Shadowkeep Cinematic Reveal Destiny 2

Published: September 1, 2019Shadowkeep Cinematic Reveal Destiny 2

Shadowkeep Cinematic Reveal

Shadowkeep Cinematic Reveal Destiny 2. Releasing at the 2019 Gamescom Opening Night Live, the cinematic reveal of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep has finally reached reality. It is said to highlight the Vex, who are new to my knowledge. The Vex is a hoard of time traveling robots with a synchronized mindset hyper focused on preparing for a new war. They are preparing for an intrusive attack, ready to protect the Black Garden.

This reveal lets us peak at where the Vex come from- I love origin stories! It was notable that part of their MO is to build war forces against, you guessed it, the Guardians. This cinematic touches on both the release of Shadowkeep and New Light. More forwardly, the changes in Destiny 2 that are just weeks away.

Narrated by Ikora Rey, a character from Destiny 2, this trailer can leave you certain of a few pointers. First off being the background on the Vex, then the whole mess of Hive action, moon missions, and finally the next raid. The Garden of Salvation that is, to take place in the Black Garden. This is expected in the upcoming expansion, which correlates with season 8.

It’s What Nightmares Are Made Of

The first released trailer for Shadowkeep is really just a bunch of scary themed close-ups, but I’m not complaining. Some of it really caught my attention, was neatly put together and well-choreographed for the eerie feel that was being sought out. I was impressed with the clash of drama meets mayhem. I had so many questions afterwards though, I won’t lie. Some concepts that were presented were the layouts expected to come- Earth’s Moon and the Crevasses found on the surface of it. You can assume the Hive has come from the Crevasse and Eris Morn messing around on the moon, but there’s still so much story line unanswered.

There is definite tone to this gameplay that leaves a chill. In fact, it has been discussed outside of the trailer that Shadowkeep is filled with these things called “nightmares”. In the trailer there are a few peaks at these, but it’s been a bit hazy since then. We know now though that it will be foes such as Crota and Ghaul that players have done over came that will be to fear. In the new release they will reappear as nightmares, intertwining into the concept of Eris Morn’s suppressed traumas, creating a whole field of challenge that hasn’t been toyed with thus far in Destiny 2. I cross my fingers this will grab the attention of bored and new player alike.

Creative Director Steve Cotton discusses how they are tapping into players paranoia over the “undertone of threatening psychological horror” behind the idea of the mon, using it as a way to create fear and reactive elements from the players. If Guardians are in rivalry of the unknown to the moon, then there will be a shift of the aura to the game, allowing something exciting to spark interest for viewers and potential players. This is reeks with the hopes to grab new players by their hair and drag them into our direction of gaming because Bungie could use the morale boost with growing numbers right now, and after getting so stoked in this trailer, I think it’s going to work out. Shadowkeep Cinematic Reveal is one awesome reveal.

Shadowkeep Cinematic Reveal Destiny 2

Shadowkeep Cinematic Reveal Other Releases

There has been talk of the reveals in line for all this new content. On the trek to Shadowkeep’s release date there has been not only the recent Cinematic peek, but also a live stream hosted by Bungie. The developer gave insight to the new Armor 2.0 that is reaching players through Shadowkeep this October. He went over how the armor works, what it can do for the players in the numerous aspects it affects game play. Year 3 is upon us! If you haven’t yet, I would definitely recommend checking the live stream out to see what is to come.

Gamescom will be a great place to be looking for more reveals, as it is the highlight for a lot of Destiny and Destiny 2 fans. The trailer was released at so and can be found online for a much closer quarter viewing. I believe some of the next big reveals to come will be more focused on the season changings in Destiny 2. This is going to affect the pricing scale but also the gameplay. For me, it’s exciting because if as expected, it will allow more options in terms of updates and add-ons. There is also some noise about an unannounced mode coming to the new expansion Shadowkeep, but its still unknown.

Sandbox changes are following these content updates. We can expect from Shadowkeep new gameplay and system workings, which was all understood after the release of Luke Smith’s three-part written commentary. Luke is the franchise director of Destiny and has had some big things to talk about regarding this new release. He discusses things like what to expect from Prime Engrams, the power scale changes, and the reworking to the PvP and matchmaking in the new content.

