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    Garden of Salvation Final Boss

    Get ahead with Destiny Carries and LFG’s most wanted checkpoint completion service. The Sanctified Mind Checkpoint is a final boss located in the Garden of Salvation raid. To defeat this boss, you are going to need beforehand knowledge of several mechanics aside the coordination to maintain the shot to kill him. It’s no wonder anyone needs boosting for this Checkpoint. Leave it to us at Destiny Carries and LFG to provide the most successful and efficient playthrough for this Garden of Salvation Final Boss battle.

    Garden of Salvation Raid

    This raid is a blast from the past, going back into the Black Garden of Destiny 2. There are a total of two bosses in this sequel of the story. They are called the Consecrated Mind and the Sanctified Mind. The Sanctified Mind is a fully Vex raid and of the first. The original Destiny’s Vault of Glass was the last time we saw this measure taken. You are searching high and wide for the ancient origins of the Relic associated with this campaign, and this raid is a crucial component to that part of the storyline.

    You are required with a group of six to battle within an arena that is engulfed by Vex Radiolarian Fluid. In the beginning, there will be a hoard of goblins and an Angelic. Once you are done with this part, you can go two ways; kill the rest of the goblins or send a team to execute the Angelic as soon as possible. Either way, this is all a bit more strategic than most people like to play. In this battle, strong teams and communication are vital. You are going to break off into groups of two to defeat this boss. So consider letting us handle the coordination that is required.

    Destiny Carries and LFG

    Destiny Carries and LFG will gladly log onto your account and play through this Sanctified Mind Checkpoint for you. The Garden of Salvation Final bosses are a bit exasperating of your skill sets, so let us take over the hardest part. This Final Boss is pretty taxing, and we understand. Destiny Carries LFG is a team of professional gamers who can guarantee your satisfaction after having worked this Checkpoint out for you. Send Destiny Carries and LFG to do the dirty work.

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    The Rewards in the Garden of Salvation Final Boss completions are varying of a sort. There is the Inherent Truth Emblem that is your Guardian gathers with our boosting service. One Powerful raid drop is also caught in the midst of it all, so expect a surprise upon getting back on.

    Checkpoint Completion Vs. Full Raid

    The Checkpoint Completion for the Garden of Salvation raid is just as it says- only for the Checkpoint Completion. If you are browsing around, and not sure what direction to go, do check out our other selections. We also offer the full Garden of Salvation raid play through if that is something you are in the market for.

    This Checkpoint Completion is a guaranteed walkthrough and success of the Garden of Salvations’ final boss, Sanctified Mind. Our team of players will complete the encounter for your Guardian. This is cleared once per character per weekly resets for rewards if that is something you’re looking for. To sink into this service, make sure you meet all the requirements and see what you can do to move forward.


    Power Level must be at least at 920 to jump into this battle. If you need to raise your level a little more, check into returning some of your tokens. There are also some different artifacts you can equip a Guardian with to help boost their levels as well, so check into your inventory a little more in-depth. The Garden of Salvation raid must be accessible to your Guardian, and valid for each profile you’re applying the boss completion to. 

    Moving Forward

    If you are looking to move forward with this purchase, start by selecting the Recovery option. Recovery gives us access to your account so that we can complete the designated services promptly. Then choose your platform, regardless of the new Cross-Save option with Destiny 2. We still want to know you’re most played on console, to match better your experience upon returning and progressing.

    Choose your character type next; Warlock, Hunter, or Titan. The type selection will help us specify your gear and rewards to your character individually.

    Ensure you check to see if there are optional resets for this playthrough at this time. If there is, the selection will affect the pricing. With this purchase, you can feel assured that you’re entitled to all the winnings from the final boss battle for the Garden of Salvation raid. We are looking forward to seeing your Guardian on the field and in action with this latest raid under their belt.

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