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Prophecy Dungeon

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Prophecy Dungeon

Prophecy Dungeon Arrivals

Dungeon New unique Armor rewards for completion!

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon recommended power level of 1040. Lots of puzzles and boss encounters. Pinnacle gear is the reward for completing the Prophecy Dungeons. 

Dungeon Armor

Prophecy Dungeon Destiny 2


Rewards are Completely RNG and not guaranteed to drop. 

  • Boss drop will reward Masterworked armor at a higher level.
  • Unique Daito Armor and Trials of the Nine Armor drops.
  • Solo Flawless completion emblem: Prophetic Visionary

Prophetic Visionary Emblem

Destiny Carries LFG The Prophecy Dungeon

Travel to the realm of the Nine and learn the secrets of The Darkness with this Destiny Carries LFG The Dungeon Completion. Three players have to learn the light and darkness mechanics, collecting motes of light and motes of dark. As they travel through the dungeon, they must take down bosses in various arenas, including the Wasteland and the Cube, eventually teleporting into the audience chamber of the Nine. Here, they’ll receive plenty of loot and bonus items.

These dungeons include 12 hidden urns and two hidden chests. Collecting all of the former will give you the Urn It triumph and the latter gives you plenty of loot.

The final boss ends up dropping a piece of Moonfang armor. Options include:

Armor Rewards

Moonfang-X7 Armor


Hunter Subclass

Moonfang-X7 Mask

Moonfang X7 Mask Hunter

Moonfang-X7 Grips

Moonfang x7 Grips Hunter

Moonfang-X7 Rig

Moonfang X7 Rig Hunter

Moonfang-X7 Strides

Moonfag X7 Strides Hunter

Moonfang-X7 Cloak

Moonfang Z7 Cloak Hunter



Moonfang-X7 Crown

Moonfang X7 Helm Titan

Moonfang-X7 Gauntlets

Moonfang X7 Gauntlets Titan

Moonfang-X7 Chassis

Moonfang X7 Chassis Titan

Moonfang-X7 Greaves

Moonfang Z7 Greaves Titan

Moonfang-X7 Mark

Moonfang Z7 Mark Titan



Moonfang-X7 Mask

Moonfang X7 Crown Warlock

Moonfang-X7 Gloves

Moonfang X7 Gloves Warlock

Moonfang-X7 Robe

Moonfang X7 Robe Warlock

Moonfang-X7 Boots

Moonfang X7 Boots Warlock

Moonfang-X7 Bond

Moonfang X7 Bond Warlock

Trials of the Nine Armor

Hunter Subclass
Flowing Cowl Hunter
Flowing Grips Hunter
Flowing Vest Hunter
Flowing Boots Hunter
Cloak Judgment Hunter
Crushing Helm Titan
Crushing Guard Titan
Crushing Plate Titan
Crushing Greaves Titan
Mark Judgment Titan
Channeling Cowl Warlock
Channeling Wraps Warlock
Channeling Robes Warlock
Channeling Treads-Warlock
Bond Judgment Warlock

While you can only get one piece per week from the dungeon, it’s definitely worth going for. Of course, this requires having three adept players who are able to work together and seamlessly function as part of a team. However, Destiny 2 doesn’t have a team matching system, outside of the looking for players groups. So what do you do — you want reliability, and you want the look that you deserve.

Weapon Rewards


Ikelos_HC_v1.0.2 Hand Cannon


IKELOS_SG_v1.0.2 Shotgun

Widow’s Bite

Widows Bite

Death Adder

Death Adder



Negative Space

Negative Space

Completing the Prophecy Dungeon

If you’re in a hurry to complete this tough scenario, our Destiny Carries LFG The Prophecy Dungeon carry can give you a much-needed boost. Our expert players can blaze through the scenario to give you the satisfaction of having your character complete this dungeon.

Good teams don’t generally happen by accident — it takes time and dedication to cultivate a good working relationship, particularly when trying to do a Flawless run-through. Using of the top Destiny 2 players means that we can build great teams and work through a dungeon, with each player doing their part to give you the results you want. Our Destiny Carries LFG The Prophecy Dungeon carry lets you enjoy the rewards — guaranteed.

Recommended Power Level of 1040

A new dungeon was released a few hours after the Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. It is called  the Prophecy Dungeon

Guardians that are eager to check out the dungeon and try it out for themselves’s  will most likely need to bring two additional expert players.

The new Dungeon has a recommended power level of 1040 and is filled with mazes and bosses. You should probably spend the first few hours of Season of Arrivals trying to level up as high as you can get.

Try to do Eris and Drifter’s bounties to receive more power levels. It’s a pinnacle-level activity, so you can expect to receive some of the best gear in the game, and it requires high-level equipment to take part in it.

How you start the dungeon, travel to the Tower, and click on the dungeon icon where the Drifter is on the left-hand side of the map.

You don’t have to speak to the Drifter about it, but you can do a brief dialogue with him, which doesn’t do much besides informing you about a disturbance. By completing the dungeon, you will gain access to Pinnacle Gear, increasing your overall Destiny 2 level. The recommended light level for the dungeon is level 1040.

Check out Destiny Carries LFG Dungeon Guide and What Does the Dungeon In Season of Arrivals offer?


  • You have to match the Power Level of the selected option


You need to be a minimum 1020 Power Level or higher and have the Shadowkeep DLC for the basic run-through.

Yes, but you need to be a 1056 or higher Power Level to qualify for this service. This is due to the extra difficulty in completing a Flawless run.

We offer options for all three characters: Warlock, Hunter and Titan across all four platforms.

Due to the nature of the raid, we cannot guarantee that you will receive any particular piece of loot. The loot for completion is a random piece of Moonfang-X7 armor.

For this Destiny Carries LFG The Prophecy carry, we only offer recovery, which is where we sign onto your profile and complete the raid as your character. We communicate extensively so that you know when we have started and when we have finished.

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