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Year Two Raid Bundle


Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the hassle of the Year Two raids? This raid bundle includes the Crown of Sorrow, Scourge of the Past, and Last Wish raids. We at Destiny Carries and LFG will boost your account and play through these raids for you, letting you gain access to all the loot that applies from such a success.

These raids are challenging and have requirements that are just the same. If you fit in the mold, don’t pass up the chance to level up your Guardian with these Year Two raids.


If you are considering letting us at Destiny Carries and LFG playthrough these raids, make sure you meet the requirements beforehand. You must have unlocked the Crown of Sorrow raid for us to play it.

Your Power level needs to be at least 750 or more. As well, you’ll need to have the Forsaken DLC if you don’t already. What is presented in price only applies to one character, so if your account holds many, you may need to invest in a few, to level up each Guardian. 

Crown of Sorrows Raid

Crown of Sorrow

The Crown of Sorrow year two raid is found within the Season of Opulence. You will have to unlock this raid for our team to have the chance to beat it. To open this raid, you will need to complete the Power Surge quest from Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. The plus part of this quest is it unlocks the raid for your entire account, even if you have several characters.

The rewards that drop from this raid are at random, but we at Destiny Carries and LFG will guarantee you to receive all that is available. Choose a handful of Resets if you are seeking a hefty loot from these playthroughs. There is the chance of Bane of Sorrow, Emperor’s Courtesy, or even Gahlran’s Right Hand. 


Scourge of the Past

The Scourge of the Past takes place in the Last City on Earth. The goal with this raid is to defeat Insurrection Prime, leaving teams to reclaim parts of the city from the Fallen. It is recommended that to play your Guardian, have the Power of 640. With the requirements for this Bundle, you will need to be a bit above that.

Though this is a smaller cap, this raid is quite taxing. That is why we suggest leaving it to the professionals. Let us help you take a breather and reap all the benefits while doing so. It’s a win-win.


Last Wish

The Last Wish raid is the second major raid of Destiny 2, taking place in the Forsaken expansion. The Last Wish raid is in the center of the Dreaming City, where you are preventing the Taken from overthrowing the homeland of the Awoken. Kalli sets the stage for this raid, being one of the first encounters.

This raid is met in the middle with Shuro Chi, the Corrupted. Both of these bosses are daunting to go against, so don’t. Let Destiny Carries and LFG take care of this hassle for you.

The third boss, Morgeth, the Spirekeeper, is a large Taken Ogre. Your fireteam will struggle to make it past this part if you even succeed in doing so. With the Year Two Raids, we will complete this entire activity for you, yet leaving all the loot that is achieved.

Destiny Carries and LFG are here to help guide your Guardian through the trials and tribulations of this raid and the others alike. Don’t let the strife of these battles weigh you down, get going with these playthroughs.

Moving Forward

 If you have decided to move forward with this purchase, start by selecting the Recovery option. This selection will allow the team at Destiny Carries and LFG to access your account directly. With this option, you’re syncing to our servers, letting us load your profile wit the progress from our playthroughs. 

Next, select your platform; Windows, Play Station, or Xbox. Keep in mind to pick your most preferred console, as with the most updated Season, there is the option of Cross-Save. Cross-Save allows you to access your account on numerous different platforms to help create fluidity in gameplay. We only need your most consistent.

Then select your character type; Warlock, Titan, or Hunter. This parameter will give us the chance to prepare for action. Each character classification is a little different in effects and attacks, so it’s essential to narrow it down to whichever your character of choice is.

There is the option of resets with this purchase, up to four. Keep in mind that each increment will alter the price; don’t let that catch you off guard. These increments let us know how many playthroughs you want, boosting the amount of XP and rewards you will receive each time.

You are making a wise decision, working with Destiny Carries and LFG on these raids. Don’t feel bogged down by the demands from Destiny 2; work with the professionals to get the job done right the first time. 

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