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Crown of Sorrow

Raid Completion

Crown Of Sorrow Raid

Season of Opulence is here and with it a new raid, the Crown of Sorrow

Crown of Sorrow Raid in Season of Opulence. Not much is known about the it at this point, but it seems like we are going back on the Leviathan for another challenge from Calus dungeons.

To unlock the new raid you will first have to complete a new Power Surge quest from Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. This will only have to be completed on one character and you will unlock the raid for your account.

By completing the raid you will be rewarded with Powerful Armor and Weapons.

Rewards for Crown of Sorrow Raid Completion

Raid Weapons

Tarrabah SubMachine Gun


Raid Submachine Gun

Gahlrans Right Hand Auto Rifle

Gahlran’s Right Hand

Raid Auto Rifle

Calusea Noblesse Scout Rifle

Calusea Noblesse

Raid Scout Rifle

Emperors Courtesy Shotgun

Emperor’s Courtesy

Raid Shotgun

Bang Of Sorrow Machine Gun

Bane of Sorrow

Raid Machine Gun

Crown of Sorrow Raid Armor

Hunter Subclass

Hunter Armor

Shadows Mask Hunter Helmet
Shadow’s Mask

Hunter Helmet

Shadows Grips Hunter Grips
Shadow’s Grips

Hunter Gauntlets

Shadows Vest Hunter Chest Armor
Shadow’s Vest

Hunter Chest Armor

Shadows Strides Hunter Leg Armor
Shadow’s Strides

Hunter Leg Armor

Shadows Cloak Hunter Cloak
Shadows’s Cloak

Hunter Cloak

Titan Subclass

Titan Armor

Shadows Helm Titan Helmet
Shadow’s Helm

Titan Helmet

Shadows Gauntlets Titan Gauntlets
Shadow’s Gauntlets

Titan Gauntlets

Shadows Plate Titan Chest Armor
Shadow’s Plate

Titan Chest Armor

Shadows Greaves Titan Leg Armor
Shadow’s Greaves

Titan Leg Armor

Shadows Mark Titan Mark
Shadows’s Mark

Titan Mark

Hunter Subclass

Warlock Armor

Shadows Mind Warlock Helmet
Shadow’s Mind

Warlock Helmet

Shadows Gloves Warlock Gauntlets
Shadow’s Gloves

Warlock Gauntlets

Shadows Robes Warlock Chest Armor
Shadow’s Robes

Warlock Chest Armor

Shadows Boots Warlock Leg Armor
Shadow’s Boots

Warlock Leg Armor

Shadows Bond Warlock Bond
Shadows’s Bond

Warlock Bond

By completing the Crown of Sorrow raid you will unlock the Triumph “In the Shadow of the Kingdom of Sorrow” and get the Crown of Sorrow emblem.

Crown of Sorrow Emblem

If you are able to complete the Crown of Sorrow raid in the first 24 hours, you will receive the special “Heavy is the Crown” emblem.

Crow of Sorrow 24 Hour Emblem

Crow of Sorrow Rewards belt

Raid Belt.

Requirements for Crown of Sorrow

      • Must have the the Forsaken DLC and Annual Pass
      • Must have unlocked this raid
      • You have to be of 710+ Power Level

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