Power Raid Combo Deal Destiny 2


Power Raid Combo Deal Destiny 2



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Power Raid Combo Deal Destiny 2

Power raid combo deal Crown of Sorrow, Scourge of the Past, Last Wish, and Leviathan. Destiny Carries LFG is here to help you get those milestones finished and completes. Destiny Carries We will help you get them done fast and Easy. With no hassle. Note only the Leviathan Raid in this combo has a prestige mode.

Don’t let your account fall behind. We know its been hard keeping up with all the demands of Destiny 2, especially with the new release of Shadowkeep. Stay up-to-date on all the latest and greatest gear by getting caught up to the current. 

Destiny Carries and LFG will log right into your account and plow through the main four raids for Forsaken. Our experts will finish the raids and leave your account with all the loot that follows.

Power Raid Combo Deal Destiny 2

Raid Combo Crown of Sorrow, Scourge of the Past, Last Wish, and Leviathan

Power Raid Combo Deal Crown of Sorrow



The Crown of Sorrow raid was of the final releasing’s as part of the Annual Pass. This one is included with Season of Opulence, and it is very challenging for that to be the case. The first part of this raid doesn’t include a boss but is just as hectic as if otherwise. 

Destiny Carries and LFG professionals have played through the Witch’s Ritual, Kingdom of Sorrow Jumping Puzzle, and Gahlran’s Deception so many times. There is nothing to surprise us here. We would be happy to shine some light on this struggle of a raid, allowing your Guardian to make strides forward with the newest expansion available.

Crown of Sorrow Raid. To unlock the new raid you will first have to complete a new Power Surge quest from Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. This will only have to be completed on one character and you will unlock the raid for your account.

The Crown of Sorrow is the final raid released as part of the Destiny 2 Annual Pass and was included with the Season of Opulence. This is an extremely challenging raid that sees players delving once more into the depths of the Leviathan. To help you claim the ultimate victory, we’ve put together a complete Crown of Sorrow raid guide.

  • Witch’s Ritual
  • Kingdom of Sorrow jumping puzzle
  • Gahlran’s Deception
  • Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer
Crown of Sorrow Requirements

You must be 715+ Power Level
You must have Unlocked the raid
You must have the Forsaken DLC and Annual Pass


Power Raid Combo Deal Scourge of the Past


Scourge of the Past Raid Completion.


Scourge takes place in the Last City on Earth. Raid teams are taking control of the situation, reclaiming sections of the city from the hands of the Fallen. You are to be defeating Insurrection Prime, as the bigger picture goal for this raid. The Courage of the Past is a difficult battle to finish in, very demanding of your strategies with teamwork.

The Power recommendation is 640, but enemies will even reach 650. It is best to leave these raids to the professionals, to ensure your Guardian gets the best from the playthrough. Let Destiny Carries and LFG work through this raid and the others in the Power Raid Combo Deal. We will worry about the Insurrection Prime for you.

Scourge of the Past Raid is one of the toughest PvE challenges in Destiny which require high levels of skill and game knowledge along with a fire team who works together and has been working together for some time. Communication and skill is the key to completing the Scourge of the Past Raid.

It has a recommended power level of  640 and is set in Earth’s Last City.

It goes without saying that raids are some of the most anticipated activities in Destiny 2 and Scourge of the Past is no different.

Players return to the European Dead Zone – the first planet we visited in Destiny 2 – to explore the Last City in hopes of discovering one of the many secrets contained within the Black Armory expansion.

As a pinnacle activity, players can expect one of the toughest challenges yet, even as a fireteam of six guardians. With Scourge of the Past having its roots in being a ‘Raid Lair’ – in essence, a shorter raid – it’s shorter than Last Wish Raid Carries which launched with the expansion.

Just like all the other Raid based activities, Scourge of the Past has a smorgasbord of randomly generated loot to be acquired and a copious amount of Powerful Engrams to be earned after each section.

Scourge of the Past Requirements

Must be minimum 620+
Must have access to the Scourge of the Past Raid


Power Raid Combo Deal Last Wish


Raid Combo



The Last Wish raid is a spectacle to see. This raid is easily 20+ hours to complete, though. If you are looking to get some extra hours in at work or are behind in your studies, sit this one out. We at Destiny Carries and LFG will be happy to work through the attentiveness that is required for this raid. Taking out bosses such as Kalli and Riven is just a part of our past time. 

