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Pit of Heresy

Pit of Heresy

The Pit of Heresy Dungeon playthrough on the Shadowkeep expansion is a difficult feat to get through. Players are idealistically supposed to stay alive through the whole challenge, with a final boss at the end.

There is a weekly reward of pinnacle gear. This gear is the forefront of why players keep coming back, and after seeing what is offered, it makes sense why.

Don’t stress about the loot that you’re not winning while you’re busy with other things. Destiny Carries and LFG will complete this Dungeon experience for you, ensuring you receive all the rewards possible from the playthrough.

Pit of Heresy Icon 3Pit of Heresy: New Dungeon Completions for great rewards

You must gain access to the dungeon first by completing the quest The Deepening Wake offered by Eris Morn. It is recommended the power level of 940. Full of difficult boss encounters puzzles. Rewards include Pinnacle Gear appon completing this dungeon.

Destiny Carries and LFG Pit of Heresy Carry

Travel to the moon and survive in this Destiny Carries and LFG Pit of Heresy carry. Released in October 2019 as part of the Shadowkeep expansion, Pit of Heresy is a dungeon that requires three Guardians to brave the Hive. But first, you must unlock this dungeon through the Deepening Wake mission.

The Deepening Wake

Completing the Deepening Wake is fairly simple: defeat five ways of enemies and then a boss in Sorrow’s Harbor. You will likely find yourself fighting with multiple other Guardians, and you will likely get a reasonable amount of loot just from this.

However, as with everything on Destiny 2, the power level is crucial, and you must be at least level 940 to even access the main dungeon. Fortunately, it’s just Hive in this dungeon and no champions, so you will definitely need solar damage.

The Pit of Heresy

Runes are definitely the theme of the dungeon, and you must complete a task where you match the correct runes and then use a relic to defeat a variety of enemies. This requires a lot of running back and forth as you match up the towers with the runes that you see and then defeat the inevitable enemies in those towers.

The next step is to avoid the pair of unkillable ogres, dispatch the Hive Knights, deposit void orbs in the relevant doors and trigger the next section.

More Hive runes appear in this section, and you basically need to destroy the term, destroy Hive Knights and destroy the rune door. A jumping puzzle follows, it’s rune time yet again and there are more Hive Wizards. Eventually, you hit the boss phase with a distinctly familiar theme: Knights, void orbs, lots of damage but this time with a single-shot damage phase that can kill you outright if you’re caught in the blast zone.

Eventually, if you defeat the boss, you end up with a piece of Pinnacle gear that’s fully masterworked.

Pit of Heresy Sounds Like a Grind!

It is a grind, and that’s where a Destiny Carries and LFG Pit of Heresy carry can help you achieve the Pinnacle gear you need without the grinding. You also get the Sanguine Static emblem. Simply put, we sign into your account with one of our expert Destiny 2 players and complete the dungeon as required. 

Depending on what options you choose, you get different benefits from each type of run-through. We communicate fully throughout the process to ensure that you can tick off the dungeon on your character’s metaphorical scorecard and get the loot that you deserve. Our Destiny Carries and LFG Pit of Heresy carry can’t guarantee any particular loot, but it can guarantee completion of the dungeon.

Pit of Heresy

All Of Pit Of Heresy​ rewards are completely RNG and not guaranteed.

  • Drops from boss give Masterworked Armor at a higher level
  • Armor from the moon and weapons drops
  • Emblem: Sanguine Static for Dungeon completion
Hunter Subclass
hunter reward
titan reward
warlock reward

Pit of Heresy Rewards

The Pit of Heresy Rewards is the main incentive for this Dungeon. There is a lot of prized pieces that are won in this experience, so don’t skimp out by just running through it once or twice. The boss drop alone is worth the repeated completion, but beyond that, all the other challenges leave a player feeling weighed down by their winnings. 

The boss is going to drop Masterworked armor that is usually at higher than normal level. There is a ton of Moon armor and weapons dropped, suiting up players with a variety of different arms (in both ways). You can expect weapons such as;

  • Premonition // Pulse Rifle
  • Every Waking Moment // Submachine Gun
  • Love and Death // Grenade Launcher
  • A Fine Memorial // Machine Gun
  • Dream Breaker // Fusion Rifle
  • One Small Step // Shotgun
  • Loud Lullaby // Hand Cannon


Pulse Rifle

Premonition Pulse Rifle

Every Waking Moment

Submachine Gun

Every Waking Moment

Love and Death

Love and Death

A Fine Memorial

Machine Gun

A Fine Memorial

Dream Breaker

Fusion Rifle

Dream Breaker

Dream Breaker

Fusion Rifle

Dream Breaker

Arc Logic

Arc Logic

Auto Rifle



Sniper Rifle

One Small Step

One Small Step

Shot Gun

Loud Lullaby

Loud Lullaby

What is the Pit of Heresy Dungeon

The Pit of Heresy dungeon experience is one of a kind to Destiny 2. They are demanding, as with the usual waves of enemies can get tiring. They remain different from both a Strike and Raid. This one is beneath the surface of the Moon, correlating with the rest of the situation in Destiny 2 right now, engulfed with an eerie notion. 

Playthroughs like these are great for farming out new weapons, armor pieces, and even stats for badges. If you have played this once through and felt the tediousness that is surrounding the experience, then let us handle it a few times over for.

With a couple more Dungeon challenges under your belt, your inventory and stats are going to thank you.

Destiny Carries and LFG

We will take over from the shifting point of Eris Morn and the movement into the Altars of Sorrow entry to the quest. The Dungeon is primarily wave-based with a final boss at the end. Our team knows how to handle it all, down to a science. To complete this quest, your Guardian will kill 20 Nightmares during the Sorrow’s Harbor mode.

There are six waves, accounting for the final boss. Destiny Carries and LFG players understand the desires for these weapons and armor pieces, but the lack of time to commit to what is demanded from this Dungeon quest.  Let us take this over for you, leaving you with all the loot. This challenge is weekly and can suit up a player in no time.

We will assign expert players to work through this Dungeon activity with the Recovery option that is presented on the checkout screen. Our team members do need to know what your primary console is to ensure that the rewards are received in the most synchronistic way. There are some differences in playouts, regardless of the new Cross-Save option.

You are going to then choose your character type; Warlock, Titan, or Hunter. This will help us prepare strategies and work through plans for the waves and battles that are to come. You can also choose to play with our team if that is suits your goals better. This is an excellent chapter to play out with a firing team, keeping in mind the sharing of loot.

Requirements for Pit of Heresy

You have to complete the quest The Deepening Wake to receive this Dungeon task from Eris Morn. It is recommended to achieve this with the Power Level of 940; what a feat. Let us take on the powerful bosses and challenging puzzles for you. The rewards will be received the same, if not better leaving it to the experts.

Our experts can complete everything from unlocking the dungeon through the Deepening Wake mission through to a solo Flawless completion. Simply tick the corresponding boxes to add it to your cart.

You need to have unlocked the dungeon, unless you have selected the unlocked option, and you must be at least level 930 for the base mission. If you wish to go solo or Flawless, we require you to be level 960 or higher. In addition, you must have the Shadowkeep DLC.

This Destiny Carries and LFG Pit of Heresy carry can work with Warlock, Hunter and Titan character classes.

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