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Polarized Fractaline

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Polarized Fractaline Farming

In Destiny 2Season of Dawn, Polarized Fractaline is one of the most important new forms of currency. You need it to purchase the Timelost Weapon Frames. Also, upgrade each of the four Obelisks around the Destiny world. it’s not too easy to come by.

There are lots of Season of Dawn Triumphs that grant Polarized Fractaline after complete the particular Triumphs.  Anytime you do anything remarkable in the season like completing a quest for Saint-14 or beating the Sundial activity without dying. You’ll earn some of the new currency.

Triumphs offer:

  • Minor Fractaline Harvests (10 Polarized Fractaline)
  • Moderate Fractaline Harvest (50 Polarized Fractaline). 
  • Major Fractaline Harvests (100 Polarized Fractaline.

You can look in your Triumph menu, under the Season 9 seasonal section, to see how close you are to completing certain Triumphs.

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How we will obtain the material.

  • Level Up Season Pass
  • Season of Dawn Triumphs
  • Weekly Bounties – Obelisk
  • The Sundial Activity

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