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EDZ Obelisk Bounties and Weapons

EDZ Obelisk
Nessus Obelisk

Activities and Bounties Completion to Upgrade your Obelisk!

There are 4 different obelisks available all with unique rewards. Once you link a Obelisk you can complete The Sundial to receive unique rewards.

You must unlock each Obelisk by completing a short quest. This is account wide and you only need to complete it on one character.

Rewards from EDZ Obelisks

Obelisks and Rewards

Depending on what obelisk you got linked to the Sundial you get to choose between different rewards once you complete the activity. You can upgrade the obelisk for more rewards to choose from and you are guaranteed rewards upon completing the Sundial as long as an obelisk is linked. For a list of rewards from the different obelisks check out our The Sundial service.

To upgrade your Obelisks you can complete Bounties and Triumphs to get rewarded with the items needed to rank up your Resonance Ranks.

What can be completed with the EDZ Obelisks

  • Unlock and upgrade Obelisks for more rewards to choose from.
  • The different Obelisks have unique weapons available as rewards when completing The Sundial.
  • Unlock Triumphs
  • Get unique Mods by upgrading your Resonance Rank
  • Complete Weekly Bounties
  • Complete unique Weapon Bounties

How to Upgrade the Obelisk?

  • Upgrade the Obelisks by collecting Fractalines
  • Fractalines can be collected by completing Weekly Bounties and Triumphs
  • Once your Obelisk is Rank 2 you can also earn Fractalines by completing Crucible and Gambit matches
EDZ Obelisk Weekly Bounties

Weekly EDZ Obelisk Bounties

Destiny Carries Experts will complete the 2 Weekly Bounties for the EDZ Obelisk.
REWARDS: Major Fractaline Harvest

Gallant Charge EDZ Obelisk

Gallant Charge

Destiny Carries LFG Experts will complete the Timelost Weapon Bounty for the Gallant Charge.
REWARDS: Gallant Charge with random rolls

Infinite Path 8 EDZ Obelisk

Infinite Path 8

Destiny Carries LFG Experts will complete the Timelost Weapon Bounty for the Infinite Path 8.
REWARDS: Infinite Path 8 with random rolls

Last Pardidion EDZ Obelisk

Last Perdition

We will complete the Timelost Weapon Bounty for the Last Pardition.
REWARDS: Last Pardition with random rolls


  • Must have the Season Pass
  • You have to be of 900+ Power Level
  • You need to have Unlocked the EDZ Obelisk

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