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Riskunner + Catalyst

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Random reward from strikes, more comfortable to get then the Masterworking is, that’s for sure. To move forward with this boost, you must already have the Riskrunner Catalyst as a weapon. You can obtain this weapon from its drop. The help we are offering here is to Masterwork what’s already in your inventory.

We will check off the 300 kills, and 300 lightning chain kills with the Riskrunner to move into the Catalyst part of the weapon. The team will sign into your account and complete this for you, making the Riskrunner Masterworked. If you are seeking for this weapon to reach its full potential, don’t wait any longer. The Masterworking of arms puts it in a whole different class, powerful beyond most retention. 

Why Masterwork?

Masterworking a weapon in Destiny 2 means that the gun is becoming more valuable. Its rarity is raising aside the increase of power. Masterworks allows for you to upgrade your Legendary weapons, such as the Riskrunner, into something more fruitful. For the Riskrunner, you are receiving Super orbs that are going to help you during firefights.

Destiny Carries and LFG want to help you Masterwork your Riskrunner Catalyst if you are up for the challenge, or better yet if you’re not up for the challenge. As we would be completing it for you to help save you time and hassle. 

If you are considering letting us jump into your profile and begin building the foundation for this Legendary Masterworked weapon, we have no arguments. If you are still unsure about upgrading it, check out what precisely the Catalyst Buff is. The benefits and bonuses in stats are well worth the investment.

Catalyst Buff

This weapon will generate Orbs on multikills once the Catalyst has been Masterworked. The number of enemies defeated by this effect will be displayed, giving the player a heads up on their skills. If you get this weapon Masterworked with the Catalyst buff, you will receive additional bonuses, such as the Range going up a massive 30 points.

These bonuses are what make this weapon worth the investment to boost. The gamers here at Destiny Carries and LFG want to see you stocked with this, Masterworked and ready for action. For the sake of gameplay experience, don’t pass up this opportunity.

The Catalyst is a massive benefit to any Destiny 2 gaming experience, with this Riskrunnner being of the top favored among players currently. Destiny 2 is making a change with the way weapon power gets distributed amunst weapons. Don’t miss the chance to create something above average. Your inventory could always use a boost in that direction. 

We Have Options

There are a few different routes you can go with this weapon’s boosting. There is the full weapon questline, which is not that much more in price compared to just the fragments of the mission- Joy in Suffering and Risk/Reward. We at Destiny Carries and LFG want you to pick the portion of this questline that best fits your needs.

If you’ve already managed to work through a bit of it, then take it easy with the midway point as our starting spot. We can jump in halfway through and help you wrap up this weapon with a solid show closer.

What Now?

If you have decided to move forward with Destiny Carries and LFG helping you Masterwork the Riskrunner + Catalyst, then follow the guided check out process. You are going to select the Recovery option, which lets us on your account to complete the questline portions of making it easy and secure.

Then you are going to choose your platform. It is important to remember that with this new Season, there is the Cross-Save option. This feature will let you access your character from an assortment of consoles. 

Select your character type now, choosing between Warlock, Titan, or Hunter. Each of these character types let us at Destiny Carries and LFG have a heads up about what our game plan is going into your account. We want to professionally assess the situation and ensure you receive the highest quality of boosting possible.

Now that you’ve set yourself up for check out, ensure your information is correct, and presto, we are ready to go. It shouldn’t take us long to get started and begin working our magic. If you have any questions or concerns, do reach out to us at headquarters.

We are here to make your gaming experience more recreational and less demanding. Hope to see you out there sporting this Masterworked weapon in no time at all.

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