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Year One Raid Bundle

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If you need assistance staying up to date with the demands of Shadowkeep and Destiny overall, let us give you a hand. Our experts will sign onto your account and complete several raids from Year One to help boost you ahead.

We will work through Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, and Spire of Stars under whichever difficulty you select. We offer both normal and prestige for your convenience.


For the Year One Raid Bundle, Destiny Carries and LFG offer two difficulties for playthrough- normal and prestige. The difference between them two comes down to not only the difficulty in gameplay but also the reward quality.

Since you are not the one who is going to struggle through the extra challenge, why not go with the better deal. Prestige will reward you with loot that is more worth the wait, while with normal, there are still benefits at the end of it all.


To receive this boosting, you will have to have completed the base campaign for Shadowkeep. Once that is done, then all that is required is a power level of at least 750. Anything above that is golden.

If you are seeking this for different characters, then keep in mind that the requirements are for each of them. You’ll need to purchase more than one of the Raid Bundles to apply them all to your accounts. 


We offer a selection of resets for the normal difficulty, while with the prestige, there is only one. Choose one through five for normal, but keep in mind that each one is going to boost your price.

These resets allow you to receive the benefits of these raids on more than one occasion. The more resets, the more loot- along with other achievements such as the keys in Leviathan.  Choose whichever direction takes you where you see your Guardian best fit in the future..

Leviathan Raid

Leviathan Raid

You will need to run through Leviathan a few times in the same week to get all of the keys that unlock the chests, so it’s recommended to purchase resets. Of the most challenging of raids for this Season, the Leviathan means business. You need to be at least at level 300 to jump into this playthrough.

The three subclasses are worth unlocking before playing as well- they will give you a foot in the door. This raid is going to be a challenge for gamers everywhere, so let us take over from here. Don’t struggle through this raid. We are willing to take the weight for you and leave your account with all the winnings.

Eater of Worlds

Eater of Worlds

You will need a fireteam Power level of at least 300 to play through this raid. You can locate this raid within the Leviathan raid, accessible once reaching the Eater of Worlds Lair. The Eater of Worlds raid is a new part of Destiny 2, introducing the Raid Lair concept. It has the feel of both typical raids and average strikes combined. This raid is accessible through the purchase of Curse of Osiris, while also through this Year One Raid package.

This raid contains one primary puzzle and one dominant boss. It is shorter than Leviathan but just as crucial to the completion of the raids for Year One. You will receive all the gear and gadgets related to this raid once it is completed. Don’t struggle with this new format, though. Let Destiny Carries and LFG take over and ensure you receive the most loot possible from this Lair Raid.

Spire of Stars

Spire of Stars

Just as with the Eater of Worlds raid, this is a shorter one. The big difference is that it requires a Power level of at least 370 to complete. The Spire of Stars is the latest addition to endgame content, so don’t miss out! Let Destiny Carries and LFG take over the hassle of this raid through the

Year One Raid package deal. We can complete the tasks that are aligned with it and leave your Guardian with not only the experience but also the awesome Raid gear that is new and improved- granted after completion. 

Now What?

Now you are to select the Recovery option from the drop-box. This will let us access your account and play through these raids. Then, choose the difficulty you wish for us to play at. Next is the platform. Don’t forget that with this new release, there is the Cross-Save option, which lets you access your Guardian from any console type. When choosing your platform, please pick your most consistent one.

Choose your character type; Warlock, Titan, or Hunter. The character type helps us specialize in the gameplay to your Guardians’ needs and style. If you are choosing the normal difficulty, you are then faced with selecting the number of resets. The resets will alter the pricing, so ensure you are paying attention. We are excited to get going on your account, don’t wait any longer. Snag some success with this Year One Raid bundle! 

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