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Season Pass progression Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Season of the Undying is a quck way to unlock some excellent loot for your Guardian. Get your game on with the most recent Season Pass boosting available through Destiny Carries and LFG.

With this boosting pack, you can choose from an assortment of options as the points you are seeking is the determination on price. One through 100, where do you think you want to see your Guardian at the end of it all? 

There is a lot to devote, in terms of time and money, for Destiny 2. With this new expansion underway, some of the best gamers are coming out to play, and this means hectic firefights, raids, and teams. If you are hoping to be among the top players in the most exciting moments of the game, you are going to need to level up and fast.

Trust in the hands of Destiny Carries and LFG that your character would become not only an asset to any team but a necessity. Your leveling will be aspiration worthy.

 Having a powerful Guardian is possible through the Season Pass boosting option. Once you select your expected point increment, there’s little stopping you.

From there, the gamers here at Destiny Carries and LFG are going to get on your account through the RECOVERY option- you’ll see this during check out.



Rank 30


Rank 35

Eriana’s Vow

rANK 45

Temporal Clause


Rank 90

Niver Live it Down

Clash of Swards

Rank 99

Clash of Swards

For Wei

Rank 100

Temporal Clause


The Gate Lord's Eye

Rank 7

The Gate Lord’s Eye

Rank 25,60,65,99

Exotic Engram

Ascendant Shard

Rank 85, 94

Ascendant Shard

Phenotype Ornament Set – Ranks 64, 67, 77, 87 and 97

Phenotype Plasticity Universal Ornament Set

What Does the Season Pass Include?

The season pass includes things like the new endgames, new weapons, armor, and vanity items that are worthy of collecting. Lots of new and returning exotics to pick up, new Triumph records to obtain. This season pass has a lot of new Pinnacle activities that are working in with unique in-game lore.

According to Bungie, all this new content is the roll out of what to expect in the future. Their affiliation with Activision is over, changing their MO. They are turning a new leaf, so to speak, that puts a higher-ranked focus on what players are directly asking of them.

This new expansion has a lot of content we have seen before, and a lot that is brand new. This dueled take on what shows that Bungie is all ears for what players are asking for in today’s Destiny 2. There is something for anyone if you are looking hard enough.

There are Tiers with the Season Pass, and you should take note ahead of time. With your Pass at Tier 7, you can unlock the Gate Lord’s Eye Artifact, but this is going to be challenging to achieve.

This item is essential to your gameplay, though. Consider letting Destiny Carries and LFG help work your character through these sticky spots so that you can enjoy the must more fluid ones.

Who Is Destiny Carries and LFG?

We are a collection of multiskilled professionals working to better your gaming experience for Destiny 2, and all that it contains. If you are seeking boosting, weapons, armory, or just guidance; we are the people for you.

Destiny 2 is a challenging, competitive game. If you are having trouble or find you don’t have the time to make it through, then let us take over some of the obstacles. Includes, but is not limited to, Eris Morn bounties, Shadowkeep’s many raids, maybe even this Season Pass exclusive.

What Do I Do Now?

So you think you’re itching for this season pass? Select your platform of playing, remembering that with Season 8, Season of the Undying, there is a Cross-Save option. It is not Cross-Play, but we can aspire for that in the future.

The Cross-Save allows you to access your character through numerous different platforms, but you still can only play with comrades who are on similar devices.

Once you’ve selected your platform, choose your character type; Warlock, Titan, or Hunter. It is going to let us know what course of action to take and how to form fit any alterations made to your character type. All this before we ever even get on your account.

Once on your account, we will work you up to the amount you select from the gauge bar provided. This Season Pass is the ticket to success with Shadowkeep. If you are hoping to take the cake with this expansion, then jump on the boosting provided through our affiliation. 

There is a lot of benefit from such an investment, and you’d be surprised by how many dedicated players alike are in with it.

Destiny 2 is a demanding game; it is not a surprise that sometimes you need a break- while the game itself does not ever do so. Stay ahead, one foot in front of the other, and set yourself up for prosperity with this Season Pass.

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