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What is a Legendary Kinetic Hand Cannon? Spare Rations God Roll Hand Cannons are


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Spare Rations

What is a Legendary Kinetic Hand Cannon?

Spare Rations God Roll Hand Cannons are a weapon type that lacks range but makes up for it with extreme power. Ideal for closer ranged targets. It is always essential to maintain a steady balance in weapon types in your inventory, so don’t pass up on the potential.

Spare Rations is also Legendary classed, making it highly desirable and equally that much more powerful. Few Kinetic hand cannons that have the 150RPM, making it worth the farming. Check out if this weapon is for you; possibly combined with Mindbender in our buy one-get one option.

This 150 RPM Hand Cannon is totally insane in PvP! Most players agree, that Spare Rations is the best PvP Handcannon ever with nice rolls on it.

We will farm a God Roll with Rampage and Rapid Hit perks and with Range Masterwork trait for you. For the Guaranteed Option.

Spare Rations Perks & Stats

Spare Rations is a Hand Cannon packed with three significant perks. They are as follows:

  • Lightweight Frame- This provides perfected handling. You can move faster with this weapon equipped.
  • Appended Mag- The magazine is built for higher capacity, thus letting the magazine size increase to 23.
  • Hammer-Forged Rifling- This creates a durable ranged barrel. Because of this, the range is increased.

Beyond these three though, there is the option to roll random perks such as Overflow, Multikill Clip, Rampage, and Subsistence. These are all bonus vents for the weapon, making it that much more in one direction or the other.

Spare Rations officially released during Season 6, Season of the Drifter. Since the beginning this has been a preferred Hand Cannon, dealing Kinetic damage to enemies. Its favor has been due to the stats that are evened out through the perks.

Firing 150 rounds per minute, the impact of this weapon alone is worthy; sitting at a solid 80. Stability and reload speed both about half-way, 50/60.

This weapon sells on its power alongside the swift handling it can uphold to (74). Aim assistance with this weapon is 92, Inventory size at 57. If you are seeking to improve your close-range action, this is the weapon of choice..

Farming for Spare Rations God Roll

The Spare Rations can be pretty simple drop for a Legendary, but getting the God Rolled one is not as easy.

You must be at Tier 3 and at least be at a minimum of 680 Power. It’s recommended that players wait until reaching Power of 690 because of the Tier 3 difficulties.

It is preferred over Midnight Coup at this point, making it the most preferred 150RPM Hand Cannon coming from Season 6.

Spare Ration Hand Cannon God Roll Rampage, Rapid Hit, and a Range Masterwork trait.

Don’t Miss Out!

Unsure about anything that pertains to obtaining the Spare Rations Hand Cannon, reach out to the team at Destiny 2 Carries and LFG. Destiny Carries LFG is here to help you through the twists and turns of Destiny 2 and all its Seasons.

If this is the weapon you’re looking for, and you don’t need Mindbender Ambition for some reason or another, first select your platform.

Remember with the Season 8 unfolding now; there is the option of cross-save across platforms. Secondly, choose from the character selections; Warlock, Hunter, or Titan. If there are any issues with this part of the purchase, let us know. Good luck out there, Guardian!

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If it is a Trials of Osiris order you should also see the history of the trial games.

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Destiny Carries LFG site is extremely safe. We use the latest in SSL and TSL Encryption.

Our site is also protected by Firewall, DDoS, rate limiting, and bot management systems. Our site is scanned several times a day by Sucuri a leader in Cyber Security and protecting the website.

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Your personal data is always protected and we never sell your personal data. Your credit

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Top Boosters!

Destiny Carries LFG has nothing but the top 5 percent of Destiny 2 players. We only use the best player in the game. We know how important all you hard work you put in your guardians and we are here to make them better.

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Is Destiny Carries LFG Service Legit?

Destiny Carries LFG Has Been Around For Several Years

Destiny Carries LFG has been around for several years.

Unlike most boosting sites on the internet that say they have done thousands of recoveries, Have flashing numbers and it is the first thing they want you to see on their website.

Do you really think they have truly done that many? Well we invite you to look around our site and see how professional we are.

Contact Information

We also don’t hide our contact information. Take a look at or competition sites and see if they actually have their address and or phone number on the site. Also we are a legit Corporation called Boosting Games Inc. that resides in Florida. Just look us up here.


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