Last Wish Raid

Destiny 2 Forsaken Last Wish Raid Carries


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    Last Wish Raid

    Forsaken Last Wish Raid

    Destiny 2 Forsaken Last Wish Raid Carries

    Destiny Carries LFG are up and able to take on the Last Wish raid for your Guardian. This playthrough is involved with the Dreaming City, which has been corrupted by Riven, the last known Ahamkara. Mara Sov is sending for the Guardians to help complete this raid and defeat these enemies.

    The Last Wish raid is not an easy task to take on, so let us work through this hassle for you. Destiny Carries LFG will get directly onto your account and boost it with this completed raid.

    Raids are of the most challenging PvE challenges in Destiny 2. You are being asked not only for yourself but also for the team that you tag with you. The Last Wish raid requires a Power level of 550, but the Riven is topped with 580. These expectations aren’t out of your reach but maybe require more attention and effort than what you’re prepared to give. 

    We are a team of professional players who have mastered this raid alongside all the others. We have some of the most effective and powerful strategies that can guarantee your satisfaction when its all said and done. 

    Last Wish Raid Rewards

    All the rewards that you receive from this raid are RNG. RNG means that we cannot guarantee what will be awarded through our boosting. The boss drops will reward at higher levels, up to 900 in Power. There are also hidden chests that are rewarded. These rewards are at the current level of your Guardian.

    There is some exclusive raid armor that can be obtained through The Last Wish raid. The Mask, Grips, and the Vest of the Great Hunt are all Hunter qualifying armor.

    For Titans, there are pieces such as the Helm or the Gauntlets of the Great Hunt. With the Warlock armor, you can expect Robes and Gloves of the Great Hunt, along with pieces such as the Hood, Boots, and Bond Of the Great Hunt.

    The Raid Exclusive weapons are possible catches with these drops. Armaments such as The Supremacy, Apex Predator, Transfiguration, Techeun Force, and Chattering Bone all may be potential winnings from this raid.

    You could also score Tyranny of Heaven, Nation of Beasts, Age-Old Bond, or One Thousand Voices. These all could drop as Curated Masterworked God Rolls, so don’t pass this raid up. These weapons are worthy enough of the investment.

    With the Masterworked potential, it is unknown how lucky you could get. The goal is to grab a One Thousand Voices gun, but time will tell.

    Among these wonderful winnings, you are guaranteed to obtain the Seed of Light with the first clear. The Seed of Light unlocks the 3rd subclass tree for your character.

    Other potential loots are the Cleansing Knife Sparrow, Wish-maker Shell, or the Ermine TAC-717 Ship. There is a lot of loot to reap from this raid, and we’ve got you covered. Let Destiny Carries LFG boost your account with all this plus the Power level increase you’ll see when we’re through with your account.

    Last Wish Raid Rewards

    All rewards are completely RNG and not guaranteed.

    • Boss drops will reward Powerful raid rewards at a higher level.
    • Hidden chests reward raid rewards at the current level.

    Exclusive Raid Weapons

    The Supremacy

    The Supremacy

    Apex Predator

    Apex Predator



    Techeun Force


    Chattering Bone

    Chattering Bone

    Tyranny of Heaven

    Tyranny of Heaven

    Nation of Beasts

    Nation of Beasts

    Age Old Bond

    Age Old Bond

    One Thousand Voices

    One Thousand Voices

    Mask of the Great Hunt

    Mask of the Great Hunt

    Grips of the Great Hunt

    Vest of the Great Hunt

    Strides of the Great Hunt

    Strides of the Great Hunt

    Cloak of the Great Hunt

    Helm of the Great Hunt

    Helm of the Great Hunt

    Gauntlets of the Great Hunt

    Gauntlets of the Great Hunt

    Vest of the Great Hunt

    Plate of the Great Hunt

    Greaves of the Great Hunt

    Greaves of the Great Hunt

    Mark of the Great Hunt

    Hood of the Great Hunt

    Gloves of the Great Hunt

    Robes of the Great Hunt

    Robes of the Great Hunt

    Boots of the Great Hunt

    Boots of the Great Hunt

    Bond of the Great Hunt

    Miscellaneous Rewards

    Seed of Light

    Seed of Light will unlock the 3rd subclass tree for your charater

    On first clear Guaranteed reward.

    Wish-Maker Shell

    Wish Maker Shell

    Cleaning Knife Sparrow

    Cleansing Knife

    Ermine TAC-717 Ship

    Ermine TAC 717

    Wish no more Emblem

    Wish No More

    Dreaming Spectrum Shader

    Dreaming Spectrum

    O Murderer Mine Triumph

    O Murderer Mine

    Challenge Mode

    There are weekly challenges associated with this raid. If you complete these challenges, a Triumph will unlock. The Triumph is required for the Rivensbane title if you can complete the Clan raid for the bounty. The Clan raid bounty is located in Suraya Hawthorne.

    There will be Powerful Rewards from this raid loot, so don’t pass it up. If you cannot obtain the weekly bounty from Hawthorne, then there will be no recollection of the challenge completion. The Triumph will not be rewarded in this case.

    Each challenge can be completed once per character with a reset though you can go at it again. You must be at level 570 to select our challenge completion. If this is not the case for you yet, try boosting your Power level with some equipped artifacts or through turning in some Tokens.

    **You MUST have the Weekly Raid Challenge bounty (or have it available for us to collect) in order to get rewards from the Weekly Raid Challenge.**

    Raid Challenges

    Weekly Raid Challenge

    Weekly Raid Challenges will be completed if selection is made. Triumph requiments for Rivenbank title can be unlocked. Bounty for Clan from Suraya Hauthore can also be unlocked if bounty is obtained.

    **Weekly Raid Challenge bounty must be equipped or available in order to get rewards from the Weekly Raid Challenge.**

    The Last Wish Wrap Up

    Once you’ve agreed that this raid should be left to professionals, walk through the checkout. First, select the Recovery option.

    Then choose whether or not you want us to do the Challenge Mode for you. In this playthrough, you have the choice to retrieve the Corrupted Eggs. If you choose, expect a slight price increase.

    Next, specify what your platform is; PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. Wrap this up with selecting your character type. Choose between Warlock, Titan, or Hunter.

    The type specification is going to help us specialize in your raid experience and the rewards to your individual Guardian.

    This raid is of the hardest in the Forsaken expansion, so let us take care of it for you. Don’t sweat the struggle; we can help you as a player thrive in the world of Destiny 2.

    Last Wish Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

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    Order Status Completed

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    If you do you will have to pay to get that progress back.

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    Your Credit Card Info.

    Your personal data is always protected and we never sell your personal data. Your credit

    Top Boosters!

    Destiny Carries LFG has nothing but the top 5 percent of Destiny 2 players. We only use the best player in the game. We know how important all you hard work you put in your guardians and we are here to make them better.

    Only The Best Professional Boosters Are Allowed To Work At Destiny Carries LFG.

    Our professional and tournament players will complete your order fast and with no hassles GUARANTEED!

    Destiny Carries LFG Has Been Around For Several Years

    Destiny Carries LFG has been around for several years.

    Unlike most boosting sites on the internet that say they have done thousands of recoveries, Have flashing numbers and it is the first thing they want you to see on their website.

    Do you really think they have truly done that many? Well we invite you to look around our site and see how professional we are.

    Contact Information

    We also don't hide our contact information. Take a look at or competition sites and see if they actually have their address and or phone number on the site. Also we are a legit Corporation called Boosting Games Inc. that resides in Florida. Just look us up here.


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