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Shattered Throne

Dungeon Completion

Destiny Carries and LFG Shattered Throne Dungeon Completion Carry

Discover the secrets of the Shattered Throne dungeon with this Destiny Carries and LFG Shattered Throne Dungeon Completion carry. The Labyrinth awaits, housing enemies within, and further beyond, lies the Descent. Snipers and Taken Knights try to stop you along with Ogres, Thralls and Vorgeth. Time is of the essence, as you need to pick up a series of buffs with no more than 45 seconds in between, requiring heavy coordination.

But that’s not all that’s involved. Taken Hobgoblins harass you throughout the climb, and then you need to beat Dul Incaru, her posse of Psions and groups of Knights. Carefully considered buffs help you take them down, but again, time is of the essence. If you let the buff expire, it kills you. Once the Shattered Throne is shattered, you carry on with the quest to pick up the Wish-ender bow as well as a variety of other loot.

Completing the Shattered Throne also grants you the Never Again triumph.

Sometimes referred to as a 3 man raid, the Shattered Throne is an endgame activity only available on the 3rd ‘Curse’ week of the Dreaming City cycle. Mixing 590+ enemies with raid like mechanics this challenging dungeon awards 3 Powerful Rewards from the Dreaming City loot pool and the triumph “Never Again” which is part of The Dreaming City seal.

We also provide the service for a Solo completion of the dungeon which is one of the toughest challenges in the game. This grants you the triumph “Solo-nely“and the emblem The Eternal Return.


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Account Recovery

Our team will sign onto your profile and complete the service. Make sure you fill out our checkout form with the necessary details. We will send you a text and email before signing on.

The Wish-ender Bow

While this doesn’t drop during the Shattered Throne dungeon, the Shattered Dungeon is a vital part of this quest. This bow:

  • Lets you see through walls when you aim
  • Has 72 accuracy
  • Has 92 impact
  • Has 91 stability

It’s one of the more powerful weapons in the game and rightly deserves its place as an Exotic. However, the secret Wish-ender bosses are part of the Wish-ender carry service, not the Shattered Throne carry service.

The Majestic Solstice Armor

If you have Majestic Solstice Armor, you may wish to masterwork it. The Shattered Throne dungeon can be completed with two or fewer players, and doing this lets you masterwork the chest plate. This applies to Hunter, Titan and Warlock.

In addition, completing this dungeon solo gives you the Solo-nely tribute as well as the Eternal Return emblem.

Completing the Shattered Throne dungeon

Completing the Shattered Throne dungeon can be hard work, and while you can certainly go back to it with a much-improved power level, if you’re starting off or have created new character, it can be surprisingly difficult to complete. If you struggle to find a decent group, it can be hard to reach the required level to go beyond this dungeon.

That’s where this Destiny Carries and LFG Shattered Throne Dungeon Completion carry comes in. We complete the dungeon for you so that you can get on with your game — ideal if you need a quick boost or don’t quite have the time. We use some of the best Destiny 2 players around to get the job done, giving you the satisfaction of a well-earned triumph.

You need to be a minimum 560 Power Level or higher and have the Forsaken DLC for the basic run-through.

Yes, but you need to be a 600 or higher Power Level to qualify for this service. This is due to the extra difficulty in completing a solo run.

We offer options for all three characters: Warlock, Hunter and Titan across PC, PS4, Xbox and Stadia.

There is no guarantee that you will receive a specific piece of loot due to the way that it randomly drops. However, you will receive the relevant Tributes as well as the masterwork if requested.

For this Destiny Carries and LFG Shattered Throne Dungeon Completion carry, we only offer recovery, which is where we sign onto your profile and complete the raid as your character. We communicate so that you know when we have started and finished so that you can continue with your game.


  • Must be 560+ Power Level and have access to the Dreaming City.
  • For the Solo completion you must be 600 Power Level and have access to the Dreaming City.

Service Specifics

This service is Dungeon Completion service only.

  • Our team will complete the Shattered Throne for you.
  • We will not spawn and kill the secret Wish-Ender bosses.  We complete those in our Wish-Ender service.
  • Additional Triumphs beyond dungeon completion will not be purposefully attempted.
  • This dungeon can only be completed during Week 3 of the Dreaming City cycle.

Interested in the Wish-Ender?

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