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Enlightened Triumph Seal

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Enlighted Triumph Seal in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Season of the Undying. Since the Forsaken expansion has titles within the game that give players a specific form of elite status. One of these titles is the Enlightened Triumph Seal. You can receive this title through the completion of several tasks that are specified by Destiny. The Enlightened Triumph Seal is related to Season 8, Season of the Undying. It requires specific objectives to be met.


  • 1. Garden of Salvation: Complete the Garden of Salvation raid. We do offer carries for this raid as well, if that is something on your list of To-Do’s.
  • 2. Clan Night: Complete the Garden of Salvation raid with a team made entirely of clanmates. We can also help do this if desired.
  • 3. Fluorescent Foliage: Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made of entirely Arc subclasses. You must have all the Arc subclasses unlocked for the character in play.
  • 4. Shade in the Garden: Complete all the raid encounter with a fireteam made of Void subclasses. You must have all the Void subclasses unlocked for the character in play.
  • 5. Photosynthesis: Complete all the raid encounters with a fireteam made of Solar subclasses. You must have all the Solar subclasses unlocked for your character.
  • 6. Secret Garden: You must find the hidden loot chests in the Garden of Salvation raid. We have a triumph service for this part of the objectives.
  • 7. Leftovers: Complete the Staying Alive challenge.
  • 8. Voltaic Tether: You must escape the Consecrated Mind while allowing only players with Voltaic Overflow to tether. You must be at Power Level 920 or more to complete this challenge.
  • 9. A Link to the Chain: Complete the A Link to the Chain challenge.
  • 10. Repulsion Theory: Summon the Consecrated Mind without tethering to a relay while Enlightened. Must be at least at 920 Power Level.
  • 11. To the Top: Complete the Top challenge.
  • 12. Relay Rally: Defeat the Consecrated Mind without allowing any player with the Relay buff to kill a combatant. Must be at least Power Level 920.
  • 13. Zero to One Hundred: Complete the Zero to One Hundred Challenge.
  • 14. Stop Hitting Yourself: Defeat the Sanctified Mind after killing 20 enemies with Vex Instantiation. Must be at Power Level 950.
  • 15. Divinity’s Call: Acquire the Exotic Trace Rifle Divinity. Must be at Power level 920.

Destiny Carries and LFG

Trust Destiny Carries and LFG to handle most of these objectives for you. We are professional gamers who can provide excellent service to your account. We will play through these objectives for you and bring your character to their highest potential. The gamers on our team can also join yours to boost you in an alternative way. Reach out to our team if you have any questions or concerns with our methods of boosting.

Enlightened Triumph Seal

We do have some requirements that pertain to this Enlightened Triumph Seal boosting. We require that you have all of the Shadowkeep DLC to receive the rewards for this seal. You must also be at Power Level 920, or at least meet the recommendations for the specific Triumph objective. There are a few that can be met with just Power Level 900, but that won’t let you achieve the entire seal.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking forward to this elite measurement in Power and expertise, then work with us to guarantee the success. We are a team of professional gamers that can provide expert strategies throughout the experience of your Guardian. If you have decided to move forward you are going to begin checkout by selecting Recovery. This allows us to access your account, thus leading to you being boosted by our playthroughs.

We will stay in touch about when we sign onto your profile to prevent any hiccups in transfer.
Make sure to provide an accurate statement about which console you use most. Even with the new Cross-Save feature, it helps us strategize best with the most preferred system.

You are going to also need to specify which character type your Guardian falls under; Warlock, Hunter, or Titan. This will help us personalize any determinations or winnings to your profile.
We are looking forward to getting our feet wet with your Guardian. Let us work some wonders with your account, and finish this Enlightened Triumph Seal.

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