Season of the Drifter

Published: March 2, 2019Season of the Drifter

Destiny 2 Newest DLC Begins March 5, 2019

Season of the Drifter Begins Tuesday. It appears that the term “Joker’s Wild” has been removed from the promotion of the latest DLC launched by Bungie. Maybe it is just easier to call it Season of the drifter rather than Joker’s Wild. I am not sure if we will ever know. 

Players with the game’s Annual Pass will be able to experience the two new Gambit Styles called: Gambit Prime and the Reckoning.

Two new activities that will be added in this latest expansion is Gambit Prime and The Reckoning.

Gambit Prime and The Reckoning

Gambit Prime is a new class-based version of Gambit with its own unique rewards. Adding to the fun is The Reckoning, it is a match made activity that puts players against enemies inside The Plains of the Nine.

Season of the Drifter

The Guardians will obtain class-based items through Gambit Prime and bounties from the Drifter himself. These items will be used in the Reckoning, a matchmade event space like the Court of Oryx or Blind Well. These Items will grant buffs for a particular run.

Gambit is also getting new maps. The first is New Arcadia on Mars which launches with Gambit Prime. The second is Deep Six on Titan which comes on March 12, with Legion’s Folly on Nessus following on March 19. The final map, Emerald Coast on Earth, comes on March 26.

Season of the Drifter Gambit Prime

Gambit Prime is the new PvPvE mode coming to Destiny 2. Described as a high risk, high reward mode, you can assume one of four roles and build a new armor set that has its own unique perks.

  • Invader – Lethal assassin: hunt your opponents and steal their motes.
  • Sentry – Impassable wall: counter Invaders and protect your bank.
  • Reaper – Scythe of destruction: clear waves and slay larger enemies.
  • Collector – Commander of the dark: gather all the motes and send blockers.

Teamwork is the key in Gambit Prime, the new play style will allow you to send a full team of Invaders through the portal if you wish. Each match will last one round and Prime is set to grow over time.

You can drain motes from the enemy side and there will be more of a team-focused approach to taking down Primevals.

You’ll also be able to host your own private Gambit matches in Season of the Drifter. You can jump in with a fireteam or solo to have a look at the maps or create your own tournament. From April 2 you’ll also be able to host your own Gambit Prime matches.

Season of the Drifter The Reckoning

When a team is able to complete The Reckoning, they will earn new armor pieces based on the buff they have active. Those new armor pieces will go back to Gambit Prime and offer bonuses for a specific playstyle, helping create a loop that rotates players through the new content.

These loot pieces will create a more complicated Gambit experience, according to Bungie.  Guardians will choose armor sets of four different Gambit Roles. Sentry, Collector, Invader, and Reaper. Depending on the armory you use they will have special Gambit Prime bonuses. Helping players compete in Prime and of course, they can be upgraded over time in different tiers of the Reckoning.

Players who have not made to the prior season cap will be able to pick up bounties when The Season of the Drifter goes live. This will help these players get to the 640 power level fast. You will only get blue armor but it can be infused them into any of the legendary and exotic armor they have.

Two new maps in Season of the Drifter. New Arcadia on Mars and Deep Six on Titan. The new maps will be released over the course of the new Season of the Drifter.

Thorn Returns in Season of the Drifter

Yes, you heard it right the Destiny 1 Exotic Hand Cannon Called the Thorn will return the second week of the Season of the Drifter. It remains to be seen if the Destiny 2 version of the Thorn will be as good as its predecessor.

Season of the Drifter pinnacle weapons