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Nightmare Hunt

Nightmare Hunt

Destiny Carries LFG Nightmare Hunt Carry

Defeat the terrors in the night with this Destiny Carries LFG Nightmare Hunt carry. A trio of players heads to the moon to hunt down nightmares for bounties and complete as many as they can — for the chance to receive legendary items and complete the Dreambane armor set.

 In Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, there are eight possible Nightmare Hunts:

  • Insanity
  • Rage
  • Servitude
  • Pride
  • Isolation
  • Fear
  • Anguish
  • Despair

Each one of these Hunts can drop a specific piece of armor or weaponry. These are, in order:

  • Love and Death: Legendary grenade launcher

  • One Small Step: Legendary shotgun
  • Dream Breaker: Legendary fusion rifle
  • Dreambane helmet
  • Dreambane gauntlets
  • Dreambane chest piece
  • Dreambane leg armor
  • Dreambane final class item for Hunter, Titan or Warlock

Each of these pieces individually is worth it, and the whole armor and weaponry set helps give you a boost of a few levels and give you powerful new tools to defeat a wide range of enemies. Without this equipment, you may struggle to gain levels and complete various higher-level tasks.

Completing the Nightmare Hunt Raid

Nightmare Hunts require three adept players who can work together and play together effectively. But what do you do when you don’t have two other teammates? While you can, of course, use the looking for players groups, this can be fraught with difficulty — how do you know who is good and who is not? And will you have to deal with team politics and potential flakiness?  

For those who are in a hurry to get on with the game or need a quick boost, our Destiny Carries LFG Nightmare Hunt carry delivers the results you need. In addition, there are different levels to the Nightmare Hunt. An adept must be level 860 to allow us to complete it, whereas if you want to complete it on Master, you must be level 1080. Naturally, you must have the Shadowkeep DLC as well as the annual pass. You must also have completed the Shadowkeep campaign.

Our experts can play on Xbox, PS4, Stadia and PC, and they can handle Warlocks, Hunters and Titans. It’s also possible to run the Master difficulty Flawless for extra bonuses. If you want to get the Time Trials Master Triumph, simply select the relevant tick box to add it to your cart.

How It Works

Our expert will sign onto your profile to complete the selected Nightmare Hunt on the required level of difficulty. They will communicate with you throughout the process so that you know when the hunt is done and your loot is ready to be enjoyed.

This Destiny Carries LFG Nightmare Hunt carry covers Servitude, Isolation and Pride to help you get through the most difficult parts and claim the armor and weapons you deserve. This service can also potentially boost your character a few levels upon completion to get you on your way to completing the next difficulty level.

With results guaranteed, this Destiny Carries LFG Nightmare Hunt carry ensures you can enjoy the game and enjoy the bonuses acquired.

Nightmare Hunts

Receive Great Rewards Defeting Nighmares

Nightmare Hunts is a Shadowkeep challenging activity. Hund down and Defeat nightmares for a possible chance to receive an Essence and unique Nightmare mods! Nightmare Hunts released in 4 different difficulty tiers. Adept, Hero, Legend and Master.

Jump into The Hunt

This new spooky spectacle in Destiny 2 is a real jaw-dropper, as for creativity and cohesiveness. Be sure to visit Eris Morn and grab as many bounties as  you can. There is a lot to fathom of what it contains  in the Black Garden, this is what nightmares are made of.

Guardians nightmares, quite literally expected, that you are hunting something, so no surprises. Combat explorer the mysteries of the Black Garden and check the solar system and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies and kill those nightmares. 

The Nightmare Hunts are where Guardians are required to track down the enemies of the past go Destiny. Leaving a bone-chilling feel at first, this side of Shadowkeep is a bit unnerving. Bring your best comrades with you, too, individuals who can handle the pressure. There is a sort of psychological effect to it all that seems to weed out the weak ones.

Power Levels Do Matter



Essence of Anguish
Nightmare Mods



Essence of Despair
Nightmare Mods



Essence of Insanity
Nightmare Mods


With the Shadowkeep release, some changes have been made to the way modifiers affect your suit. Should be noted with this in mind, there are unique mods throughout the Nightmare Hunts that will assist you and your team members. These can help you all in battle, or they may work against your enemies, valid through nerfs and buffs. 

 Don’t miss the modifiers on the field; make sure to keep a watchful eye for these items as they are not all hidden in plain sight. They are going to rotate every week, similar to that of the Crucible. This factor will keep us Guardians interested in farming loot and Power from these Nightmare Hunts.

How We Can Help

If you are unsure how to follow through with retrieving the Power leveling and equipment, let us know. Destiny Carries and LFG are here to help guide you through any of the options that you see listed in the checkout section. Adept, Hero, or Master are all potential choices, so select well Guardian.

If what you’re pondering on is more invasive on the subject, check out our blog. See if what you’re wondering about is covered. 

Taking on The Nightmare Hunts

Are you ready for the action-packed into this excerpt of the Shadowkeep expansion? Is your Power level where it needs to be, do you have the right artillery?

If it’s maybe to either of these, check out what we can offer as well in our Shadowkeep tab. There are heaps of weapons to choose from that can help you work through these Nightmare Hunts.

On the 8th of October, Hero and Legendary are available for Guardians to play, and following that, on the 15th, the Master difficulty is unlocked.

With the increase of pressure, you can expect better quality drops and more level incentives, so don’t pass the opportunity to improve your character by long shots.

Dive into the Nightmare Hunts, thanks to the Destiny Carries and LFG. Suit-up with your most resilient armor, prep your best team, and stock up your ammo

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