One of my favorite spiels was about the new Seasonal Artifacts. These will impact gameplay, especially as players begin their collection. They can also play a part in level progression, but its vague even in the previewing’s thus far. New pinnacle power sources are also on the horizon, and I for one am looking forward to that.

Bungie on Their Own

This is Bungies first Destiny 2 expansion since entering the field as their own keeper of direction. The separation from Activision has really allowed Bungie to stabilize their company but this also leaves a lot of responsibility on them as they are the sole creditor to the game and provider for the fans. This expansion puts a lot of weight on their shoulders to show what they can provide for the upcoming changes in the game. If Shadowkeep is a success, then Bungie will have the chance to not only impress current players but also attract new ones. This could even bring back previous players as they look forward to a change in dynamic, or better kept promises even.

I can say that in the past, under Activision, I was left disappointed by numerous expansions unmet promises, but not entirely from as a whole. There are expectations from the Destiny 2 players in terms of challenging content and with the collection of pieces to this series, sometimes originality can be difficult. With the wheel in Bungies hand now, I feel a high amount of optimism with desires being met. Destiny Shadowkeep Cinematic Reveal has bee anticipated by many Destiny players.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Finisher

Purchasing Shadowkeep

After getting all pumped from the Shadowkeep Cinematic Reveal trailer I started to wonder what the price commitment was for this new and improved expansion. Everything I found induced the basis price of $35 on all platforms. The Digital Deluxe Edition is looking more expensive; $60. This comes with four seasons of pass credits though, giving players access for four seasons of content. If you’re seeking a simple annual pass again, this would be the route to go. Some exciting content to expect from these passes could be the Ghost Shell and emblem or even a themed Eris-Morn emote. You will find the game available on PS4, Xbox, and Steam starting November 1 it will be available on Stadia.

Another option is the Collector’s Edition, which come with the Digital Deluxe, an exclusive emblem, and some other goodies. The Hive Cryptoglyph is mesmerizing, and really brings the game to life having it around as memorabilia from all those raids to come. A 40-page Luna Mission handbook will come in handy for the missions expected in this new layout. I am personally looking forward to this editions loot with this piece specifically in mind.

A 160-page journal that has story content connected to Eris Morn is included with the Collector’s Edition. I find that this piece of merchandise is a great article to have in hand when experiencing the Shadowkeep expansion. Eris Morn is a HUGE part of this action-packed story in motion, and to get some back story on it all really helps build the event into what it’s meant to be, for those die-hard Guardians.

Pre-orders the way to go though, I tell you what. Maybe if not enticed by what was usually entailed with a preorder before, this expansion really sets you up. If you pre-order any of the packages you will also receive a Two-Tailed Fox Exotic Rocket Launcher and even a Hive-themed Exotic Ornament. On top of all this bonus material, there is also the extra game content beyond the basics that will open up to preordered players. The Curse of Osiris and Warmind DLC’s will be available for preordered players at no cost come October 1st.

It should be noted that with the free Destiny 2 game, New Light, these contents are available either way at no cost. It’s of question to some players if they really want to or need to invest in the game outside of Steam. If you are an avid Steam player and find interest in Destiny 2 but don’t plan to invest into the excitement of the add-ons, whether because your commitment financially is elsewhere or you’re not content with what you’ve seen so far to jump in to it all, maybe the best route is New Light. For oncoming players and maybe say-ers, this offers the chance to truly sample what all Destiny 2 and even Destiny 1 has to offer.

Now What?

Now that the trailer has been released and everyone is in awe of the new features and characters, we can wait patiently for anything new in terms of discussions or conferences to be posted between now and October 1st. There will probably be a few more releases here and there to help keep the expansion in the minds of players and gamers in general. We, as the Destiny 2 fanbase, WANT more Guardians in the realm. There is a lot of new content with the potential to create a whole new dynamic in the entirety of Destiny 2. I am looking forward to Shadowkeep and plan to re-watch the trailer a few more times to help build a scape in my mind for what is to come. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, click here and check it out!