Why You Should Invest in Destiny 2: Season of the Undying Carries

Published: November 29, 2019season of the undying

Season of the Undying Carries

17 million people play Destiny 2, with each season seeing an uptick in the number of guardians in the game. The game added to the already expansive universe of the first title in the series and new features improved the playing experience. This season’s latest offering, Season of the Undying, ups the ante and pushes players in new ways that they haven’t experienced before.

Destiny 2: Season of the Undying is not for the faint of heart. Guardians must defend the moon against the Vex offensive, stopping them from adding the Moon to their lists of outposts.

For players, this campaign provides a chance to collect new badges, weapons, armor, and higher power ratings. To get these rewards, however, your guardian must go through a hellish experience that only the strong will survive.

Events like this favor profession Destiny 2 Boosting Services that can dedicate the time and energy to mastering every aspect of the game. Casual gamers, or those that haven’t mastered Destiny, will have a hard time finding the best rewards and earning the final assault triumph.

Let’s look at what you can earn during this event and how Destiny carries can help you.

Amazing Gear You Can Earn

One of the main reasons that players flock to special events in Destiny is that they want to collect special equipment. This season, Bungie has brought out the big guns, both literally and metaphorically.

These guns give you more than bragging rights, though. Destiny 2 encourages the collection of the best gear, as you can then use these weapons in later seasons to earn even better equipment. It’s a cycle that you must master if you want to be the best guardian and move up leaderboards.

What is our favorite equipment from Season of the Undying?

Deathbringer (Weapon)

The name of this weapon tells you everything you need to know.

The deathbringer is a weapon capable of delivering massive damage and taking waves of enemies out. The weapon’s premise is simple and effective. It launches a rocket towards a camp that contains other smaller rockets inside of it. The ensuing explosion creates a wave of damage over a large area that can turn the tide of any battle.

As with all good things in Destiny, the weapon isn’t easy to get. The first step is to clear the main quest in Shadowkeep, which isn’t too difficult or time-consuming. Then, you’ll receive a quest from Eris in which you clear three Moon lost sectors. This allows you to get the weekly Lunar spelunker bounty, get a firewall data fragment and open the system core vault in the Revelation Lost Sector.

The data fragment decrypts the core. You’ll also need to kill nightmares with your Arc abilities, which you can do at Sorrow’s Harbor. You’ll go back to Eris once you’ve killed enough Nightmares and get the Symphony of Death Exotic quest.

This exotic quest has a power level of 860 and involves killing difficult enemies and completing three objectives. After completing these objectives, you still have a 920 power level quest awaiting you that involves running around catacombs killing wizards with a one-minute timer (if the timer runs out, you die). There are a lot of steps involved to get the weapon, as you can see. The quest can easily take hours to complete, assuming that you have the skills necessary, but the result is worth the trouble.

Leviathans Breath one of the most popular of weapons and armors in Shadowkeep

Leviathan’s Breath (Weapon)

This weapon might be our favorite of the equipment you can earn during the Season of the Undying because of its amazing accuracy and nostalgia. If you like bows and arrows, this is the weapon for you.

The weapon works amazingly well against Unstoppable enemies because it can make an entire area explode in a fury of damage. The bow can only hold 10 arrows, but each bolt causes immense damage and can clear out enemies quickly.

To get this weapon, you first have to find Banshee in the tower to start the ‘Make Bows, not War’ challenge. You’ll need to complete a code to activate his workshop repair case. There are a few different ways to do this, but the quickest is to run through two 950 power nightfall strikes.

Afterward, you need to kill 100 vex or cabal enemies with bow headshots. Once you accomplish this, you’ll need to load up a customer version of the Arms Dealer Strike and deal with targeting missiles during the boss fight. You’ll dunk orbs to get rid of the shield and stun the boss, at which point you can attack.

Getting this weapon can take a decent amount of time, so the average gamer will need to plan on spending half a day to finish everything.

Erianas Vow Weapon Image

Eriana’s Vow (Weapon)

We can’t overstate how powerful this weapon is. The 100 power and range, along with 100 recoil direction and 80 aim assist, make this weapon perfect for taking out powerful shielded enemies. The weapon lists as a hand cannon, but it’s more like a sniper rifle that delivers extra damage on the first shot.

A weapon this powerful isn’t going to be easy to unlock. You have to complete strikes, gambits, and crucible matches, with each completion giving you 1%. It’s a long process that most people aren’t going to finish because they either lack the time or patience.

This weapon is the perfect example of why players need carries. Instead of spending a minimum of 8 hours to get the weapon, they can order a carry, go about their day, and return home with an awesome weapon that will give them a powerful advantage. Your friends never have to know that you didn’t grind away to get the weapon.

Phoenix Cradle Titan Legs Image

Phoenix Cradle Titan Legs (Armor)

Dealing out massive amounts of damage is great, but you can’t use your weapons if your guardian dies. The phoenix cradle titan legs will keep your guardian alive and ready to destroy anyone who gets in your way.

This armor comes with the Beacons of Empowerment perk, which allows the Sun Warrior buff to last twice as long. If allies pass through your sunspots, they also get the Sun Warrior perk.

This armor is a rare world drop. You can find it off of any enemy or inside of any chest, but the chances of it generating are slim. You’ll have to commit to some serious time grinding if you want to find this armor.

Undying Triumph Seal Internal Image

Undying Title

The undying title in Destiny 2 is one of the most prestigious titles a gamer can have. As prestigious as it is, it’s also hard to get. You have to complete the 14 undying triumphs and have the Season of the Undying badge.

This season’s badge might be the toughest one yet based on the amount of time it will take to get it. Lower level players have almost no chance of getting this badge without carries, which is unfortunate, as badges are one of the most recognized signs of a player’s dedication to the game and skill level.

The Value Of Carries

Destiny 2 is a game that requires a lot of time and patience. You need more than skill alone to become a top-level player. Equipment plays a vital role.

The problem is that finding the best equipment for your guardian takes more time than most players have.

Equipment often requires grinding through missions and waiting to get rare drops. Even if you get lucky, new equipment releases mean that your character could have the best weapon on the battlefield one day only to be out-gunned a week later. It’s a vicious cycle that only the top players can maintain.

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