Season of Dawn What to Expect

Published: November 21, 2019Season of Dawn

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Season of Dawn What to Expect

Season of Dawn is the ninth Season of Destiny 2, releasing after the Season of the Undying. It will be available to Guardians everywhere December 10th, so get your boots on. The action is awaiting, with new Triumphs, improvements to Armor 2.0 and the Artifacts that are affiliated with it, alongside the new seasonal artifacts.

Expect rewards and challenges from this new season, focused around the change in gameplay with the Vex migrating to the Mercury. There will be another version of Rune Table, so stay in sync with the experience as the releasing of this season unfolds. There will be a shortage of new material with Season of Dawn, as Destiny 2 has its focus elsewhere. What we can count on- in terms of new featuring items- is the new broad category mods that are on the horizon.

Mod stacking will be less limited with this new season. Expect to be able to suit up your Guardian exactly how you imagined doing so in the Season of the Undying. There is expected to be more mod artifacts, which would give us more opportunity to customize our characters. Ideally, with this new season, we will be able to mod out Exotics as well, leaving players with ultimate control over their Guardian. I know, I know, this is exciting to hear. There are still some unanswered questions about this new season, though. Certain information is being withheld for the sake of purity to the moment of release. What don’t we know so far about this new season? 

What We Don’t Know

We are in the dark about the elemental affinity change. This is something that is still up in the air, so stay posted to see how this ends up. I believe there will be a discussion from Bungie before the actual season is upon us. Will we be able to reroll elemental affinity Masterworked gear? Another great question for this new season- also unknown. Don’t let these mysteries leave you in distress about what is to come, though! Some things are worth waiting for.

Dawning Vs. Dawn

Dawning and the Season of the Dawn have parallel names, so the connection between the two is evident. The Dawning is an event that runs from December 10th until sometime during the beginning of January. This year that may not be the case with this new season under weigh. We have to account for the fact that Destiny 2 is doing a lot of things differently with their latest release, ever since Shadowkeep. Year 3 seasons will snowball from the recent expansion, as has been discussed by Bungie directly.

 The Dawning is a holiday event in Destiny 2 that is focused around giving and sharing with other players. Season of the Dawn will not be centered around this temporary event but will be associating some content with its entail. The Dawning intends to gift players with a sort of reward-related Christmas during the holiday season. There is only speculation as to how Bungie plans to combine the idea of the Dawning with the elongation of a season, so it is one of those wait and see sort of things.

We can be optimistic and hope that the seasonal gear is going to be something that can be worn throughout thereafter the actual Dawning event. This could correlate with a winter theme even so, which would be a lot of fun to experience during gameplay.

What Does Time Travel Have To Do With Anything?

It is briefly hinted at the previewing provided by Bungie of the new Season that time travel is going to be a concept taking place in the storyline. This would only make sense with the Vex being time-traveling robots, creating simulations for the sake of ruling the solar system. We can expect these shifts to fall into the cycle that Bungie is trying to develop for the storyline, so it’s something to look forward to.

 One of the most significant signals for the time travel theme is the “curse” that affects the Dreaming City, which is part of the endgame for this location, taking place back in the Forsaken expansion. This challenge is when the time loop repeats three specific weeks over almost a year, letting players take swings at its loot and lavishing’s upon completing the activities connected to it. With this new season, we are going to be returning to the past to prevent it from ever happening since we can’t seem to overcome the “curse.” This sounds like a full proof plan, but we’ll see how it pans out. 

There were hints at this plan in the Vidoc, bringing to knowledge the visiting of Rasputin that’s to take place in the Season of Dawn. This is also just as entangled with the Infinite Forest being a primary focus for the Vex in Season 9. These relatable factors let us know pretty clearly what direction is being taken with this new release. It is quite exciting if you ask me, being a total physics geek. I’m looking forward to seeing how these Forsaken pieces wrap up with these actions in play.

Phoenix Cradle Titan Legs Image

Wrap up Season of the Undying

Make sure you’re realizing that the weekly reset on December 10th means that there is a cutoff date, as of now, for Seasonal tasks related to the 8th season that we are currently in. This means that you need to wrap up things like Challenges, Triumphs, and other activities that are selective to specifically Season eight.

Balancing Gear

There is two primary pieces of gear are getting changes; the Recluse SMG and Titan’s One-Eyed Mask Helmet. The Recluse body shots are going to create damage buffs, and even then, will also count as critical shots. This is going to make this Legendary SMG desirable to most players. The Master of Arms perk will no longer create critical damage because of this update. You will instead receive damage bonuses for the Master of Arms.

With the One-Eyed Mask, this update is going to remove the over shield that is received after defeating a PvP enemy that had just done damage to you. This is to help create balance as the One-Eyed Mask is an essential tool in PvP right now. I don’t blame them and rest just as guilty, as the overshield is very useful and almost guaranteed. With the Vengeance perk, you will still regenerate your health after defeating these enemies, just without the overshield. 

Xenophage is also receiving a buff with this new season. The weapon will deal 50% more damage to enemies in PvE. There is also a boosting of PvP abilities to increase the ammo resupplied from heavier crates. These are just of the few so far discussed by Bungie. There will be more released about the updates with this season, trying to work out the kinks from Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep release, the season of the Undying coming first and paving the way. With this expansion now comes the second round of improvements; look forward to what is around the corner with this update. 

Trials of Osiris

A little over a year ago, Bungie took away the Trials of the Nine, which was based on the original concept, Trials of Osiris. This was the more favored version of this activity, and there has been word through the grapevine that there will be a bring back with this new season. Season of Dawn potentially will have this experience as it has shown that the mode is Osiris. Just a clue but still leaves an impression.

There has been quite a change to this mode since the beginning. The game has gone back to creating dual primaries selective versus mandatory. 3v3 is standard when choosing competitive play, so that alone is another tell-tale.

There seems to be a bit of mockery around the Osiris character for Destiny 2, as he is a part of the least favored DLC, Curse of Osiris. If Osiris is getting a second chance, then that means they may replay the trials for the sake of redemption. 

Coming to an End

As we reach the final points of the Season of the Undying, we meet many enemies at a harder rate. As we conclude this season, we are relinquishing the Vex through the portal in the Tower, taking out the Undying Mind in a way that he will not be coming back from.

This new season is stockpiled with an assortment of unique gear and gadgets. This is alongside the correlation to the seasonal shifts in some way or another. It is enticing to imagine an entire season focused around what the Dawning gives to players, and it would make sense for Bungie to want to provide that to their fan base at this point; but let’s not get our hopes up, it’s only a possibility.