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Moon Armor and Weapons

Moon Armor and Weapons
Moon Armor and Weapons

Collect and cleanse Essence get the new Moon Armor and Weapons!

Cleansing the Essence you have collected you can receive the new Moon specific Armor and Weapons. Keep buying these Essences once unlocked and keep grinding for god roll item you want.

During the Lectern of Enchantments, you can set yourself up for success. Pre-order the Moon armor and weapons through Destiny Carries and LFG to receive one heck of a reward- or rewards! These armor and weapon additions will be the perfect fit for your characters’ new take in Destiny 2, as Shadowkeep becomes the moving force.

Selecting Your Essence

With the Lectern of Enchantment, you can work to obtain several Essence Weapons. Unlock and collect these throughout the Shadowkeep campaign and after that. We at Destiny Carries and LFG can work to provide you with the Essence weapon of your choice- all of which are included in the drop-down box at checkout.


Essence of Pride

Essence of Pride

Essence of Isolation

Essence of Isolation

Essence of Fear

Essence of Fear

Essence of Anguish

Essence of Anguish

Essence of Despair

Essence of Dispare

Essence of Brutality

Essence of Brutality

Essence of Envy​

Essence of Envy

Essence of Failure

Essence of Failure

Essence of Insanity​

Essence of Insanity

Essence of Servitude

Essence of Servitude

Essence of Rage

Essence of Rage

Essence of Greed​

Essence of Greed

Essence of Jealousy

Essence of Jealousy

Essence of Vanity

Essence of Vanity

Essence of Obscurity​

Essence of Obscurity

Here are all the Essence options with a general idea of which weapon it pertains to.

  • Essence of Failure // Arc Logic Auto Rifle

          You are going to need to obtain Captive Chord to get this one.

  • Essence of Brutality // Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon

            This requires Nechromantic Strand.

  • Essence of Greed // A Fine Memorial Machine Gun

            The Ethereal Charms from the Temple of Crota are required for this weapon.

  • Essence of Insanity // Love and Death Grenade Launcher

            You will need the Bound Manacle from the Gatehouse.

  • Essence of Rage // One Small Step Shotgun

         Fangs of Shun’Gath are the required item for this Essence weapon.

  • Essence of Obscurity // Every Waking Moment Submachine Gun

         The required piece of equipment is the Withered Plumes.

  • Essence of Servitude // Dream Breaker Fusion Rifle

          You will need Ralniks Hatchet to obtain this Essence Weapon.

  • Essence of Jealousy // Night Terror Sword

          This also requires the Ralniks Hatchet, which is obtainable from Traitors Ketch.

  • Essence of Vanity // Tranquility Sniper Rifle

          Requires the Horned Wreath to obtain the Tranquility Rifle.

These weapons are all obtainable by your Guardian. With the massive number of hours that are needed to make this happen, though, a lot of gamers will fall short.

If you are worried, this is going to be you, jump on with Destiny Carries and LFG. We will play your game for you, boost your character, and gather you the Essence weapons from the Lectern of Enchantment.

Select from the range of Essence options and customize this upgrade to the goals you have set for your Guardian.

Destiny 2 is an ever-evolving terrain, so you may want to stock up on an assortment of weapons. If that is the case, choose which ones from the list we have provided. Each Essence weapon is packed with a variance of power related to the content of the “essence.” Maybe you don’t have time to get them all, but you’ve started the searches. Let us jump in where you left off, and we’ll get your content upon contents ahead in the game.

Moving Forward

If you have concluded that this boosting is for you, then do choose the direction in which you want to move forward. As always, begin with the Recovery option.

Recovery lets us access your account directly and play under your character. We are only doing this to complete the task you have assigned for us, not affiliated with any other intent.

Destiny Carries and LFG are a professional team of passionate gamers here to make your experience fulfilling.

After this, you are going to choose your Essence.

Select from the full range of types, remembering to refer back to the list and ensure it’s the correct weapon you’re hoping to farm for. They are all there, listed in alphabetical order for your ease of deciphering. 

Next, choose your platform- Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, etc. Keep in mind that with this new expansion, there is the Cross-Save option.

You will have access to your account no matter what sort of system you are using, but for this bounty retrieval, please select the most prominent one you use. What method do you affiliate your experiences with?

Choose your character type now, allowing us to customize the weapon and armor to your Guardian.

Warlock, Hunter, or Titan alike, Destiny Carries and LFG are here to work with you, for you. We want to see your character succeed just as you do.

You can select to purchase a Phantasmal Core if you need one for the Essence purchase. Some players have plenty of their own for this sort of thing.

If that is you, mosey on by. This option lets both parties ensure that everything is kosher with the account to reap future benefits. 

Don’t let the weapons and armor of the Moon pass your Guardian. Whether it be because you’re busy or bored with the battling, let us help you get to where you want to be in Destiny 2. That is what we are here for.


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