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Rank ups, Bounties & Quests Iron Banner Returns In Destiny 2 With More Exclusive


Iron Banner

Rank ups, Bounties & Quests

Iron Banner

Iron Banner Returns In Destiny 2 With More Exclusive Weapons And Armor!

Iron Banner in Season of Arrivals. This time around you get your rewards from completing bounties for Lord Saladin in the tower. These bounties will reward you with powerful gear and the ability to purchase gear directly from Lord Saladin. You get rewarded 5 tokens per win, 2 for a loss. For every 20 Iron Banner tokens you get one Legendary Iron Engram which drops Iron Banner weapons and armor.

Iron Banner


Iron Banner

Starting Off With The Iron Banner

There is a huge variety of loot across the IB, and none of it is set in, well, iron. Different events have different missions and different loot as a reward, making it difficult to track what items are likely to drop. The typical set of missions includes:

To acquire the new weapons,  shader, and emblem you must complete the the quest called “Old Reliables” to be rewarded with The Forward Path Auto Rifle, The fool’s Remedy Sidearm, Iron Vendetta Shader, and Light Unbridled Emblem. 

Iron Banner

Quest Steps

Old Reliables – Using Sidearm Defeated 25 Opponents. With Auto Rifles Defeat 25 Opponents.

Securing Provisions – Visit Lord Saladin in the tower to claim your rewards.

Each one of these drops is loot related to the IB matches. Completing all five results in completing the sixth mission, Polish the Armor, which ties the whole set together.

These missions are the very definition of grinding, and they can take a while to complete. In addition, they usually require a bit of luck and a decent team, unless you are very skilled. But what happens if you don’t have time?

NEW Rewards FOR Season Of Arrivals IB

The Forward Path

The Fool's Remedy

Iron Vendetta

Light Unbridled

Iron Banner


For our Rank Up service we will obtain the amount of tokens needed for the amount of ranks that you select. You need 20 Tokens to turn in for one Legendary Iron Engram which rewards legendary weapon or armor.

  • 1 Rank Up is 20 IB Tokens
  • 5 Rank Ups is 100 IB Tokens
  • 10 Rank Ups is 200 IB Tokens
Iron Banner


or our Bounty Completion service we will complete all 4 Weekly Bounties that Lord Saladin offers. For each bounty you will receive a pinnacle reward and 25 tokens to turn in for Legendary Iron Engrams.

For a list of all the weapons and armor rewards available check below.
We will not open the bounties unless otherwise specified. Armor will only drop from the Bounties once the Questline has been completed.

Choose A Destiny Carries And For Your Boosting Needs!

Choose A Destiny Carries And For Your Boosting Needs!

Our Destiny Carries LFG Iron Banner boosting service can jump in when you need to complete these missions but don’t have the time. We sign into your account, complete the selected missions and let you get on with enjoying the rest of the game. As a result, we can guarantee high-quality results every time. This Destiny Carries LFG Boosting lets you play the game your way with a little help from our experts.


Shining Sphere

The Forward Path

Crimil's Dagger

Orewing's Maul

Swarm of the Raven

Talons of the Eagle

Bite of the Fox

The Fools Remedy

  • Must have the Shadowkeep DLC
  • You have to be of 1010+ Power Level

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Our experts sign onto your account and complete the chosen options for you. We communicate with you regularly so that you know how far we are and when you can sign back into your account. You can then enjoy your bounties and loot gain from this Destiny Carries LFG Iron Banner carry.

For most options, you need to be at least level 1050 or higher, and you need to have the Shadowkeep DLC. This is because this event is only available on this expansion.

We get this question all of the time. Destiny Carries LFG is a completely legitimate website and have accumulated lots of feedback from satisfied customers. Check out our reviews section.

The bottom line is we will need your trust to do an account recovery, and all we can do is prove our history with reviews.

We encourage you to change your password the moment we tell you that your order is completed.

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