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Eris Morn – Bounties & Challenges

Eris Morn – Bounties & Challenges Internal image

Eris Morn- Bounties and Challenges

Eris Morn – Bounties and Challenges are a big part of the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Season of the Undying. If you think your account could use a boost when it comes to any of the content from Shadowkeep, reach out to us at Destiny Carries and LFG. We are offering gameplay’s that will move your Guardian forward in the experience. The bounties and challenges that are given by Eris Morn are an excellent place to start.

Daily Bounties

Daily Bounties

Our Experts will complete the 4 available daily bounties.
REWARDS: XP and Planet Materialss

Weekly Bounties

Weekly Bounties

Our Experts will complete Lunar Spelunker and Luna’s Recall.
REWARDS: Firewall Data Fragment, Powerful Gear and XP

Weelky Challenges

Weekly Challenge

Our Experts will complete the Memory Pursuit.
REWARDS: Powerful Gear (Tier 1)

Who is Eris Morn?

A woman of many sides, this is an original character in the latest and greatest Shadowkeep Season of the undying. You will come across a variety of quests, such as the Essence of Anguish, that force you to work alongside her.

The first part of that quest requires three bounties total, translating to that you can expect hefty requirements for the content that relates to her. She originates on the moon, and coincidently, that is where a lot of your work is to be completed  daily, and weekly. Her bounties and activities account for a lot of that.

The trends of this character are a bit dreary, with the help from Destiny Carries and LFG, there is little to worry about as they have got you covered.

You can count on our team of professionals to guide your Guardian through these bounties and more, for your sake. This terrain is new and complicated, so even if you are looking for a boost and not a takeover, we have packages for that. 

There are Options

The daily bonus option elaborates for moments compared to the effect of weekly bounties or challenges. There are options for everyone, depending on what sort of character you have, alongside the impact you want to see on your account.

Destiny Carries and LFG guarantee the highest level of success with your character upon whichever way you decide to go.

What To Expect From Destiny Carries and LFG

We are expert players who are up for the challenge of whatever you are struggling with completing or don’t have the time.

The gamers on our team will log right into your account through the Recovery option and complete your items fast and secure. If you are looking for a solid gameplay carry team, a break from the high demand that is seeping from the Shadowkeep release, get in with us.

Select your platform, whether it be PlayStation, Xbox, PC. The system almost doesn’t matter so much now with the new Cross-Save option- letting you access your account from many different sources. Cross-Save is different than Cross-Play, though, which hasn’t been adopted by Bungie yet.

If you’re looking for redemption or just rest, take the time to select from our options of Eris Morn related quests and challenges. Includes the opportunity of daily and weekly bounties or challenges for us at headquarters to complete on your characters’ behalf.

Callenges Includes Echo of the Great Disaster or Adonna’s Quest. Each of their difficulties and adding up to quite a length of time needing to invest in completing the tasks at hand.

If your schedule is too full for the tons of opportunities that come with these bounties and challenges, let us lend you a hand. Here are some examples of things we could accomplish during the time on your account. 

  • Dark Dreams
  • The Greatest Sacrifice
  • A Futile Search
  • First Crota Teams Fallen
  • Misplaced Tent
  • Together Forever
  • Essence of Despair
  • Essence of Anguish

How to Get Started?

Serious about the Shadowkeep Season of the undying Expansion, you’re going to need to get serious about the time that it takes to complete the content that is to unravel. If you feel yourself falling behind with this expectation, we’re a few clicks away.

With all those bounties and challenges ahead, it’s pretty understandable to need a bit of a hand. Let us at Destiny Carries, and LFG work you through the mayhem that follows Eris Morn, without having even to lift a finger of your own. 

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