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Insurrection Prime

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The Scourge of the Past raid puts you up against Kell’s Scourge, an Insurrection Prime. The enemy in this raid is a giant mechanical suit that holds a Servitor, and it is undeniably equipped and terrifying. You will need a team of at least six to make it out of this raid alive.

This boss battle is one to dread, but there’s no need to with Destiny Carries and LFG here to guide your Guardian through the chaos of Insurrection Prime. Being one of the most potent Fallen combats to be introduced to the game, you are making the right call involving the professionals.

If you are trying to get ahead- or catch up- to the demands from Destiny 2, let us take over this one for you. This raid is daunting and can overwhelm even the most skilled players, so leave it to us.

We at Destiny Carries and LFG will help bring your Guardian the most adequate of success from this playthrough. With the Recovery option, our professionals will get directly onto your account and begin the process of completion.

The Raid Itself

This raid begins when the selected fireteam exits the Botza Underground and move into the combat area. It is here they will encounter the boss of this raid, a collosol Insurrection Defender Servitor. This enemy is the signifier to split your team into two parts; one for the surface battle and one for the bottom action.

The surface team is going to start attacking the Brutal Shanks with elemental Absorption shields before they diverge into the bottom area. 

These battles are recommended to be completed with multi-elemental weapons, but it’s not mandatory. You will want to equip them to your character for the teams at Destiny Carries and LFG to have an easier time bringing success to your Guardian.

The next part of this raid is more focused on the mechanics of the first section. The team involved will need to break into three separate crews to work with some of the equipment that is to be collected. Of this equipment is the Radiant Battery, a crucial component to this raid.

Destiny Carries and LFG are here to take on this job for you every step of the way. We are in the market to help Guardians anywhere succeed at even the most testing of tasks.


You must be at least at level 750 to access the Scourge of the Past raid. Being at this Power level will ensure your Guardian is Powerful enough to take on this enemy. We will put together the team of players for this raid, so don’t sweat it. Let us take control of this raid and watch as the rewards pile in.

What do Destiny Carries and LFG provide?

Professional gamers who provide proficient and masterly leveled playthroughs on Destiny 2 for several different reasons. You may be too busy to keep up with the expectations from Destiny, or something might be a bit too challenging for you to make it through. If you are struggling with this challenging raid, then let us take over for you. We are skilled at what we do.

The team members of Destiny Carries and LFG enjoy bringing the best of Destiny 2 to the dedicated players out there. They know with this playthrough, you will be satisfied with the condition of your account.

Moving Forward

If you have decided to go through with the Scourge of the Past raid, to defeat the Insurrection Prime, then start by selecting the Recovery option at check out.

This selection will allow us at Destiny Carries and LFG to access your account and begin working under your profile with this raid.

Following with your preferred choice of platform, the idea is to customize the experience to your Guardian individually.

Keep in mind that with the new Season, there is the option of Cross-Save, but this doesn’t mean that you can bounce around. We at Destiny Carries and LFG want to assure you receive all the best fitting rewards, so choose your most prominent console for gaming. 

Select more than one of these raid completions if you are trying to level up more than one character on your profile. This all leads me to the next portion of the criteria upon checkout.

Select your character’s type; Warlock, Hunter, or Titan. This selection is going to allow us to tailor our gaming style and the rewards to your Guardian specifically. 

Upon finishing, wait for our guidance on what to do to connect the team of gamers to your account. All the benefits that are reaped from this playthrough will be stored directly in your profile.

Don’t miss out on theres chance to gain more XP and move further along in the world of Destiny. We are here to help guide your Guardian to success. Thank you for your business.

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