Luna’s Howl and Recluse

Lunal Howl Legendary Hand Cannon Don’t miss out on this dangerous duo; the Luna


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Luna’s Howl and Recluse

Luna's Howl

Lunal Howl Legendary Hand Cannon

Don’t miss out on this dangerous duo; the Luna Howl Hand Cannon and Recluse Submachine Gun. For the purchase of one of the best hand cannons’ in gameplay from Destiny Carries LFG, you will also receive a free Recluse Submachine Gun! We will even help you with Luna’s Howl Quest.

Luna’s Howl Legendary Hand Cannon Quest

We at Destiny Carries LFG are experts in Destiny 2 and the Quests that it contains. Let us help you finish the Legendary Luna’s Howl Quest through this purchase of the hand cannon, partnered with the free Recluse.

This quest is part of the Forsaken expansion. Certain obligations linked to the retrieval of Luna’s Howl. Ordered by Lord Shaxx, these tasks have a series of steps that need to be completed to earn the weapon. After visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower, you will obtain “Shock and Denial.” That is the first Pursuit that begins all the rest. To achieve Luna’s Howl, follow these steps;

  • Shock and Denial: Finish 10 Competitive matches.
  • Pain and Guilt: Kill 150 Enemies with a Hand Cannon in the Competitive playlist.
  • Anger and Bargaining: Get 200 Solar Kills in the Competitive playlist.
  • Depression and Loneliness: Complete 3 Rumble matches.
  • The Upward Turn: Earn 100 Precision Kills using Hand Cannons in Competitive.
  • Reconstruction: Reach the Fabled rank in the Glory playlist.
  • Return to Lord Shaxx in the Tower to complete the quest and unlock the Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon.  

Lunas Howl Perks

Luna’s Howl has a range of appealing perks, making it one of the most favored Hand Cannons’ in Destiny 2. There are perks related to firefighting and tracking primarily, giving this weapon a steady aim. Posted below are the perks and how they are played out;

  • Precision Frame: This allows the gun to fire quickly with higher than usual accuracy.
  • Polygonal Rifling: Increasing the stability of the weapon.
  • Drop Mag: This perk is two-sided of sorts. On the plus side, your reload speed boosts. On the downside, there is a waste of ammo that takes place when doing so.
  • Zen Moment: This increases the weapon’s stability as well, but specifically when you are causing damage.
  • Magnificent Howl: These perk grants players a short duration of time when they can do bonus damage until their next kill (or miss). It only occurs when two precision shots are made rapidly, so it can be a bit tedious to utilize with intent.
  • Kill Tracker: This adds up your overall kills.
  • Crucible Tracker: Tracks the number of players that they eliminated in the crucible at the current spot in the game.
The Recluse

The Recluse Pinnacle Submachine Gun

The Recluse Legendary Pinnacle Submachine Gun is a Void Burn, producing extremely fast fires and boosting damage done after a kill with any weapon. It is a Crucible classed weapon, meaning it is one of the harder ones to obtain. Even with that so, the Valor Crucible Playlist has gotten much more difficult thanks to Bungie’s adjustments. Don’t feel worn down by this fact though. We at Destiny Carries LFG are ready to help guide you with success towards reaching this weapon, and others if need be.

Recluse Perks

There are several perks attached to the Recluse, including a fan favorite- Master of Arms. This weapon comes loaded with that perk plus others to help weigh its favor against the Shotgun class, as the Submachine guns are becoming less and less preferred with the Forsaken expansion. The perks that included with Recluse are as follows;

  • Polygonal Rifling: This perk creates barrel optimization for recoil reduction. Thus, leading to an increase of stability for the weapon overall.
  • Lightweight Frame: Allowing for excellent handling. This weapon is suitable for a player on the move because of this perk.
  • Ricochet Rounds: This lets rounds ricochet off hard surfaces, increases the weapons stability and slightly the range.
  • Feeding Frenzy: The kills for this weapon are boosts to the reload speed, but only for a window of time allotted by the number of kills made.
  • Master of Arms: This allows for kills with ANY weapon to improve the damage this weapon does over a select time.

The Dangerous Duo

The Luna’s Howl hand canon and the Recluse submachine gun have some of the best weapon perks available. This combination is worth the purchase. Check out the blog pages If you are not convinced. Read some firsthand re pour on their gameplay. If you are concerned with the quests for either of them, reach out to us at Destiny Carries LFG. We are always eager to help guide you through some of the complications that could arise along the way.

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