Shadowkeep Nightmare Hunts

Published: October 15, 2019Shadowkeep Nightmare Hunt

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Shadowkeep Nightmare Hunts

Shadowkeep Nightmare Hunt if you are up for the scare, the Nightmare Hunts are flashes of the past with an eerie twist. In these spooky scenarios, you are hunting down enemies from Destiny 1 and previous sectors of Destiny 2.

As you play through the main storyline of the Shadowkeep campaign, you’ll come across these enemies and have to take them out in Adept. These opponents are lower in Power level, though, meaning they’re not as challenging as they could be.

Before diving into any Nightmare Hunt you will need a firing team, so round up your best crew of comrades and start practicing in the Adept challenges. Aside from those, after the 8th of October,

Destiny Shadowkeep will have opened up the playthroughs with both Hero and Legendary difficulty modes.

Shadowkeep Nightmare Hunt Hero and Legendary

If you complete the campaign for Shadowkeep, you will have more expecting Nightmare Hunts appear throughout the Moon map. These will be activities you can play through at Hero and Legendary level difficulty. If completed, you will be rewarded Powerful gear- so long you’re about at Power level 900 to qualify for receiving it.

The Adept is recommended to be played at Power level 850, Hero 920, and the Legendary difficulty at 950. Choose wisely, don’t think just because you’re on a success streak you stand a chance. These difficulty increases are meant to be guides as they are that much more of a challenge.

Realistically you are going to be playing through Adept Nightmare Hunts for a little while before reaching the Power level you need to hammer through the other difficulties.

Hero and Legendary are going to reward you the most, so practice makes perfect in the Adept playthroughs. Build your battle skills up for the enemies that await in the Hero and Legendary modes.

Tips to Leveling Up

If you are trying to boost your Power level so you can move forward with this new expansion underway, I have a few useful tips for you. Start by turning in your Tokens. The longer you’ve been running through Destiny 2, the more you likely have stored up. If you rank up the vendors, you’ll begin receiving rewards that increase your Power Level. This method may not work for everyone the same, though, so I have a few other suggestions.

Try completing more activities and work for it more fairly. Doing so is also going to better your gaming skill, making you more strategic and further excelled than before. Boosting your overall ability is what’s going to help you stand a chance against the powerful bosses from the Hero and Legendary Nightmare Hunts. Only playing through the Shadowkeep campaign itself will bring you be at about 850+, putting you near the soft cap, which is 900.

Once you reach 900, you’ll have access to new Challenges that can be located in areas around the solar system. These are going to help level you up from the soft cap, making you closer to being adequate for the Hero and Legendary Nightmare Hunts. If you have Seasonal Artifacts, then your power is already boosted. Try collecting more of these for additional increases. Remember that they don’t affect your Light level, though.

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For the first character, it can take some time to build up to level 900+, between boosting your gear and power grinding on the field. If you are trying to increase another, second or third, character, the task is a little more challenging. You can start by transferring all the higher leveled weapons and armor from your inventory or even your previous character. This will put you to a good start, averaging about 850 if you’re caught up in gameplay. Either way, though, you will need to do some thrashing through challenges and boosting activities to get additional characters to where you want them to be. Try to find any artifacts that you feel fit this character as well, as they offer slight increases — moderate which characters you apply tokens too as well.

Shadowkeep Nightmare Hunt Modifiers and Drops

The Nightmare Hunts feature modifiers that make the battles slightly less of a hassle. Find these components and attach them to your character for the useful incentives they hold. As you move up in difficulty, the amount you can carry with modifiers will have been increased, so make sure you’re taking advantage of this bonus in these hunts.

The Powerful drops are not all going to be worth the same, so be thoughtful as to which Hunts you are playing and what you’re expecting. Some hold Tier 1 or even Tier 2 pieces.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Shadowkeep Nightmare Hunt Phantasmal Fragments

Nightmare enemies drop phantasmal Fragments and Phantasmal Particles upon being defeated during the Hunts. You can also get these pieces from other parts of the game, such as during Strikes. You can exchange your Phantasmal fragments and particles for Phantasmal Cores, located at the Lectern of Enchantment. This is unlocked if you have completed- at least- the first few quests in the Shadowkeep campaign.

The Phantasmal Cores are used to acquire Essence Bounties. If you complete enough of the bounties, then the reward of it all will occur- the Dreambane Armor set. This is a collective piece in the game, so make sure to gather as much as you can from the Nightmare Hunts. These hunts will reward you with a ton of these fragments and particles, don’t pass them up.

Shadowkeep Nightmare Hunt Weekly Resets

The Nightmare Hunts have weekly resets, letting you try at the courses a few times thru. Take advantage of these and boost your inventory up with the varieties of drops. You can receive unique mods, weapons, and armor pieces from these activities- all the content a collect could want.

If you are feeling a bit dragged down by these expectations, check out what we offer in our boost categories. Destiny Carries LFG may be able to help level you up for these higher difficulty Nightmare Hunts.

Shadowkeep Exciting Facts

Don’t Waste Any More Time

Jump into action with the Nightmare Hunts, found on the latest release of Destiny 2, Season of the Undying- the Shadowkeep expansion. If you are into the creepy theme of this new season, you are going to love these activities. Chase down enemies from the past who have received intimidating power increases.

These previous opponents are nothing to toy with, though, make sure you bring your best players with you as with most things this season; there are high demands. You will want to be on guard, as these hunts will test your strategies in and out. Check out what all the hype is about and play one of the hunts for yourself.