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Lectern Of Enchantments

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The Lectern of Enchantments is a Legendary Quest Step involved with a significant Questline. We at Destiny Carries and LFG are working hard to provide the best quality gameplay we can to gamers out there.

This Quest Step is assessable through the progress of this Quest, and we are here to make that happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t pass up the chance to get a step ahead in this Shadowkeep expansion.

Destiny Carries and LFG are here to make that goal a reality through some simple guidance and momentary account control.  What we are offering here is to complete a selected number of bounties that are hosted by the Quest Step Lectern of Enchantments.

You can choose from daily, weekly, or even outright purchase the Phantasmal Fragments that you receive from the bounty’s completion.

Lectern of Enchantments Bounties

Complete Bounties and collect Materials for rewards!

Lectern of Enchantments has 2 weekly and 4 daily bounties you can turn in for Phantasmal Cores/Fragments and XP rewards. You can also turn in Fragments to create Cores so you can purchase Essence’s.

Daily Bounties

Daily Bounties

Our Experts will complete the 4 available daily bounties.
REWARDS: Phantasmal Fragments and XP

weekly bounties

Weekly Bounties

Our Experts will complete the 2 weekly bounties.
REWARDS: Phantasmal Cores and XP

Phantasmal Fragment

Phantasmal Fragment

Turn in Helium Fragments or defeat Nightmares.
REWARDS: Selected amount of Phantasmal Fragments. Can only hold [30] at any point.

Phantasmal Core

Phantasmal Core

Turn in 20 x Phantasmal Fragments for one Core.
REWARDS: Selected amount of Phantasmal Cores. Can only hold [3] at any point.

What is the Questline?

The Questline that the Lectern of Enchantment belongs to is a long and drawn-out process, which is why the playthrough with us is so worth it.

Lectern of Enchantment is step 12 out of 18 total, following in suit with the extensiveness of the expansion. If you are sitting at a spot before this step, try working your way to meet in the middle. This is a reward packed part of the playthrough.

This Quest is a lot to ask of players, so don’t sweat the big stuff, we know its hefty. We are here to lighten the load, one step at a time. We offer a few options with the completion of this Quest Step. You can assess them to the best of your ability and decide which one is best for your Guardian. 

There Are Options

If you are unsure about this boosting play, consider it with the fact that there are options on how you want Destiny Carries and LFG to involve themselves into your Quest experience. Get these bounties completed and collect the rewards that come with them.

There are two weekly and four daily bounties that can be accessed by your player, each of which is turned in for Phantasmal Cores or Fragments and XP rewards.

These Fragments can also be used to purchase Essence’s for your character, so no matter what, there’s a reason to need them.

The Phantasmal Fragment options lets you select how many of these you

want, while you can also choose to have one of our skilled gamers complete the bounties for your Guardian, letting you scoop some handy loot. Either way, we require for us to log onto your account directly while guarantying that you will be satisfied once we are done.         

The Phantasmal Fragments can also be received through the exchange of Helium Fragments or when you defeat Nightmares. There is a limit to holding only thirty Fragments and three cores per player, so choose wisely how you sort them. Twenty Fragments make a core if that is any bit beneficial.

Now What?

Begin by selecting your experience option. This selection will let us at Destiny Carries and LFG know what sort of package deal you are expecting; weekly bounties compared to daily bounties.

Or are you going to get the Fragments, skipping all the rewards that come with the playthroughs? If you are trying to amp up your inventory, its recommended that you do the whole bounty- something worthwhile may come along. We at Destiny Carries and LFG will take care of the dirty work. 

After you have chosen your experience option for us at Destiny Carries and LFG to work with, you are going to set us up with information on your account. We will access it through the Recovery option that is selectable from the drop-down box.

Choose your Platform; Xbox, PlayStation, PC, etc. Remember that with this new season underway, there is the option of Cross-Save. Cross-Save lets players jump onto their accounts from numerous different consoles, though note that Cross-Play is not in motion yet.

Once your platform is set up, select your character type. Warlock, Titan, or Hunter; all of which have slightly different playthroughs, so ensure you choose correctly.

If you are looking forward to this Quests completion, work with us at Destiny Carries and LFG to help alleviate some of the stress.

We are here to help guide your Guardian through the tribulations of this immensely demanding challenge. Don’t let yourself fall under weigh because things got a bit overwhelming, lay some of that responsibility into the hands of professionals.

We are here to help with these bounties and most others that may be holding you back from your characters’ truest potential. Grab these sweet rewards and start stocking up before Shadowkeep is packed with farming gamers.

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