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Harbinger Triumph Seal

Harbinger Triumph Seal
Harbinger Triumph Seal

Harbinger Triumph Seal in Destiny Shadowkeep Season of the Undying. The Forsaken expansion has a few titles that can be earned within the game. This is a unique text that will appear next to your Guardians’ name that gives it an elite status, of a sort. With the completion of specific tasks in Destiny 2, you can earn these Triumph Seals that express the player’s devotion to the game.

The Harbinger title stems from the Season of the Undying, Season 8, and requires the players to achieve specific accomplishments during this playthrough. 

Nightmare Hunt Time Trial Master

Time-Trial Master Nightmare Hunts 

A Sibyl’s Dream Emblem Completing all 8 Time Trials will award 

Must be 960+ Power Level. This service will take several resets to complete.

Flawless Mast Nightmare Hunt

Nightmare Hunts Flawless Master

Completing all 8 Time Trials will award A Sibyl’s Dream Emblem  

Must be 960+ Power Level. This service will take several resets to complete.

Wandering Nightmares

Wandering Nightmares

Find and defeat Wandering Nightmares unleashed to wander the Moon. All 4 Nightmares will complete the Wandering Nightmare Triumph, gifting the Moonshot Shell.

  • Nightmare of Xortal, Sworn of Crota
  • Nightmare of Horkis, Fear of Mithrax
  • Nightmare of Jaxx, Claw of Xivu Arath
  • Fallen Council this week!

Must have completed the Shadowkeep Campaign and be 900+ Power Level. This will take several resets to complete.

Must be 960+ Power Level. This service will take several resets to complete.

Let Them Eat Rice Cakes

Let Them Eat Rice Cakes

Located and feed the 9 Lunar Rabbit Statues rice cakes. Feed all 9 Rabbits on ONE CHARACTER to unlock the Lunar Gloom Shader.

Must have completed the Shadowkeep Campaign. This service will take several resets to complete.

Luna's Lost Are Found

Luna’s Lost Are Found

By collecting Ghost Traces on the Moon, Located the nine dead Lunar Ghosts

You need to have completed the Shadowkeep Campaign

Lost No More

Lost No More

On the Moon located the 10th dead Ghost Unlock this triumph for the Lunar Memoriam Emblem.

Must be 960+ Power Level and have unlocked the Pit of Heresy dungeon

Lunas Calling Memory Quests

Luna’s Calling “Memory” Quests

Once per week Eris Morn offers a “memory” quest.On the same character for 5 weeks Complete these quests to earn the Moonrider One Sparrow.

  • Memory of Sai Mota
  • Memory of Vell Tarlowe
  • Memory of Toland, The Shattered
  • Memory of Omar Agah
  • Memory of Eriana-3

Must have completed the Shadowkeep Campaign. This service will take several resets to complete.

Altar of Sorrow Sorrows Bang

Altar of Sorrow: Sorrow’s Bane

At Tier V, clear all five phases in a row without a single sacrifice and then defeat the boss. Rewards The Third Tide Ship from Triumph.

Must be 900+ Power Level and have the Shadowkeep DLC

Bane of Tyrants

Bane of Tyrants

We will guarantee this drop for you by farming the final boss checkpoint in the Pit of Heresy. The Bane of Tyrants Ship is an RNG drop from the final chest from the Pit of Heresy. 

Must be 960+ Power Level and must have unlocked the Pit of Heresy dungeon

Pit of Heresy

Pit of Heresy

The Pit of Heresy dungeon introduced two Triumphs and two Emblems for the collections and the Harbinger Seal. By selecting the Solo, Flawless dungeon completion you can acquire ALL rewards below in one run!

    • Eternal Heretics flawless dungeon Triumph
    • Usurper solo Dungeon Triumph.
    • Sanguine Static Emblem from a dungeon completion.
    • Crimson Echoes Emblem from a Solo, Flawless dungeon completion.

Must be 960+ Power Level and unlocked the Pit of Heresy dungeon

Looking for just the triumphs Eternal Heretic and Usurper? Check out our services further down!

Symphony of Death

Symphony of Death

Dispatch the Deathsingers and acquire the Exotic Rocket Launcher, Deathbringer.

Must be 900+ Power Level and have the Shadowkeep DLC

Looking for the Deathbringer? Or the Xenophage? Check out those services further down!

Destiny Carries LFG

Destiny Carries and LFG will take on these objectives for you and boost your account towards the title you are aiming for. To receive the Harbinger Triumph Seal, there is a list of requirements that need to be met. Let Destiny Carries and LFG handle these challenges and bring your account the success you’re dreaming of. Show of this exclusive title with little to no work required.

Harbinger Triumph Seal Requirements for Completions

These are all required to be completed to receive the Harbinger Triumph Seal. You can choose for Destiny Carries and LFG to complete one or all of these challenges. If there are just a few that you need boosting for, specify that during checkout.

Requirements for Harbinger Triumph Seal

You must be at least at level 900, or match the requirements for the specific Triumph you are having us work through. You must have all the Shadowkeep DLC, and for most of the triumph challenges, have completed the Shadowkeep Campaign.

There are several challenges that are going to require a handful of resets as well, meaning they will need to be completed a few times.

If you have worked this far into the game, Destiny Carries and LFG are happy to help you take a load off. There are a lot of demands from Destiny 2, but the game is worth the work. It’s not easy to finish all these requirements for this badge, so let us take the weight of it.

Harbinger Triumph Seal Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ's

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