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Crucible Glory Boosting Service in Competitive PlayList.

Destiny Crucible Glory Boosting Rank Carries

Crucible Glory Boosting ranks are earned by winning matches in the Competitive Crucible playlist and are lost by losing matches in the Competitive Crucible playlist. Unlike Valor, Glory ranks will be lost when losing or quitting Competitive matches, and rank losses occur faster when players lose matches consecutively.

Additionally, each week players’ Crucible Glory Rank will change depending on the number of games they’ve played, maxing out at three games per week. Players ranked Fabled and below will earn bonus Glory Rank Points each week. For players ranked Mythic and Legend, each match completed will reduce the amount of Glory Rank decay, up to preventing the decay for the week. This means if players are a player in Mythic or Legend they’ll need to hop into the Competitive playlist at least three times a week to maintain their status.

Here is the full break down of what levels each Crucible Glory Rank will feature:

Glory Ranks Points
 Guardian  0 – 199
 Brave  200 – 1049
 Heroic  1050 – 2099
 Fabled  2100 – 3499
 Mythic  3500 – 5449
 Legend  5450 – 5500

Crucible Glory Rank is new to Destiny in the Forsaken DLC

Glory is the brand new ranking system that is exclusive to the “Competitive”  crucible playlist. Earning new ranks will award various emblems, engram, weapons, and armor. Reaching the rank of “Fabled” will grant players the opportunity to obtain the Luna’s Howl hand cannon which is exclusive to the competitive playlist

This service is designed to allow you to pick the desired amount of points that you would like to have boosted in the “Competitive” crucible game mode. Only our best PvP sherpa complete these orders to ensure a high win rate with minimal loss in glory points.

Glory Crucible Rank Boosting

Glory is a progression rank in the Crucible that goes up as you win matches in the Competitive playlist and down when you lose.

The Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon

Not Forgotten Hand Cannon Check out or News about Destiny Not Forgotten.

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