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    Garden of Salvation

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    Garden of Salvation

    Garden of Salvation Raid

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    Garden of Salvation takes six team members into the Black Garden on the moon to go up against the Vex in their natural habitat. The Vex are dangerous enemies with a pack-mentality who seek to infest our world, and it’s your job to stop them. The Garden of Salvation Shadowkeep Raid is a beautiful reimagining of the version from the original Destiny, that is sure to give you the nostalgic blast from the past you crave while playing the new Season 8, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

    Simply choose between character options: Warlock, Hunter, or Titan, and you’re ready to play! Garden of Salvation is available for many popular gaming platforms including Windows, Playstation, Xbox, and more! Don’t wait until it is too late for mankind to survive the Vex. Visit the mystical and bizarre Black Garden and join the fight to save humanity today!

    With the Shadowkeep release starting a new age of power gear levels, there is no power cap in Garden of Salvation, making for incredibly exciting and challenging gameplay that is sure to keep you enthralled while you take on the Vex in the Black Garden. However, if you want to ensure you reach the highest level possible, make sure you take on the Pinnacle Raids!

    Before attempting The Garden of Salvation, you want to make certain to stock up on weapons and choose them wisely, after all, the Vex are intent on destroying the human race. They are powerful, and cunning, and will not be easy enemies to defeat. It is a good idea to seek out some of the more exotic weapons available in the game such as Exit Strategy, or Randy’s Throwing Knife, a Ritual Weapon known for its supreme impact and stability.

    The Garden of Salvation Raid gives players the opportunity to be awarded highly valuable legendary raid armor, raid weapons, special mods, and now even raid emblems! Don’t get left behind and miss out on all these wonderful perks which can boost gameplay and up your skill and are only available through The Garden of Salvation. The gear you can receive on this raid is sure to benefit you in the future and is well-worth the daunting effort it will take to defeat the Vex.

    Destiny Carries and LFG are committed to providing our gamers with up-to-date material that can aid you in your gameplay. If you need any tips or tricks on how to save our planet from the dreadful Vex, check out our blog where you’re sure to find helpful information about The Garden of Salvation Raid, as well as various weapons, quests, and more!

    The Garden of Salvation is the newest and most significant raid available and features thrilling elements:

    • A nostalgic blast from the past
    • Beautiful graphics in an intimidating landscape
    • No power cap for more thrilling gameplay
    • Two chests are opened during the raid
    • Opportunity to receive legendary raid armor, special weapons and more!

    Do you think you have what it takes to defeat the Vox and prevent mankind’s utter annihilation? If you have the skills and commitment necessary to successfully complete The Garden of Salvation Raid, round up your best weapons and travel to the Black Garden for a heart-pumping gameplay experience you are sure to talk about for years to come!

    Garden of Salvation

    Collect all the new raid Armor and weapons

    Garden of Salvation Raid is all about the Vex. Be rewarded with the  raid armor and raid weapons. Dont forget about the new raid emblem.  

    What Do I Need to Jump get started?

    With power gear levels reaching a new spectrum in the Shadowkeep release compared to previous raids, there’s no technical Power cap for yourself or the raid at this moment. Artifacts are primarily to blame for this, potentially leveled infinitely, and they were the inspiration to this alteration.

    There is a soft cap of 950 overall, with 960 being the real limit to push. 950 Powerlevel is the expectation and minimum expectation for the Garden of Salvation, as well. Right now, it is correlating with the players who are still catching up with the expansion.

    The only real way to reach 960 level is through Pinnacle raids. Don’t feel bad if you’re resting at about 920, that is a solid-state for sure. It’s about 910/920 that is needed for this raid, though over time, that will increase. Levels between 890 power to 910 power will not be enough.

    Prepare yourself with the right run down of weapons. What sort of combat are you expecting; better fit for a submachine gun or a rocket launcher?

    Start playing destiny and be raid ready as the raid is going to be intense, but with the right gear, you will stand a fighting chance. Stock up on exotic weapons and also weapons like Randy’s Throwing Knife or Exit Strategy; both of which are available through Destiny Carries and LFG.

    Taken Mods

    Two Hidden Chests Included with this package

    Our Experts will open two hidden chests in the raid.

    Possible rewards include Garden of  Salvation mods or legendary raid armor.

    Key to Divinity

    Key to Divinity Option to comple the divinity questline

    Selection of this service will complete the puzzle for the Divinity questline. Receive the Exotic Divinity Trace Rifle.

    Required for this service is:  “Key to Divinity”  quest step at the end of the Garden of Salvation Raid.

    Armor from Guardian of Salvation

    The Garden of Salvation is a blast from the past if you’re into that sort of thing. The piece of gear, armor or weapons are RNG and can drop exclusive armor suit. The armor is equipped with unique mod slots for the specific raid mods that will drop as well.

    The resemblance of old Eververse models is uncanny, but either way, this piece is one of a kind. It spots illuminations from the pinpoints throughout, giving it an intimidating look.

    There is a worthy of warfare sort of headdress for all three character types, each a little different from the other. If you are into the dreadful look, this catastrophe driven suit may be the one for you.

    You can achieve weapons and armor suit by completing the raid in the Black Garden. Don’t be overwhelmed with that, though, as Destiny Carries and LFG will help you with the process as needed. DCLFG has a few option to choose from on of witch will suit your needs. 

    Garden of Salvation

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    Garden of Salvation Completion, Flawless Completion

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