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Festival of the Lost Triumphs

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 Let Destiny Carries and LFG handle some of the harder parts of the Festival of the Lost coming Tuesday October 29th until November 19th. There is a long list of Triumphs that are being held over Guardians heads as objectives for this Festival. Aren’t Festivals supposed to be fun? I think it is only fair to send some experts to handle the job, ensuring all the requirements are met and the most prestige playthrough is exerted.

Festival of the Lost

Eversee Gear - Festival of the Lost

The Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost is a Halloween event that is held by the creators of Bungie. It starts on Tuesday October 29th and ends on November 19th.  This event requires players to be at least Power Level 770 unless you’re playing on a character that was created before the launch of Destiny 2: New Light. 

The quest that is found with Eva Levante in the Tower will get you to the event. You will know its active because of the Halloween decorations that are scattering the space of the Tower. 

This will give you access to the Haunted Forest, the Triumphs, and the Bounties. Each of these is filled with high expectations as far as effort. This Festival isn’t as easy as it seems, but there is some high rated gear that can be obtained, so don’t pass just because it’s a bit tedious. Destiny Carries and LFG are here to provide some of the best carries’ services to your account.

Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle - festival of the lost triumphs

Triumph Completion

You can hire one of our experts or even our team crew. We have players who are specialized in this format of the game. We will complete the Triumph’s for you and ensure your account receives all the boosting possible from the objectives. 

Ensure you are specifying what parts of this you want to be completed as thoroughly as possible. There is a lot of routes to go, and we want to ensure you are satisfied with our boosting services.

Acquire Destiny 2 festival of the lost masks. Acquire the festival of the lost mask Masquerader Helmet.

Some rewards to look forward to are the Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle. 

Masks - Festival of the Lost Triumphs

The Triumph objectives come in a long list, some harder than others. Destiny Carries and LFG will work through part of or all of this list if you allow our services. All the triumph ventures require the 770 Power Level standard. If you’re seeking to work through any of the milestones in a hasty manner, pass off some of the plates to the professionals.

Broom Sparrow - Festival of the Lost Triumphs

Here is a list of the expectations for the Festival of the Lost Triumphs. Each is explained after that the title of the objective.

  • Days of the Dead: Complete all Festival of the Lost 2019 Triumphs.
  • A Frightening Power: Acquire the exclusive Festival of the Lost 2019 weapon, Braytech Werewolf, either Masterworked or Random Rolled.
  • Strange Times: Collect Chocolate Strange Coins, anywhere you can.
  • Bountiful: Complete Festival of the Lost 2019 bounties (we can help with that).
  • A Brilliant Smile: Brush your teeth (or your mastication module).
  • Still Not Scared: Defeat Terrors in the Haunted Forest (must be at least Power Level 760).
  • Master of Disguise: Acquire all Festival of the Lost 2019 masks.
  • Sweet Tooth: Collect candy (there will be an actual amount released).
  • Sweet Surprise: Purchase Grab Bags from Eva Levante.

These are all going to require a bit of effort from both ends; us and you. Make sure your account is at the Power Level needed and work to collect loot throughout the experience of the Festival of the Lost. There will be times other than during the completion of these Triumphs in which you can obtain candy and Chocolate Strange Coins.

Festival of the Lost Mods

Higher Purpose

higher Purpose
  • Significant damage resistance while airborne.
  • Significantly increased damage to all enemies.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy ammo on kill.

Vampiric Touch

Vampiric Touch
  • Significantly increased damage to challenging enemies.
  • Precision kills trigger health regeneration.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy Ammo on kill.

Energetic Assassin

Energetic Touch
  • Precision kills grant grenade and melee energy.
  • Significantly increased damage to Terrors.
  • Increases the drop chance of Heavy Ammo on kill.

Wrapping Up

If you have decided to leave this to the professionals, then follow through with checkout. You are going to start by selecting the Recovery option. Recovery is the route in which we sign onto your account and begin working away at the tasks at hand.

Follow up with choosing your primary console; Xbox, PlayStation, PC, etc.. There is a lot this can affect at specific points in the game, so be sure you’re going with the system that is most used for the account we are working on. Wrap up with choosing the character type your Guardian classifies with. This specification is going to affect how we achieve certain rewards, and in what format they are being applied to your account. 

You are going to need to specify which objectives in the Triumph you want us to work for during the checkout process. There is a checkbox that will guide you to whichever option you are aiming for us to progress through. Thank you for doing business with us!

All Image Source dedicated to Bungie.

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Complete all Festival of the Lost 2019 Triumphs, A Frightening Power, Strange Times, Bountiful, A Brilliant Smile, Still Not Scared, Master of Disguise, Sweet Tooth, Sweet Surprise, Secret Triumph

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