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Devil's Ruin

Devil's Ruin

    Devil's Ruin

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    Devil's Ruin

    Quest for Exotic Side Arm

    Devil's Ruin

    Acquire Devel's Ruin by completing exotic quest from Saint -14

    Obtain the Exotic Devil’s Ruin Side Arm after Completing a questline you acquire after completing the Sundial. 

    Devil’s Ruin deals SOLAR damage and is equippable in the energy weapon slot.  Looking for assistance completing this questline the Destiny Carries LFG experts are here to help!

    Devil's Ruin Quest Steps

    A Lost Relic Quest Steps – Devil’s Ruin

    Anxious to get your hands on Devil’s Ruin? Keep in mind that the quest doesn’t launch until January 7 alongside the Legend Sundial.

    Step 1: Pull a New Timelost Weapon Frame out of the Sundial

    We have no idea how to start this quest just yet. It might be a random drop from the Sundial or it could be a guaranteed occurrence after your first run post-release. Our guess, however, is that it’s a drop from the Legend Sundial which goes live at the same time as this new exotic weapon.

    Step 2: A Lost Relic – Visit Saint-14

    Sounds like Saint-14 might know what to do with this new Timelost Weapon Fragment. We very well know it’s Devil’s Ruin, just need to get enough information for Saint to work his magic.

    Step 3: A Tour Through History – Complete New EDZ Mission

    Saint-14 says there are some lost weapon fragments in the Twilight Gap area of the EDZ. Though the description implies that you’ll be killing enemies to reclaim these fragments, that’s not the case. 

    Devil’s Ruin Sidearm Stats

    • Type: Solar Sidearm
    • Close the Gap: Variable trigger. Press and release to fire individual shots. Hold to charge up a high-powered, staggering laser. Strong against Unstoppable Champions.
    • Pyrogenesis: Fully charging the laser refills the magazine from reserves.
    • Magazine: 15
    • RPM: 300
    • Charge Time: 1000

    Weapon Stats

    Impact 49%
    Stability 69%
    Range 46%
    Handling 54%
    Reload Speed
    Charge Time:1000
    Rounds Per Minute:300

    Hidden Stats

    Aim Assistance
    Aim Assistance 59%
    Inventory Size
    Inventory Size 64%
    Recoil 100%
    Bounce Intensity

    Bounce DirectionTends Vertical

    Curated Roll

    Close the Gap

    Close the Gap Image

    Extended Barrel

    Extended Barrel

    Projection Fuse

    Projection Fuse Image


    Pyrogenesis Image

    Combat Grip

    Combat Grip

    Empty Catalyst Socket

    Empty Catalyst Socket

    Devil's Ruin

    Devil's Ruin image

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