Offensive 6 man activity.
REWARDS: Powerful Rewards (Tier 1) and random Vex Legendary Armor and Weapons

Full Vex Invasion Completion

Full Vex Invasion Completion

Our Experts will complete a full clear of a vex invasion on the moon. This requires to kill a tough boss at the end of an invasion.

REWARDS: Powerful Reward (Tier 2) can be done twice per reset per character

Full Vex Invasion Completion

Vex Offensive Completion

We will complete a run of the Vex Offensive activity.

REWARDS: Random Vex Legendary Armor and Weapons and Vex Mind Components

Weekly Challenge Vex Offensive

Weekly Challenge

We will complete the weekly challenge for the Vex Offensive activity.
REWARDS: Powerful Reward (Tier 2)

What is the Vex Offensive?

A six-person match-making activity that’s centered around working with Ikora. You are going to eliminate the Vex who are coming in from the Black Garden. You are stalling and stopping their invasion of the moon. This playthrough is more like a defense over anything. Prepare to be on your toes as this is all new terrain- even the Vex appear different!

Upon completing this activity, you will unlock certain weapons. These weapons have questlines that are associated with them, so don’t get too excited. Nothing is a handout in Destiny 2; you should know that by now. The pursuits and activities will be replaced with rewards that correlate with the next Season.

You are going to need a team of skilled players to take on this activity, which is one of the significant reasons why investing in Destiny Carries and LFG is worth it. Don’t test your luck with potential players- let us do the hard work for you. This activity is crammed with hard firefights, loot to love, and even a quest from Eris Morn with bosses bigger than most are ready for.

Do you want to jump in on your own, or guarantee success and trust Destiny Carries and LFG to handle this havoc? We’re here to guide your Guardian through the toughest of terrain- even defeating the bosses in the Invasion Arena!

Full Invasion Completion

If you are looking to save yourself the trouble of working through this part of the game, then go with the complete invasion. This will set you straight with the Rewards to come afterward with no hassle at all. Hiring in the entire team to finish this battle with the Vex is going to save you time and effort in the long haul. This package is different from just the Vex Offensive Completion because it entails for the entirety of this section in the game.

You are not missing out, though, as, with Recovery, all the data that is collected through the gameplay will be loaded right to your account as if it was you the entire time.

Unlock the Vex Offensive

 Some players may only want us to get it started, and that is understandable. If you are looking to have the battle unlocked but have your team to take into the arms race, then we have an option for that. Select for us to Unlock the Vex Offensive, and from there, you can finish the rest.

Vex Offensive Completion

The Vex Offensive Completion is just a part of the complete standoff with the Vex. Ensure not to get it confused with the Full Invasion Completion. To save you some money, or even to get your own two feet wet in this playthrough, you may want to go with this option.

It will leave you tying the loose ends, but successful with the battle as Destiny Carries and LFG can guarantee proficient playthroughs.

 We will start with completing the Eyes on the Moon challenge, which is found through Ikora and some bounty completions. From there, the first of the fight off’s are going to be completed, leaving the final work through up to you.

If you are unsure about your skill level to finish this activity, go with the Full Invasion package. It guarantees your success and retrieval of the loot.

Weekly Challenge: An Arm and A Leg

With the release of the Vex Offensive, there has also come a weekly challenge titled An Arm and A Leg. It requires the collection of Vex Parts through their elimination. This bounty is beneficial to any player who is trying to complete the entire Vex Offensive mission.

This weekly challenge ends with the completion of the collection, then requiring you to return the pieces to Ikora at the Tower. It is here that she will give you a Power Gear (Tier 3) item. If this challenge seems to be too much for your schedule, select it from the drop-box and let Destiny Carries and LFG take care of it for you.

Now What?

Now you are to select whichever option best fits your goals with this activity. Choose between the unlocking of the Vex Offensive, the entirety of its completion, finishing the invasion off, or even just the weekly challenge that loads you up with a Powerful weapon.

Once you’ve decided which package to go with, select your favored platform and then the character type which you are affiliated with.

We at Destiny Carries and LFG are excited to help boost your account and know that when we are finished, you will be nothing short of satisfied. 

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