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Ikora Bounties & Challenges

Ikora Bounties & Challenges Inner Image
Ikora's Bounties and Challenges

Ikora's Bounties Completion For Vex Weapons​

Ikora now have access to daily and weekly bounties plus a weekly challenge. Complete these to earn XP, Glimmer and Vex Mind Components that you can use to purchase the data seed Weapon bounties. You can also earn Vex Mind Components by completing the Vex Offensive activity.

Ikora Daily Bounties

Daily Bounties

Our Experts will complete the 4 Daily Bounties from Ikora.
REWARDS: XP and Vex Mind Components

Ikora's Weekly Bounties

Weekly Bounties

Our Experts will complete the 2 Weekly Bounties from Ikora.
REWARDS: XP, Glimmer and Vex Mind Components

Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge

Our Experts will complete the weekly challenge from Ikora.
REWARDS: Powerful Reward (Tier 3)

Optative Hand Cannon

Optative Hand Cannon

Our Experts will complete the Data Seed: Hand Cannon quest.
REWARDS: Optative

Adhortative Pulse Rifle

Adhortative Pulse Rifle

Oure will complete the Data Seed: Pulse Rifle quest.
REWARDS: Adhortative

Imperative Scout Rifle

Imperative Scout Rifle

Our Experts will complete the Data Seed: Scout Rifle quest.
REWARDS: Imperative

Subjunctive Submachine Gun

Subjunctive Submachine Gun

Our Experts will complete the Data Seed: Submachine Gun quest.
REWARDS: Subjunctive

Ikora will send you on Powerful Reward missions that will leave you with loot you wouldn’t achieve otherwise. Complete these bounties and challenges to earn the latest greatest Vex weapons, Glimmer, and Vex Mind Components.  

If you’re falling behind in your gameplay, feel like you’re missing all the killer action and artillery, then Destiny Carries and LFG has the solution for you. Let us take your Guardian for a spin and tackle these bounties and challenges for you.

Don’t let yourself fall behind in Destiny 2, especially with the Season of the Undying upon us. Players are swarming the servers, creating havoc at every turn. You don’t want to be behind next time you have the chance to jump in. Set up a playthrough with us, the Destiny Carries LFG team.

See what Destiny Carries and LFG can do for you.

What we offer at Destiny Carries and LFG is a strategic and professional play through on your account for the selected challenges and bounties. We are a team of pro gamers who are not only passionate about their skill but also about what they put back into the realm of Destiny.

 With the Recovery option during check out, you are allowing one of our team members to take over your account for the duration it takes to complete these bounties and challenges. 

Powerful Rewards

After you complete the campaign and have reached the threshold of the soft cap- 900- then you are ready for some Powerful Rewards. These are weapons and gear that are with you in power level, or beyond. With the new updates to gameplay, you will no longer be offered these rewards unless your level is equitable to them. The weekly challenge from Ikora will grant a Powerful Reward upon completion.

With Ikora’s Bounties and Challenges, you can have one of our professional gamers jump in and complete the weekly challenge. This challenge will match any player who is at or past the soft cap with a piece of a similar suit, a Powerful Reward (Tier 3).

Don’t miss out on this opportunity just because it’s right to its name- a challenge. Let Destiny Carries and LFG take out this tribulation and bring back the reward you’re hoping for. Destiny 2 holds high expectations for gamers, but don’t feel concerned about your credibility. These playings are directly worked into your account, letting you get all the benefits and credit that apply.

Reap the Benefits

Upon completing these challenges and bounties, you will receive XP, Glimmer, and Vex mind components that can be used to purchase data seed weapon bounties. There are four daily bounties from Ikora that you can select for Destiny Carries and LFG that reward players with XP and Vex Mind Components.

If you are hoping for more of a challenge, there are weekly bounties as well. Upon completing the two weekly challenges, you will receive the XP, Glimmer, and Vex Mind Components.

It’s up to you which of the two you are looking to get by without. Realistically, though,  you could go with both and reap all the rewards. Put Destiny Carries and LFG up to the challenge. We can work towards completing all of the bounties- weekly and daily- if that is what you think is best.


There are a few weapon quests that are optional with this package. The Subjunctive Submachine Gun is a reward from the Data Seed: Submachine Gun quest. If we complete this, you will be the owner of a Subjunctive. Also, consider the Scout Rifle quest, as it will leave you equipped with the Imperative rifle.

There is also the option for completing the Pulse Rifle Data Seed quest. You will be the proud wielder of Adhortative- a Pulse Rifle if this is achieved. Another selection that can be made is for the Hand Cannon Data Seed quest, which suits up your Guardian with the Optative Hand Cannon. 

Each of these weapons is worthy in their way, worth the strife- but that is just it. There is strife involved.

Which is why you should let the players through Destiny Carries and LFG handle these hassles. We are here to guide your Guardian to success.

Now What?

To receive these bounties and challenges, you must have Shadowkeep DLC and Season Pass, as well as have completed the Shadowkeep Campaign. You don’t need to have walked to the threshold of the power levels- 900- but you do need to be resting at least at 750+. 

From here, you select Recovery, letting us access your account to begin strategizing the challenges and bounties to come. Choose from the drop-down box which of the many options you prefer, whether it be the challenges or the weapon quests, or maybe you want a few of them.

Select your platform and character type next, remembering that Cross-Save is an option now. Don’t sweat the indecisive moments anymore- your Guardian is accessible from any console. 

Once you’ve completed checkout, wait patiently for the rewards and winnings to begin pouring in. We at Destiny Carries and LFG guarantee satisfaction with our playthroughs. See you out there in the future, rocking what-ever it is you’re planning for us to bring home.

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