One Thousand Voices

Guaranteed Weapon Don’t Miss Out On This Amazing Exotic Fusion Rifle One Thousand Voices


One Thousand Voices

Guaranteed Weapon

Don't Miss Out On This Amazing Exotic Fusion Rifle

One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion Rifle slotted in the power Weapon slot and uses Solar damage. In the Last Wish Raid Defeating Riven the final boss and opening a random chest give you a change to obtain this Amazing Fusion Rifle.

One Thousand Voices


One Thousand Voices And How It Is Obtained?

There is a change One Thousand Voices will drop after defeating Riven. You will be in a huge room full of chests. When you open the final Chest in the the Last Wish Raid it has a chance to drop the Exotic Fusion Rifle. The more times you defeat riven in a week the better chances to obtain The One Thousand Voices.

Service for the Exotic Fusion Rifle may take several weeks to complete as the drop is only available as the Riven can only be defeated once a week on each character.


Must be of 800+ Power Level

Own the Shadowkeep DLC

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You Must have the Forsaken DLC

Logan Wells

2 years ago
I had surgery on Monday and my right hand is pretty much useless. This service a godsend I can't thank you guys and girls enough.thank you!
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