This page details the agreement between expert players and Destiny Carries & LFG whereby every expert player must agree to adhere to every policy from here henceforth. Policies and conditions may be subject to updates and alterations by the management and are considered effective once posted here.

Listed below are the rules and conditions that every expert player must follow.

  1. Expert players are expected and required to conduct all transactions within the website. Conducting business without permission from the administrators or any transaction outside the website is strictly prohibited.
  2. Customer information gained by expert players should be kept confidential. Disclosure of any and all customer information is not allowed.
  3. Expert players serve as representatives of Destiny Carries & LFG and are therefore required to conduct business in a professional manner. Sexual, racial, or any type of harassment is strictly prohibited and is subject to consequences meted out by the management.
  4. Expert players are also expected to represent Destiny Carries & LFG in a positive way. Therefore, all communication with clients pertaining to the website will be of a positive nature. Negative comments about the website are prohibited.
  5. Once expert players are hired for a specific activity, they are required to finish the activity within a reasonable timeframe and must start within 30 minutes of being hired for the activity. Expert players are not allowed to quit the game without having completed the activity first.
  6. Expert players are also not allowed to disclose information regarding their commissions and bonuses to anyone.
  7. In the event that an issue arises between an expert player and a regular member, the expert player is required to report to the administrators as soon as possible. Take note that administrators, as well as the website owner, will have the final word on all decisions.
  8. If an expert player violates any of these rules, he or she will lose access to the website and any outstanding payments will then be surrendered to Destiny Carries & LFG.