Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon Carries




Luna’s Howl Carries

Unlock One of the Best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2. Luna’s Howl.

Luna’s Howl Legendary Hand Cannon Quest Carries

Looking for Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon? Let Destiny Carries and LFG Experts help you to finish the Legendary Luna’s Howl Quest. In Destiny 2: Forsaken, there is certain tasks assigned by Lord Shaxx in order to get Luna’s Howl. To unlock these tasks, you’ll need to visit Shaxx in the Tower and obtain the “Shock and Denial” Pursuit to begin the process of earning Luna’s Howl. There are several steps needed to be completed to unlock Luna’s Howl in Destiny 2: Forsaken, all of which we’ve listed below.

Luna’s Howl Quest Steps.

  • Finish 10 Competitive matches.
  • Complete 3 Rumble matches.
  • Earn 100 Precision Kills using Hand Cannons in Competitive.
  • Kill 150 enemies in the Competitive playlist using Hand Cannons.
  • Get 200 Solar Kills in the Competitive playlist.
  • Reach the “Fabled” rank in the Glory playlist.
  • Return to Shaxx in the Tower to unlock the Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon.

Destiny 2 Lunas Howl


Luna’s Howl in Destiny 2 has some pretty cool perks. There’s Precision Frame, allowing the gun to fire quickly with high accuracy. There’s also Polygonal Rifling, which increases stability and Drop Mag which does waste ammo, but greatly boosts your reload speed. The next two fun perks are Zen Moment and Magnificent Howl. The first increases the weapon’s stability when causing damage, and the second grants you a short window of bonus damage until your next kill or miss, after landing two precision shots rapidly.

The Legendary Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon also has some interesting tracking perks, if you’re into that sort of thing. It has both a Kill Tracker, adding up your overall kills, and a Crucible Tracker, which tracks the number of people you’ve eliminated there. Which would have been a great asset to have on the quest to get the damned gun, but oh well.


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Weapon Questline

Lord Shaxx in the Tower will give you access to the Luna’s Howl quest.

You will need to complete several tough quests in the competitive playlist to acquire the Luna’s Howl. We offer both each step individually and the full questline. We also have a Glory Rank Boosting service if you have already completed the quest steps.

Quest Steps

Shock and Denial
Complete 10 matches in the Competitive Playlist.

Pain and Guilt
Defeat 150 opponents with final blows from Hand Cannon in the Competitive Playlist.

Anger and Bargaining
Defeat 200 opponents with Solar final blows in the Competitive Playlist.

Depression and Loneliness
Complete 3 Rumble matches.

The Upward Turn
Defeat 100 opponents with precision final blows from a Hand Cannon in the Competitive Playlist.

Reach Glory rank “Fabled.”


“Guardians never die. But we don’t forget those who do.” —Lord Shaxx

Josef opened the door. Shaxx filled the hallway beyond.
“You look like hell,” said the Crucible Handler.
Josef scoffed. “Get out of here. I have Hive to hunt. No time for the Crucible today.”
“Hive. You lost her on the Moon?”
Josef said nothing.
“You aren’t the only Guardian to leave loved ones behind on that rock.” Shaxx held out a long, lacquered box. “The Gunsmith asked me to deliver this personally.”
“What’s Banshee thinking? I can’t afford this.”
“I took care of it. Scavenged parts from my personal collection.”
Josef considered it a moment.
“It’s a good gun.”
“She was a good dog. This isn’t a replacement. But it will help you finish your business with the Hive. Then I expect to see you back in the Crucible. We could use the inspiration.”

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