Shadowkeep: Dungeon Pit of Heresy Walkthrough

Published: November 7, 2019Shadowkeep: Dungeon Pit of Heresy Walkthrough

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Shadowkeep: Dungeon Pit of Heresy Walkthrough

Pit of Heresy: The Newest Dungeon

Shadowkeep: Dungeon Pit Of Heresy Walkthrough. This new dungeon available with the Shadowkeep content is something to get a full handle on. It is packed with traps and scary encounters that make Eris Morn shiver. This is an exciting component to the Destiny’s most recent release, Shadowkeep. You can expect to go against Zulmak along with a few other dangerous foes.

To unlock this quest, you must first complete a short pre-quest. This is also required for the Xenophage weapon quest. Make sure your account is up to date with the demands of this new content, and work with our carries if you need any assistance.

Phoenix Cradle Titan Legs Image

So It Begins

To start the Pit of Heresy, you are going to interact with the crystal and drop into the entry. This is how you will reach the inside of the Scarlet Keep. It expands into a space that has several Hive rune engravings that are glowing.

This encounter is about breaking down the locks so that you can get into the next area. There is going to be a more massive rune and a chamber. You will face mobs of enemies; take them out as quickly as you can and move on with the process.

There are three chambers, each with their boss. A Knight, Wizard, and a Shrieker. Make sure you have the Hive sword that was dropped by the knight as it’s the only way to take out these foes. It’s important to know that each enemy only takes certain kinds of damage from specific attacks.

  • The Knight, Light attacks with the sword.
  • The Wizard, Heavy attacks with the sword.
  • The Shrieker, Melee, and reflect its projectiles.

Each time that a boss dies, you are breaking part of the locking mechanism. You will proceed to the fourth chamber once you have completed all three. It will beam a green light, signifying the correct chamber. Once you’ve cleared the mobs, you will get the chest and complete the first step of the dungeon, the Necropolis Encounter.

If you’re aiming for the Xenophage Exotic quest, then you are going to want to collect the Fragment inside one of the rooms at the upper left-hand corner of the space. Once you drop down to the correct pathway, you are going to break through to the other side and experience the encounter against some ogres.

Shadowkeep: Dungeon Pit of Heresy Walkthrough

Now up against the Ogres, you are probably ready for some intense action. This is a battle to avoid the Ogres as they will melt you within seconds.

The only way to make it through this challenge is to slide through a small opening inside tattered part of the walls. Inside these smaller rooms that are found, though, there are other enemies such as thralls and acolytes.

You are also up against the Heretical Knights that can be a bit daunting. There are four of the smaller chambers, four knights to watch out for, and four orbs to collect and dunk in. Once all four orbs are dunked, then the forcefield will dissipate.

The Ogres will also disappear once this is completed. You can move to the next chamber, the Chamber of Suffering, once this is finished.

Don’t miss the secret chest just after the Ogres encounter. There will be a small opening that will lead you to a winding cave before the next area. This is a room in which a secret chest is placed in, containing Fragments or Nightmare Essence quests.

Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun

One Step Away From The Xenophage

Don’t miss the Xenophage Fragment, though! This part of the exotic quest will task you to find the path through the Pariah Ogres. It is essential not to open the doorway using the orbs from the heretical knights. This will prevent you from being able to redo this part of the dungeon.

There should be a cliffside path that is obtainable from the left. Take this pathway until reaching the Hive plate with runes. Interact with this component, and three platforms will appear. Pick up the flame at the end and exit the cavern. Ensure you light the alters by the doorway.

Once you do this, you have completed this portion of the Xenophage quest step. All that is left for this quest is to fight the wizard boss Volmar the Tempted. You are going to be put to the test for this weapon, but it is well worth it.

The Chamber of Suffering

This is the third encounter through this dungeon. It is of the simpler ones in this task. To start, you will notice several acolytes together at the totem. To get the ball moving, you are going to need to begin firing at them. You are going to need to deploy a teammate to handle the totem’s area.

Most likely, this will be a Titan player who has a shield of a sort. This tactic will keep the team from running out of time. Little do most know, there is a hidden timer located within the totems’ coverage. Stay near the center focused area to prevent the totem from glowing red, signaling a wipe.

As long as the encounter is in play, there will be a curse applied to players. This debuffs, and slowly increases to 10, creating a wipe. This is not all your going against with this dungeon. Realistically you are also defending the totem from the waves of cursed thralls, regular thralls, and acolytes that want to get their hands on it.

Prepare for heretical knights, as they will be the enemies dropping the orbs you’re grabbing. You are going to dunk them in the vat next to the totem, taking out the knights along the way.

With this activity, the idea is to drop six orbs total. Completing this encounter will clear the debuff curse as well- not remove it, start it over. Once you are done with the Chamber of Suffering, drop down, and avoid the “Meat Grinder.” This is the location in which you will find another secret chest! This will include a Nightmare Essence quest more than likely.

Shadowkeep: Dungeon Pit of Heresy Walkthrough. The Harrows

After this dungeon, you will be left in the Harrows, which is a transitional area. Be careful, remain alert; this is a tedious part of the mission to cover.

There are a ton of traps and gimmicks in the Harrows, stay on your toes. There are pendulum morning stars, deadly falls, mobs to make way for, and even the classic dangerous rolling logs.

Take out the mobs and wizard enemies while working your way through the path. Once all the enemies are taken care of, you will be allotted to pass through this area.

This is where you go to meet with the Pit of Heresy boss — combating with the dreadful Zulmak in the Instrument of Torment.

Dungeon Pit of Heresy Walkthrough

Zulmak and the Instrument of Torment

This is a final boss that has a lot going on. He is not easy to get past even the slightest. You truly are going to rely on all the skills adapted thus far in the game to complete this final hurdle to the dungeon. The only way to damage this opponent is by eliminating his Immunity. This can be done by dunking the orbs in the receptacles or the large crystal, located in the middle of the room.

To get to these spots, you required to kill the sword knights and retrieve their relics. There are minibosses located in three rooms off of the side area of which you’re battling Zulmak in. There is a Knight, Wizard, and Shrieker just like the first encounter in the dungeon. Retrieve the minibosses orbs and take these to the receptacles that surround Zulmak. Once they have all been dunked, the DPS phase can begin.

DPS Phase

The DPS phase is a challenging sector of the activity. There are mobs spawned everywhere, putting your Guardian to the real test of tactics. The trick is to the stand in the middle area near the crystal to receive the buff; this is going to allow damage done to the main boss, Zulmak.

You have 30 seconds give or take to damage him, so get a rapid-firing weapon for this part of the challenge.

You will be notified when dark energy is surrounding the crystal, letting you know that a massive explosion is to come from the middle area- don’t get caught in it or you’ll wind up injured.

Once you are finished with the DPS phase, then complete the previous parts of the third encounter again and again until Zulmak is dead. When you complete this boss, you will receive the awaited pinnacle gear.

There is even a chance of fully Masterworked weapons as well, so in the end, the hard work can pan out to be worth it in the end. The stats that are attached to these drops will leave you nothing short of relieved.

Closing Comments

A lot is going on in Shadowkeep right now. I hope this walkthrough has helped you gather an understanding of what to expect from the Pit of Heresy, or give you a good enough reason to work with our carries service to get it done by the professionals.