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Riven Destiny 2

Riven of a Thousand Voices

Checkpoint Completion Service

Riven is the final boss encounter of the Last Wish Raid in the Dreaming City.

This boss has stumped Destiny’s best raid teams for several hours during the race to world first. Riven is probably the most difficult and complicated raid encounter in the history of Destiny.

If you need assistance completing the Riven checkpoint we are here to help!

Destiny Carries. is the #1 Destiny boosting service with the most successful order completions and customer feedback in the industry!


Last Wish Raid

The Riven checkpoint is the final part of the Last Wish raid in the Forsaken expansion. It is known to be difficult in all the ways possible. The Last Wish demands from the final checkpoint, ultimate strategy, and precision. To complete this raid, the Riven boss takes five phases to overthrow. 

This elongated finale foes attack measures include popping her cysts. If you are even the slightest bit queasy of a person, this may be the challenge to leave to us.

The Ascendant realm is a hazing place, only one of three last stands required to take on this boss. The Riven is a powerful monster that will take on anything in her you. Imagine wrapping up one the hardest boss challenges in the game with above-average stats. 

The Riven Checkpoint will allow you further your progress within Forsaken tremendously, beyond the Last Wish raid. 

You are also looking to have the final Queenswalk encounter taken care of when working with Destiny Carries and LFG. With the entirety of this checkpoint finished, your Guardian will benefit in both storyline and with rewards.

Riven checkpoint Rewards

With the completion of this raid and final encounter, you will receive the exclusive 1000 Voices Exotic. This piece is an Exotic Power Fusion Rifle, equipped automatically with Ahamkara’s Eye and Unforeseen Repercussions. The Ahamkara’s Eye creates a giant continuous beam of death when the weapon is charged. 

With Unforeseen Repercussions, the 1000 Voices Exotic’s weapon beam superheats its target upon impact. This beam will cause a delayed, but still powerful, explosion. Both of which are over the top powerful as you can see.

 This weapon sits at a solid 100 in impact, making it of the heaviest hitting weapons in Destiny 2. The handling is worked with through an assortment of curated rolls — benefits from perks such as Extended Barrel and Legendary Battery. 

You can potentially Masterwork this weapon, causing it to be that much more intense on the battlefield. If you are looking for top of the line artillery, no matter what season, then snag this Forsaken Fusion Rifle. You will stand a chance every time, 100% of the time (with the right armor too).


Destiny Carries and LFG

Destiny Carries and LFG are up for the Riven Challenge. This boss battle is one of the toughest in Destiny’s Forsake release. If you are weary, worried, or don’t want to deal with the mess, let us take care of it for you. There is plenty of storyline and content after this to earn your keep, leave the hassle to the professionals. 

We will successfully maneuver your character through this challenge. Don’t press this beast with the wrong team. To face the challenges of this raids grand finale head-on, take advantage of what Destiny Carries and LFG can do for you.

 You will benefit from stat and Power Level increases. Alongside this, the rewards that are received when this raid is out of the way. Don’t get too far behind with the new seasons out. 

You are missing the action still stalling on the Riven boss. Let us push things forward and run through this final battle for you.

Riven checkpoint Weekly Challenge

At this time, we don’t offer this as a weekly challenge. Do check back at a later date and see if that is a possibility, as with some, we provide it. When selecting the Weekly Challenge option, know that you will receive twice the loot and coin for us completing the objective a second time.

Wrap it up

Once you’ve decided to move forward with this raid Checkpoint completion, you are going to be requested to proceed with checkout. Here you are going to select the Recovery option, which lets us at Destiny carries and LFG log directly onto your account for the boosting service.

 The platform is what’s next on the list — selecting from PC, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.. This matters even with the new Cross-Save as it lets us better form fit our winnings and successes to the most played console in your Destiny 2 experience. 

You are going to want to specify which sort of character you are attributed with; Warlock, Hunter, or Titan. 

This information will also help us narrow down our playing style, and best strategize for this boss attack. The Riven is one of the toughest boss matches in Forsaken, so leave it to the professionals. 

Destiny Carries and LFG is your affiliated provider of satisfactory playthroughs with most anything for Destiny 2 and beyond.

Service Specifics

This is a Checkpoint Completion service only.

  • Our team will complete the Riven Checkpoint for you or with you. Account Recovery & Play With Options available!
  • This service also includes the Queenswalk encounter necessary to open the final chest.

Our team can open additional chests at the completion of the raid if you have additional Ethereal Keys.

Service Specifics

If you are interested in a full Last Wish raid completion we offer that service here.

Order Options

Account Recovery

Our team will sign onto your profile and complete the Last Wish raid from the Riven checkpoint.   This service includes the final Queenswalk encounter.

Make sure you fill out our checkout form with the necessary details.   We will send you a text and email before signing on.


Must be 540+ Power Level with access to the Last Wish Raid

Riven checkpoint is NOT required

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