Opponents such as Riven are a great example of why letting our affiliations on your account could do it some justice. This beast is unlike anything to come in Destiny 2, something indeed of nightmares. Let us handle this hassle. We are professional gamers who are happy to help boost your account to where you want to be.

Last Wish Raid is one of the toughest PvE challenges in Destiny 2 which require high levels of skill, extreme teamwork, and game knowledge. This raid has proven to be the most difficult raid launched to date. It has a recommended power level of 550 and that goes up to 580 by the final encounter. 

Destiny 2 Carries and LFG Expert has perfected all mechanics and has mastered the best strategies. If you need any assistance completing the Last Wish raid we are here to help!

Last Wish Requirements

Must be 540+
Must own the Forsaken DLC


Power Raid Combo Deal Leviathan



This raid requires you to defeat Castellum. Afterward, you are to be expected to overtake the Royal Pools, also known as the Bath House. This first step into the raid alone is a lot to take in for any Destiny 2 gamer who is not ready for the binge that is to be asked of him. 

After completing all of the challenges that are attached to the Leviathan raid, you are going to meet with the boss opponent- Emperor Calus. It is in his throne room that you are going to realize why you wanted us to take over these raids for you. 

Fighting Emperor Calus is one heck of a battle to be in, so don’t. Leave it to us at Destiny Carries and LFG to take on this raid and the others before it, to help push you into stability with the rising content count for Destiny 2.  

Leviathan Raid carries completion both normal and prestige mode. Destiny Carries LFG is proud to offer the best quality service available.  Our experts consist of some of the best players on all platforms including the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox, and PC.  We have perfected all the parts of the raid.   If you are looking to hire the best experts to help you get some of the best gear in Destiny 2 then look no further!

  • Full completion of the 300 Normal Leviathan Raid
  • We will open the chests in the Underbelly for the 3 keys that are earned
  • 4 Normal Mode armor pieces or weapons
  • Guaranteed one 330 drop from the Normal Mode loot pool regardless of current power level from the end boss
  • Calus’s Selected Shaders
  • Calus Tokens to redeem for more gear
  • A detailed list of each drop that you earned (if an account recovery is ordered)
  • Belly of the Beast Achievement
  • Embrace His Name Emblem
  • Completion of the 300 Prestige Mode Leviathan Raid
  • We will open the chests in the Underbelly for the 3 keys that are earned while playing.
  • 4 Prestige Mode armor pieces (Looks like normal mode gear with a blue glow to it)
    • One drop will be a guaranteed 330 Power Level regardless of current power level from the end boss
    • Prestige Mode now rewards 4 Normal Mode rewards along with Calus’s Selected Shaders as well (if Normal Mode was not cleared on that character in the current week)
  • Calus’s Treasured Shaders
  • Calus Tokens to redeem for more gear
  • A detailed list of each drop that you earned (if an account recovery is ordered)
  • The Prestige Achievement/Trophy (Complete the Leviathan Raid on Prestige difficulty)
  • Glory to the Emperor Emblem (Provides Aura when equipped and displays completion count)

Leviathan Requirement

Must be 540+
Must own the Forsaken DLC


We offer two difficulty selections; normal and prestige. With each, there is a shift in the sort of rewards and benefits that are received from their playthroughs.  It is essential to realize that by purchasing the prestige mode, you are only applying that to the Leviathan raid, as it is the only one of the four that have that difficulty option. If you do decide to go with this one, you will be guaranteed a large bounty at the end of the raid’s completion.

Wrap Up

No better way to wrap up Destiny 2, forsaken, then with the raids all completed to the best that they can be. If you are seeking the most reward for your investment, do select the prestige difficulty. With this, we can offer a lot more benefits from the Leviathan raid.

You are required to select Recovery from the drop-down box. Recovery will allow us onto your account so we can begin formulating tactics and making a game-plan for our teams. To best customize your experience, we will want your console of choice, regardless of the new Cross-Save option. Which of the four is your primary choice? Select your character type; Hunter, Titan, or Warlock. The character type is going to give us notice on any specifications that need to be applied.

We are excited to have you as of our valued customers and hope to see your Guardian on the battlefield wielding some weapons from these raids. A lot is happening in the exciting world of Destiny, so don’t let yourself get behind. Send the experts in on the stricter content so you can lavish in the best of it.