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Scourge of the Past Raid


Scourge of the Past

Destiny Carries and LFG Scourge of the Past Carry

Scourge of the Past Raid is highly sought after raid. Get past a classic raid with our Destiny Carries and LFG Scourge of the Past carry. The Scourge of the Past was one of the trickiest challenges available when it debuted, and it still remains one of the top Pinnacle activities a player can undertake. 

You get to explore the European Dead Zone and the Last City to try and find the secrets of the Black Armory expansion. As part of a fireteam of six Guardians, you must defeat enemies, collect loot and acquire a generous number of powerful Engrams.

This raid requires careful coordination, as there are some fairly nasty mechanics in this raid. The cumulative re spawn timer is perhaps the nastiest, as when a player dies, it reduces the re spawn timer until the player is revived. Unfortunately, when this timer hits zero, the raid fails.

Scourge of the Past raid

This raid takes place in uncharted territory; The Last City. The raid is the conclusion to the Black Armory, letting you wrap up this chapter of the Destiny 2 saga. You are going to be up against Kell’s Scourge bosses, alongside the puzzles and challenges throughout the raid. 

Watch out, though, as it all takes place at night- in the dark. The Scourge of the Past raid is a climatic playthrough, leaving players embraced for impact at all times. At dawn, you will face the Insurrection Prime, the final boss.

If you think you want to test your luck, we don’t blame you. It’s an action-packed battle from the start. We also don’t blame you for leaving it to the professionals.

This raid requires some immense Power levels and is nothing short of a jaw clencher, keeping you on the edge of your seat. The experts at Destiny Carries LFG will get you the most possible drops from this raid.

Armor Rewards


  • Bladesmith’s Memory Mask
  • Bladesmith’s Memory Vest
  • Bladesmith’s Memory Grips
  • Bladesmith’s Memory Strides
  • Bladesmith’s Memory Cloak


  • Bulletsmith’s Ire Helm
  • Bulletsmith’s Ire Plate
  • Bulletsmith’s Ire Gauntlets
  • Bulletsmith’s Ire Greaves
  • Bulletsmith’s Ire Mark


  • Gunsmith’s Devotion Crown
  • Gunsmith’s Devotion Robes
  • Gunsmith’s Devotion Gloves
  • Gunsmith’s Devotion Boots
  • Gunsmith’s Devotion Bond

Weapon Rewards

In addition, the weapons include a variety of Legendary weapons and one Exotic:

Anarchy Grenade Launcher

Tempered Dynamo Fusion Rifle

No Feelings Scout Rifle

Threat Level Shotgun

Bellowing Giant Giant Rocket Launcher

Completing Scourge of the Past

There are five main areas in Scourge of the Past:

Berserkers Botza District

Sewer Maze

Escape: Botza Underground

Vault Access: Botza Ruins

Insurrection Prime: The Final Fight

The key theme running through these sections is to have good communication, a good understanding of the game mechanics, and a good variety of players covering the main classes of weapons. Perhaps the most useful player is a Warlock running Well of Radiance, as this gives the entire team a massive buff.

Either way, it can be tricky to find a decent team, and considering how good the loot is, it’s not an area you want to miss.

Playing Another Way

This is where our Destiny Carries and LFG Scourge of the Past carry comes in. One of our expert Destiny 2 players signs in on your account and completes the raid for you. 

We can pick up all the loot as we go along so that you can maximize your inventory, giving you numerous new options for your gameplay. This ensures a solid completion — guaranteed.

There are a lot of great prizes that can be scooped up in this raid, but at the same time, it’s dark most of the battling. If you feel like you missed the best from the playthrough, you probably did. These rewards at not easy to gather up, that’s for sure.

Some general expectations are the following, but not limited to; No Feelings, Bellowing Giant, Tempered Dynamo, Threat Level, and Anarchy. 

If any of these weapons grab your attention, then let us load up your profile with their mayhem. The Scourge of the Past raid takes place at night, so it can be a bit tricky to locate some of these drops.

Some players go into the raid, and exit having missed one or two drops and not even realizing it. Leave it to the professionals to boost your account with some of the best loot you can get.


The Scourge of the Past raid requirement Power Level of 640, but 620+ is do-able. We trust in our strategies enough to guarantee success. IF you are having trouble getting your Guardian to this level, try turning in some of your tokens or attaching a new artifact. These tactics can increase your Power Level if it’s something you need to be done.

To play this raid with an expert in your team, you have to be in a rank four clan. Ensure that you are Power level ready and wala- ready for action. One of our skilled players will join your firing squad and help you finish this raid with success.

Must have the Annual Pass.

Must be minimum 620+ Power Level.

Order Options

Account Recovery – Our team will sign onto your profile and complete the service for you.

Make sure you fill out our checkout form with the necessary details. We will send you a text and email before we sign on.

Sparrow Chest

If you are considering having our team take on the Sparrow Chest part of this challenge, then make sure to specify during checkout. Our team of skilled players will activate all the sensors in the Ablazed Glory encounter, which unlocks the Sparrow Chest. This will give your Guardian the chance to obtain the Always on Time exotic Sparrow.

This weapon is so worth the while, as it has the favored perk Stealth Running. This perk makes enemies less aggressive in behavior toward you as the opponent, definitely worth the work. 

Weekly Challenge

The weekly challenge is optional during check out. It will allow the unlocking of Triumph, though, if you do select for it. This requires the Blacksmith title if you have obtained the Clan raid bounty from Suraya Hawthorne. This bounty will give out Powerful Rewards from the raid loot, so make sure to have everything line up for its completion.

If you haven’t obtained the Hawthorne bounty, then there will be no record of the challenge completion, and you will not receive the Triumph. Get your account ready so that you can get the most from the boosting by Destiny Carries and LFG.

Wrapping it up

Choose which format you would like to go with, whether with us on your account through the Recovery option or just recruiting one of our players for your team. This is an exciting raid, so it’s no wonder you want some help along the way.

Secondly, specify the type of Sparrow Chest benefits you want and then the weekly challenge questions. If you select the weekly challenge, do expect more loot and rewards, alongside a price increase.

The final two selections let us specialize in our services to your profile specifically. You are going to input your primary console, regardless of the Cross-Save option, and then choose the character type your Guardian is classified with.

The character type selection will allow your rewards to be personalized to your class for the most cohesive experience. Looking for a Year 2 Raid Bundle?


Our experts can complete either just the raid or they can also pick up the loot in the Sparrow Chest, which may include the exotic Sparrow. In addition, you can choose whether you want to complete the weekly challenge. There are prerequisites to all of these challenges.

You need to be at least a minimum level of 620, and you must have access to the Scourge of the Past raid. In addition, if you want us to complete the weekly challenge, you must be in a Rank 4 clan. Our expert will play with your teammates to complete this mission.

This Destiny Carries and LFG Scourge of the Past carry can be completed on PC, PS4, Xbox or Stadia.

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