The Hush

The Hush Gambit Pinnacle Weapon The Hush is a combat bow achieved through the


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The Hush

The Hush Gambit Pinnacle Weapon

The Hush is a combat bow achieved through the completion of Gambit and all the content attached to it. The Hush is a powerful combat bow equipped with SOLAR charged damage. In suit with similar Pinnacle weapons, it takes quite a grind to achieve. Don’t feel discouraged though, with the right firing squad you’ll be the proud owner of the Hush in no time. If there is anything we at Destiny Carries LFG can do, please let us know, we are happy to help!

The Hush Weapon Questline

Hush Quest

Hush, Little Baby

In Gambit or Gambit Prime, defeat enemies, lands precision blows and earn medals with Bows.

  • Get 1000 final blows with a Bow
  • Get 500 precision final blows with a Bow
  • Earn Medals

Hush, Little Baby Quest

The quest that unlocks Hush begins with speaking to the Drifter. You can locate the Drifter in the Annex of the Tower. There you will find the pursuit

Hush, Little Baby, which requires players to have a certain number of kills in Gambit along with medals earned. The criteria for that quest looks about like this:

  • 1,000 Final Blows
  • 500 Precision Final Blows
  • About 600 medals; fill up the progress bar

The requirement of blows with a bow in Gambit is not surprising and still is achievable. The medal standard is likely to be the more difficult of the three. Either way, though, it’s still a fair ranked expectation — the medals obtained with a weapon other than a bow, which makes it any easier to complete. 

Bow Pinnacle Weapon Perks

This bow has become favorable due to its special perk; Archer’s Gambit. This perk is excellent because of how it affects the draw speed after a precision hit. This perk only lasts 7 seconds, meaning there is a slight window in which intense damage to enemies. The primary perks associated with Hush are:

  • Opening Shot: This improves accuracy and range on the opening shot of the attack.
  • Archer’s Gambit: This creates hip fire precision hits that grant master draw-speed bonuses for small intervals.

As a bonus, this weapon comes entirely Masterworked, which is nice because that boosts the overall accuracy. You can attach mods to this weapon too, directly in its slot for such. I recommend the mod Freehand Grip because it pairs well with the perk Archer’s Gambit. With the two combined, you can expect an immense increase in accuracy and fast speed when firing from the hip.

If you enjoy the TLW, then you are going to love Hush as the perks are just variations of each other. This Compound Bow is an excellent addition to your collection of weapons, with perks and mod slots that allow any Guardian to flourish in the field. If you are still wondering why to go with Hush after learning so much about it already, don’t worry, there are other reasons.

Why the Hush?

The Hush is Gambit Pinnacle Weapon in the class of Compound bows. It has a Precision Frame that allows for longer draw times with optimized damage. Hush is ideal for players who are attempting to proclaim mastery with the Combat Bow. So if this is you, don’t let this price stop you.

Why do you want the Hush over famed pieces like the TLW? Well, this is a favored bow due to the exceptional accuracy and speed that witch can be attained from all the perks and mods attached to it. The perk Archer’s Gambit provides massive draw speed bonuses that can equip any players with the skill needed to hit their targets. Who can be bored with that?

Requirements for Purchase

To purchase the Hush bow, you must have the Forsaken DLC and Annual Pass. Any of the platforms work; PC, PlayStation, Xbox. Once you have your platform squared away, you can choose the character you’re working with; Warlock, Hunter, or Titan.

Precision Frame

Longer draw time optimized for damage. Press while drawn to cancel the shot. Compound bow.

Natural String

Slightly increases handling speed • Slightly increases stability • Simple balanced string. • Slightly increases accuracy

Straight Fletching

Increases accuracy • Modern fletching for straight paths.

Opening Shot

Opening Shot

Improved accuracy and range on the opening shot of attack.

Archers Gambit

Archer's Gambit

Hipfire precision hits grant a massive draw-speed bonus for a short duration.

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