The Dawning

Seasonal Event The Dawning Seasonal Festival Even in Destiny 2. This year’s Dawning Eva


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The Dawning

Seasonal Event

The Dawning Seasonal Festival Even in Destiny 2.

This year’s Dawning Eva Levante returns to the Tower with her special event. She brings various activities. The Dawning will also bring addition exclusive rewards.

The event is only active from December 17th 2019 and end January 14th 2020.

The Dawning

As Always Destiny Carries LFG is hear to help you earn The Dawning reward during this seasonal event.

The Dawning Questline

Deliciously Cheerfull Blueprints

Secret blueprint that Amanda Holiday gives for the experimental Dawning Cheer Sparrow

Give Vanilla Blades to Shaxx, Chocolate Ship Cookies to Amanda, Eliksni Birdseed to Hawthorne and bake 12 Gifts.

Deliver the completed Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint to Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar. This will reward you the Dawning Exclusive Sparrow.

Holiday Treats Emblem

Nearby Friends – Deliver delicious holiday treats to your allies all over the system. This Triumph includes giving treats to Amanda, Banshee, Shaxx and Xûr.

Three Guardians – Deliver delicious holiday treats to your allies all over the system. This Triumph includes giving treats to Zavala, Ikora and Hawthorne.

Faraway Friends – Deliver delicious holiday treats to your allies all over the system. This Triumph includes giving treats to Devrim, Sloane, Failsafe and Asher.

New Friends – Deliver treats baked in Eva’s Holiday Oven to new friends you’ve made along the way. This Triumph includes giving treats to Ana, the Spider, Petra and also the Drifter.

Bless Us, Everyone Triumph that will reward the Holiday Treats Emblem, 3 out of 4 Triumphs listed above must be completed. 

Dawning Exclusive Triumphs

Dawning’s Bounty – Complete 50 bounties from Eva Levante during the Dawning 2019.

Rewards the “Gift Giver” Emblem

Gift Giver Emblem

Bringer of Gifts – During the Dawning 2019, deliver 100 baked goods to your allies throughout the system.

Rewards the “Dawning Welcome” Legendary Shader

Essence of Dawning

Essence of DawningEssence of Dawning is a Dawning consumable. Used as an ingredient to bake treats in Eva`s Holiday Oven. We offer 100, 200 or 300 Essence of Dawning options.

The Dawning Rewards

Essence of Dawning

Dawning Alpine Dash Exotic Sparrow – This new ride will come with the special perks and is available by completing the Delivery Questline from Eva Levante.

Dawning Exclusive Armor

Hunter Armor Set
Titan Armor Set
Warlock Armor Set

The drops shown above are random and are obtained from Winterdrift Engrams. The rewards can only be obtained during The Dawning Seasonal Event.

Dawning Exclusive and Miscellaneous Rewards

Winterdrift Engram

Dawning Elegance Legendary Shader

Dawning Welcome Legendary Shader

Bright Spirits Legenday Ship

Cold Front Submachine Gun

Alpine Dash Exotic Sparrow

Alpine Dash Exotic Sparrow

Snowflake Projection Legendary Emote

The Great Pigeon Projection Legenday Emote

Delecious Benefactor Emblem


Complete 40 Dawning Bounties

Holiday Treats Emblem

HOLIDAY TREATS Legendary-Emblem

Complete Dawning Triumphs


Destiny 2 The Dawning is Free for all Players

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