What Does the Prophecy Dungeon in Season of Arrivals Offer?

Published: June 20, 2020What Does the Prophecy Dungeon in Season of Arrivals Offer?

With over 1,000,000 people watching, Bungie shocked the world with the reveal of not just the Season of Arrivals but the next 3 expansions as well. Since the release of the Season of Arrivals for Destiny 2, players have been exploring the new Prophecy dungeon as well as some of the loot it offers.

While there were massive new plans announced for the next era of Destiny, all of the focus from the community has been on the new season, the Season of Arrivals. With the announcement of the new season, Bungie showed us all of the new activities that Guardians will be participating in for the next three months, one of which is the new dungeon titled The Prophecy.

Read on to learn more about the Prophecy dungeon in Season of Arrivals and the loot it offers.

Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals

Season of Arrivals is the 11th season for Destiny 2. The season offers new content throughout the solar system, including new exotic weapons, public events, and even a new dungeon. The most dynamic aspect of the new season is how the reward system has been updated in Season of Arrivals to give Guardians for control over the rewards they receive.

Umbral Engrams and the new Umbral Engram focus system allows players to have more control over the rewards they can receive. Umbral Engrams are a new type of Engrams that can drop from completing almost any activity throughout Destiny 2. Unlike normal Engrams of Prime Engrams, Umbral Engrams need to be decoded by the Drifter’s new device, The Umbral Engram Decoder.

Using the new Umbral Engram focusing system, you can specify what type of reward you will get from each Umbral Engram you receive. As you progress through Season of Arrivals, you will be able to level up your Umbral Engram focuser to get very specific with rewards. These include new weapons, upgraded old armor, and even armor with specific stats like mobility or resistance.

Prophecy Dungeon Guide

The Story of Season of Arrivals

This is the final season of Year 3 of Destiny 2, and the Guardians are finally facing the ever-looming threat of the Darkness that has been hanging over their heads since the release of the original Destiny all the way back in 2014. Io has been the first part of our solar system that has made contact with the Pyramid Ships, which are controlled by the Darkness. This season focuses on Eris Morn, The Drifter, and Guardians as they attempt to decipher what messages the Darkness is sending to us.
As Guardians prepare for the new expansion Beyond Light, it has become clear that the Darkness has a much stronger influence on the Solar System than previously thought. The large tree that now grows in The Cradle houses a new Seasonal Artifact known as the Seed of Silver Wings that allows us to use Engrams that originate from The Darkness itself.
As the season progresses, Guardians will be upgrading this artifact, revealing the secrets of the Darkness and bringing Guardians closer to the thin line between light and dark.
There will be new missions every week that will give Guardians more insight into the Darkness and its goals. At the end of the Shadowkeep campaign, the Darkness are using the likeness of a Guardian referred to as our “salvation”: now, it seems that the Darkness is backing up that claim.
More details will be revealed as the season progresses, but head down to Io and discover what awaits you in The Cradle and some of the longest awaited secrets in Destiny 2 will be revealed to you.

The Season of Arrivals Season Pass

As with every season in Destiny 2 season, this new Season of Arrivals comes with a brand-new season pass and 100 levels to upgrade with it. The season pass costs 1000 silver (around $10.00) and purchasing the season pass will immediately reward you with armor, planet materials, and the brand new Harbinger exotic grenade launcher. Once purchasing the season pass, you will be rewarded for each level you progress through with finishers, weapons, armor, and more.
Each level of the season pass takes 100,000 experience to acquire, which may sound like a lot but can be easily achieved with the right methods. While you do not need to pay for the season pass, you are substantially more rewarded if you do purchase the pass. Certain exotics, flairs, and armor are only available to season pass purchasers, so it is well worth the 1000 silver that it costs.

What is a Dungeon?

Dungeons are three-player “Raid-Like” activities that involve difficult combat, puzzle-solving, and secrets. These activities are high-tier and they reward players for their efforts with pinnacle weapons and armor that can only be found in the dungeon. This surprise announcement was a huge shock to the community as this is the first Destiny 2 dungeon not to be released alongside an expansion.

In order to experience the previous two dungeons, you will need the expansions Forsaken and Shadowkeep. You will want to do this in order to practice the mechanics and puzzles of dungeons, as they can be extremely tough. While The Prophecy from Season of Arrivals will offer its own unique challenges, getting used to how dungeons work will be a useful skill in completing The Prophecy.

How to Prepare for The Prophecy

The Prophecy is one of the most challenging activities in Season of Arrivals. With a 1040 recommended power level, you will have to face some of the toughest enemies any Destiny 2 seasons have ever seen. Being prepared for these fights and puzzles will be essential to complete the new dungeon before Season of Arrivals ends.

