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    What is the Garden of Salvation?

    Garden of Salvation is a Season 8 Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Raid for Season of the Undying. Set in the Black Garden on the moon.

    Six team members play out this storyline, going up against the Vex in their natural habitat. The Vex are swarm-minded enemies that are trying to infest the world we inhabit. It’s our job to take them down, rip them apart, make the best of the worst.

    The raid is featuring beautifully sculpted layouts and armor pieces, with it taking after the original Destiny in numerous ways. The efforts put in for gameplay experience on Bungie’s end are commendable.

    The raid looks like such a good play-through for the rolling expansion, Shadowkeep expansion Season of the Undying. Don’t let your clan be of the few who are set back on this extravaganza. Take on the Vex through and through in the Garden of Salvation raid.

    Raid Icon

    Collect all the new raid Armor and weapons

    Garden of Salvation Raid is all about the Vex. Be rewarded with the  raid armor and raid weapons. Dont forget about the new raid emblem.  

    What Do I Need to Jump get started?

    With power gear levels reaching a new spectrum in the Shadowkeep release compared to previous raids, there’s no technical Power cap for yourself or the raid at this moment. Artifacts are primarily to blame for this, potentially leveled infinitely, and they were the inspiration to this alteration.

    There is a soft cap of 950 overall, with 960 being the real limit to push. 950 Powerlevel is the expectation and minimum expectation for the Garden of Salvation, as well. Right now, it is correlating with the players who are still catching up with the expansion.

    The only real way to reach 960 level is through Pinnacle raids. Don’t feel bad if you’re resting at about 920, that is a solid-state for sure. It’s about 910/920 that is needed for this raid, though over time, that will increase. Levels between 890 power to 910 power will not be enough.

    Prepare yourself with the right run down of weapons. What sort of combat are you expecting; better fit for a submachine gun or a rocket launcher?

    Start playing destiny and be raid ready as the raid is going to be intense, but with the right gear, you will stand a fighting chance. Stock up on exotic weapons and also weapons like Randy’s Throwing Knife or Exit Strategy; both of which are available through Destiny Carries and LFG.

    Taken Mods

    Two Hidden Chests Included with this package

    Our Experts will open two hidden chests in the raid.

    Possible rewards include Garden of  Salvation mods or legendary raid armor.

    Key to Divinity

    Key to Divinity Option to comple the divinity questline

    Selection of this service will complete the puzzle for the Divinity questline. Receive the Exotic Divinity Trace Rifle.

    Required for this service is:  “Key to Divinity”  quest step.

    Time Frame of Availability

    Destiny 2 Shadowkeep  raid release date for Season of the Undying Garden of Salvation will be available starting on the 5th of October 2019. For the first 24 hours, the Contest mode will be active and prevent level advantages in the raid, but if you do complete it within the first 24 hours, you will receive an exclusive emblem.

    During the first day, you can also win a banner that strikes your success to anyone in sight. The first team that completes it will receive a World First belt- so don’t let yourself be cought slacking. There is lots of loot to drop from this raid.

    Once the full scale in Power Level is available in Shadowkeep’s Garden of Salvation, there will be the output of benefits to the gear that is you retrieved. Patience is a virtue here.


    The Garden of Salvation is a blast from the past if you’re into that sort of thing. The piece of gear, armor or weapons are RNG and can drop exclusive armor suit. The armor is equipped with unique mod slots for the specific raid mods that will drop as well.

    The resemblance of old Eververse models is uncanny, but either way, this piece is one of a kind. It spots illuminations from the pinpoints throughout, giving it an intimidating look.

    There is a worthy of warfare sort of headdress for all three character types, each a little different from the other. If you are into the dreadful look, this catastrophe driven suit may be the one for you.

    You can achieve weapons and armor suit by completing the raid in the Black Garden. Don’t be overwhelmed with that, though, as Destiny Carries and LFG will help you with the process as needed. DCLFG has a few option to choose from on of witch will suit your needs. 

    Garden of Salvation

    How to Make This Happen

    Select through the two options of boosting from our team. You can choose either Day One Raid Completion or First Week Raid Completion. These options vary in costs but guarantee your Guardians’ success in the completion for the Garden of Salvation Raid either on Day one, First Week, or just a raid completion. Select your platform, remembering that Cross-Save is available now with most platforms- excluding New Light plays.

    There is the option to specify your character; Warlock, Hunter, or Titan. This helps specialize the drop to your Guardian.

    We at Destiny Carries and LFG are here to provide you with the most up to date material. If there are any questions you might have about the Shadowkeep raid, Garden of Salvation, check out our blog for direction. You can reach out to a team member of the Carries and LFG if you’re still not sure about moving forward.

    Hope to see you out there, taking Destiny 2 as far as you can. Take on the latest and most significant raid available. 

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