In order to prepare for the new Destiny 2 dungeon, you will need to be quite a high power level and prepared to take on some challenging enemies and confusing puzzles. A good way to practice for these is to run challenging activities like the Menagerie, Nightfall Strikes, and Nightmare Hunts. These will not only give you practice against powerful enemies but will also reward you with Umbral Engrams to quickly boost your power level.

It’s also useful to participate in the other two dungeons, The Shattered Throne and The Pit of Heresy. While these other dungeons have their unique puzzles and challenges, the basic concepts and length will be similar to Destiny 2’s new dungeon. Running these dungeons with two friends will help build your communication skills that are essential for taking down the tough enemies and complicated puzzles that challenge you in The Prophecy.

Starting Destiny 2’s New Dungeon

Unlike the previously mentioned dungeons from Forsaken and Shadowkeep, you do not need to unlock The Prophecy before launching it. The Prophecy can be launched from the Tower and once again, it is very high-tier content that requires you to take on some of the most challenging enemies in Destiny 2.

One thing to remember is that there is no matchmaking for these activities, so make sure you have a full fireteam before beginning the new Destiny 2 dungeon or you will be in for a rough ride.

One thing to remember about the dungeon is that it includes checkpoints, so if you get stuck on a tough part of The Prophecy, you are able to leave the dungeon without losing your progress. This is a useful tool to use while exploring the new dungeon from Season of Arrivals, as it allows you to stop and grab more powerful items outside of the dungeon.

Keep in mind that these checkpoints are erased with the weekly reset on Tuesdays, so make sure you finish the new dungeon that same week you start it or all your progress will be lost.

What to Expect in Destiny 2’s New Dungeon

The Prophecy dungeon is themed around the Drifter and The Nine, mysterious and powerful force in the Destiny 2 universe. Though little is known about The Nine, they have shown that they can manipulate dark matter and that they exercise some control over the Taken. This means that the majority of enemies that you will be taking on in The Prophecy dungeon will be Taken.

In other words, expect tough encounters with our dark enemies throughout the activity.

As previously mentioned, these enemies will be no joke, and taking them down will require all of your skills as a Guardian. A good balance of elemental damage is highly recommended, as you will face enemies with arc, solar, and void shields that are incredibly hard to take down without matching elemental damage.

You want to be at least 1030 Power Level before attempting Destiny 2’s new dungeon, as you will be no match for the challenges you face if you are lower than that.

Using the previous dungeons as an example, you can expect there to be many hidden mechanics and puzzles within the Season of Arrivals new dungeon. For example, in the Pit of Heresy Dungeon, there is an entire separate boss hidden within the dungeon that is easily missable and required for the Xenophage exotic.

Keep your eyes out for hidden areas and puzzles while conquering The Prophecy dungeon, as you may get some tasty rewards for finding and completing these hidden objectives.

The Prophecy Dungeon Rewards

As with all high-level content in Destiny 2, the rewards for completing the Prophecy Season of Arrivals dungeon will be substantial and powerful. There is a whole armor set that is unique to the dungeon and the seasonal weapons from this activity are extremely powerful.

Additionally, even some older weapons are being upgraded. While the dungeon will be challenging, the rewards will be quite worth the effort.

The main appeal of the Prophecy Dungeon is the exclusive armor set called the Daito set. This set is a brand new set of armor that is available for each class, and pieces of the armor are rewarded for completing each section of the dungeon.

While it is not guaranteed to give you a full set for a single completion of the new Destiny 2 dungeon, you will definitely receive powerful weapons and armor that will make subsequent runs of the dungeon less of an ordeal.

There are six different parts of the Prophecy Dungeon that must be completed in order to fight the two bosses that hoard your future treasures. There is a balance between combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving between these areas and there are many hidden treasure chests within these areas.

Finishing off the bosses will reward you with powerful items that will immediately boost your power levels and will grant you the ability to take on the most challenging content in the game.

Reaching the Recommended Power Level

There are many different ways to reach the recommended power level of 1040 before attempting the new dungeon. This Destiny 2 new season has been one of the most rewarding that the game has ever seen, and you can get high-power-level gear from almost any activity.

However, there are some specific activities that are more rewarding than others, and doing these activities will quickly boost your power level.

A massive boost to your power level will come from Umbral Engrams, which are mostly rewarded from completing high-level activities. The most reliable of these activities is the new Contact public event on Io, which involves Guardians playing a smaller scale version of Gambit and taking on high-level Taken enemies and Bosses. Combine this activity with other weekly activities including Nightfall Strikes, Nightmare Hunts, and Crucible, and you will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

There are other options for reaching the required power level for those Guardians who do not have the time to complete the grind. Destiny Carries LFG offers different Best Selling to quickly boost power levels, find exotics, and complete some of the toughest challenges in Destiny 2.

Contact us today to get the boost you need in order to complete The Prophecy dungeon as soon as possible. As the threat of the Darkness is at the door, all of the Guardians in Destiny 2 need to be as powerful as possible in order to face what is coming for us in Beyond Light.